UPDATE: Rodney Bay shooting victim identified

UPDATE: Rodney Bay shooting victim identified

A man is in stable condition after being shot in Reduit, Gros Islet Friday afternoon, according to law enforcement sources.

The victim has been identified as medical doctor Michael Nelson, who is in his 40’s.

He was reportedly shot in the buttocks region during a robbery, sources said.

He was transported via ambulance to Victoria Hospital in stable condition.

The shooting occurred after 2 p.m.


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    • We need this we need that. What we need is for Lucians in the diaspora in Texas and Broward County to stop sending down the guns. St Lucia does not have a gun factory.


  1. You swear as if uwp is the cause of the shootings ,grow up and see the reality of society


    • Well the UWP should have remembered that they should not politicize crime on platform. It was Chastanet who said he had solution on platform. They blamed Kenny for all crime when they were in opposition ..now the shoe is on the other foot ...it is painful !


    • When the Labour Party was in Government it was Kenny who was sending people to commit crime saying he was doing nothing. Chastanet promised to curb it and make St. Lucia great again, what has happened. When UWP in office you all saying do not politicize crime, Really where are we going, The hypocrisy of it all, as Chastanet and his crew has disappointed the masses, surely not me, as I saw the lies and the deceit and the desire to get richer at the expense of the poor. So think about it, listen to news and the politicians when they talk and further read the papers. Choops!!


  2. Hermangild is the u.w.p's puppet .. cant do anything about the present crime situation .. the police force needs to be re empowered and impacs dealt with so that those damn criminals could be taken off the streets ( permanently) , never to return into civil society. We need the police and as long as impacs hovers over our heads there won't be much that we can do .. what a shame!! Hermangil?? ..hmmm . I doubt it


  3. Unless we can get Impacs out the way the police will never be effective against crime. The police operates in fear. Mr. Hermingald you all promised to deal with Impacs within the first 100 days and the rest is history.The criminals are emboldened because of that. The Dpp. must move faster than that.


  4. But those who won't care for their relatives, especially those in their own household, have denied the true faith. Such people are worse than unbelievers.

    – 1 Timothy 5: 8


  5. Night did not even come down yet and they already trying to take a life,some people leave their house for trouble.Whiles others go out to seek an enjoyable night.But unless our Minister of justice Hermangild Francis,do not apply draconian laws as a minister of Justice,then i don't know what to say again.Where are the Movable CCTV cameras.Where are the police to Patrol our Streets.Mr.Minister we need police in numbers not a handfull,to take down these gun swinging ClintEastwoods we have in St.lucia.Then we need a Terminator.Everyday is gun's,and is high time youll get some train German Shepherd police dog's to sniff out the gun's the drugs and them damn Crimjnals.And when will youll assign Police to the Hot-Spots.Am talking about the damn Slums,the Garrison the Ghettos.I dont know what to say again,And what youll giving SSU to do.They can do the Job, I know they can get this done.


    • You need German Shepherd, CCTV, The terminator, and the police in every hole, your list long Putus. When the prime minister come back write it down and give it to him


    • Yes we need police in grande riviere jackmel laclery monchy babonneau plateau monrepos Ciceron choisel deglos bisee laclery casaba capestate Rodney bay grass street leslie land marchand bocage lapansee morneroad every where in St Lucia? Big people should know how to behave.they are not babies.police are not baby sitters stiffer prison terms can help


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