Teen gunned down in Morne Du Don

Teen gunned down in Morne Du Don

A young male has died as a result of a shooting in Blackstars, Morne Du Don, Castries Thursday night at around 9 p.m.

The deceased, 18-year-old Curtis Charlery, formerly of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.


11144444_10206940331565065_1364995273594626464_nAnother male sustained injuries in the same incident. He reported to be in serious but stable condition at hospital.

Residents reported hearing about 10 or more explosions at around 9 p.m. followed shortly by the sound of sirens.

An eyewitness said Curtis died at the scene of the shooting while emergency personnel worked on him.

“I saw ambulance crew doing their best to save this young teen’s life,” a man stated on Facebook.

Police sources theorise that the shooting is gang related.

This is the 14th homicide of 2015 and the second homicide in Morne Du Don within eight days.

On Thursday, July 30, at about 2:30 a.m., Tennyson Lionel, also known as “Ten Cents” of Ciceron, Castries, was gunned down in Morne Du Don – several hours after celebrating his 35th birthday.

A post mortem examination revealed that Lionel died from brain damage secondary to gunshot wounds, according to a police press release.




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  1. Johny was a good boy them people is bad nobody not trusted to be with you no i do need to trused them people enymore all them shates not post on they write behavior not ????


  2. This is not a case of Johnny was a good boy..but an attempt to confront those of you who take pleasure in deliberately and spitefully making those harsh, mean, cold and wicked comments when situations like these oocur. Despite your disdain for the victims of the circumstance, do you ever take time out to consider the family members and the induced pain and worsening effect that your harsh, mean, cold, wicked & heartless words can bring them? Clearly, comments like those posted by you this small group of negative, insensitive and heartless individuals truly reflect your own inner manifestation of violent thoughts and bad intentions towards others, as well as your profound hate for, exaggerated scorn and profuse anger towards your fellow men. Amidst all your hate, anger, rage, bad mind and negative pronouncements, you have the audacity to attempt to determine who has a criminal mind or who is engaged in violent activity or not. Very often, your negative comments are baseless rumours and deliberate attempts to paint black pictures of individuals you do not know or favour. You bask in your own glory and beat your chest when others including the media-who in their hunger and thirst for news and gossip; thrive on your comments and pronouncements as the gospel truth. Negative people, stop spreading baseless rumours on others to satisfy your own selfish intentions. Stop sensationalizing heart renching issues and trying to portray the worst in others. Some of you these negative people hide behind social media and use avenues like these to vent your anger and seek verbal vengeance against others. You have the worst to say when the situation has not reached your shore. The highlight of this news clip seems to be the following statement- “police sources theorise that it may be gang related.”
    It's unfortunate that the incident is theorised to be 'gang related' when investigations into it have not yet even concluded . Maybe the term “gang related” has become a buzz word for labeling every shooting incident, and that every shooting victim must be a member of a gang. Or probably the term represents a quick fix for solving crimes involving deadly shootings in certain communities. But, whether it be gang related or not, does this give anyone the right to shoot another in such a ruthless manner? Since we are speculating-Can a situation of “gang related” not one where two young individuals who while walking through the very community in which they reside, may have been brutally shot, yes-at close range, because two heartless killers/murders/haters came seeking another individual (their intended target) in the area and since they stumbled on these two vulnerable young men, they sort vengeance on them? This could have well been an effort to send a message or get back at those whom they really wanted or a situation where these two young men may have incidentlally seen these shooters engaged in some other incident and in an effort to silence them and ensure they do not reveal, those killers came back to just shoot them cold blood. But no, it's only about possible gang violence..baseless assumptions and speculations with no facts to validate. There is a strong possibility that people in the community saw what happened but fair for their lives because these shooters can come back to haunt them. I am certain if the police sources attempt to get a statement from these individuals, they will have the truth. One thing for sure, while you the negative ones along with the media, try your best to purport these young men and others who have gone before them as the biggest criminals you have ever known to date, they are not.They do have family, friends, loved ones and well wishers who know that they aren't/weren't. While for whatever reason, some of you saying all these negtive things and rejoicing that this young man is dead; it does not take away from the fact that he has family, friends, loved ones and well wishers who loved him and will miss him dearly. Despite the delinquencies that you so proudly announced about him, and all the negative pronouncements that you have made about this young man who has lost his life inexplicably, he was not as bad as you have been purporting him to be. Those of you who post all these negative comments are guilty of a “hate crime” and you may be the real criminals hiding behind this medium to express your hate and violent intentions as well as take the attention off yourself so the police won”t find you. The next time you attempt to make a cold, harsh, mean, negative, insentive and heartless comment-stop-think, It's just so unfortunate that you are allowed to publish such language, But be sure and keep still that yours will come. Then and only then will you understand what it really felt like for those families. To the negative comment posters, I have vented, now it's your turn. Surely, I won't be reading your rebuttal-counter-arguments or your venting about my extra long comment. Thank you for reading anyway. To those positive individuals who continue to provide words of encouragement and show empathy towards affected families, I say kudos-you are the brave ones, remain positive and keep the positive comments flowing. What St. Lucia needs is love-not hate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. How man criminals have posted comments here ? And has the criminals themselves read the comments . I'm asking God to bring these killers to justice , immediately. Not instant death but justice . Father put a hand .


  4. These killings are targeted and should provide a clue as to whom are the possible perpetrators. Too many killers in the midst. We need intelligent investigators. Water boding will force the mute to talk.


  5. well well well. parent take charge of your teenage boys. I taught Curtis and all I can say parent monitor, control, pay attention to your children. Correct them and train them in the way they should go. Because when children are allowed to grow WITHOUT parental , spiritual, social and emotional guidance, they go astray. The school can only do so much. PARENTS TAKE ON YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES.


  6. All those complaining about the criticism of this young man too bad. Every time a young person dies family and friends are quick to say he was a good boy. Was he check his Facebook pictures. A gun in his hand and smoking weed. The bible cannot be wrong you live by the sword you die by the sword. He was a troublemaker it is sad he had to die so young and on the street like that. We need to get our young men off the streets. They are on the street day and night robbing people at gunpoint for money and cellular phones. They should be in school trying to get an education. People are complaint about the picture SNOL put up of him. Check his Facebook did he have any decent pics. St Lucians wake up, when it hits home you all quick to complain when it's others you all don't care. Signs of the times Jesus is coming soon put down the guns and pick up your Bibles.


  7. Whats wrong with yu ppl..not becu he was in a gang means url hv to judge him..so stupid he didnt have to die like this url ppl so dam ignorant...chpzzz..what u sew that shall u reap?really..chpzz..i sure if it was ur dam broda or sis dt was in a freaking gang url wudnt say dt in url bqckside..i doh c y he doh haunt url


  8. Spare me the nonsense do you see the chain he is wearing for God sake what is he selling drugs or stealing is he a gang me member or rapist ! His innocent look . But look at the chain people and the pendant . I wouldn't be driving in St Lucia and offering him a ride with that chain and pendant , Would you ?