BLOODY SUNDAY: Three dead after shooting in Jacmel

By SNO Staff
From left: Kyle Simon, Gillian Charles (aka Gideon), and Dequan Joseph.

From left: Kyle Richard, Gillan Charles (aka Gideon), and Dequan Joseph.

Three males were fatally shot at a garage in Bois Den, Jacmel on Sunday (Jan. 8) afternoon, sources have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The dead men have been identified as 16-year-old Dequan Joseph, 37-year-old Gillan Charles aka Banton and Gideon, and Kyle Richard.

Joseph and Charles died on the spot while Richard succumbed to his injuries at Victoria Hospital.

A fourth victim sustained a gunshot wound to the foot and is in stable condition, a relative told SNO.

Jacmel shooting victims: Dequan Joseph (left) and Gillian Charles aka Banton (right)

Jacmel shooting victims: Dequan Joseph (left) and Gillan Charles aka Banton and Gideon (right)

An eyewitness told SNO that the victims were doing a BBQ at the garage when they were attacked by gunmen who fled on foot. The source reported hearing more than 10 gunshots.

“It was a group of them doing their BBQ… The guys (gunmen) came out from down the hill where there is a lot of bush and started firing shots,” the eyewitness explained.


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  1. May they rest in peace.
    Robbery at the north, vehicle missing and found in Jacmel and persons are dead. Is this a coincidence

  2. we need a statement from the prime minister and security minister as to what are their intentions,the nation awaits... and police investigating...

  3. All the eye witnesses , why y'all did not look harder to see the gun men faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or something on them....

  4. When last have we ha.d a arrest from the police except for updates updates updates and no arrest or someone being changed. Please police Investigators do your job!

  5. The justice system is a joke, the criminals know this so they're javing fun. Even spending time in jail isn't a big deal - rhat maybe better accommodations than they're used to anyway. St. Lucia needs to implement hanging again. It was during those times we had a low crime rate.

    These fools want to play God and take lives, take theirs. And Mary Francis, when you arguing human rights, argue for the humans whose lives were taken. Especially the ones who were not part of the situation (wrong place, wrong time - stray bullets).

    I would start off with the two motherfuckers who burned and killed the people on the Catholic Church...HANG THEM!!!

  6. See its sad but as parents we hv to be so vigilant men we hv to speak to our kids our youth the compete keep the hand signs they are putting up wen taking pics they hv meanings trust me innocent ppl getting killed over fuck they can't barely eat but they into gangs sad parents u guys hv smart phones read up on stuff Mehn so ur kids don't get lost in this life

  7. Doh worry police eh go have time hold u u have to go jus like my friends

  8. As a nation we need to come together. Sad news, my prayers goes out to their families'. To the people who did this to your black brothers, every dog has its day.

  9. No eyewitness account of wat happened?

  10. Very much saddened by this spate of violence that has befallen our nation on this 8th day of January, 2017. So many lives lost in a 24hr period. Different circumstances with the same end result: the bleeding of the nation. There has to be a serious interventionist approach to broker a more wholistic resolution to this scurge that wishes to grip our fair Helen. There has to be more of an outcry from our religious sector: where are our men (and women) of the cloth? There has to be more of a unified stance from the communities. Surely you should not be living in such fear that you know the guy next door is the one who kills indiscriminately yet you say nothing. Tell some one to tell someone if necessary, but do not remain silent. We need to cure our nation. We need to cure our people. We need to cure our world. My 3am 2cents...

  11. Kill the criminals, kill the gangsters!!!!!

  12. of the most peaceful caribbean islands, what's becoming of our sweet Helen of the west...
    5 homicides in one day....hope these vile worthless scams of the earth are found and feel the full weight of justice...
    They deserve the death penalty to make an example of others out there

    • you kno as bad as it sounds....the police shooting the guy in marigot does not go down in stats as a homicide..... thats the legal murderers...

  13. Call back Moses with his rod.

  14. My lover my child father I will surly missed u best daddy

  15. Sigh its like rite now we should be scared to go out there to enjoy ourselves we should be scared to be the Rite place at the wrong time an the Wrong place Wrong time smh something needs to be done about this we are not even safe at home.ohh god!!!!

  16. rest in peace blood
    blood have to shed like MC in that island for yu

  17. Whoever that's doing it will get Cort one day mento and Quan you'll be missed by me


  19. Seems like the change of party made matters worse. We all thought La Corb was inefficient. What is the problem ? My two cents. We must live by our own laws and not by the whelms of others.

  20. Wah boy rip Quan ????

  21. What pissed me off is that it's the innocent that get hurt sometimes. Then again when you warn them they don't want to hear.....hmph

  22. Ignorant comments

    Country ppl making their name... Shooting each other.

  23. Lord, Please put a stop to these killings. Our young men are dying, our children are growing without their father, society is being robbed of future leaders. If it be your will, Dear Father, put a stop to this.

  24. Who is responsible for amending our laws?please ,Please change them because these shootings getting out of hands.please I am begging.we are scared.


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