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BREAKING NEWS: Man shot multiple times in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet

By SNO Staff

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The victim on the ground surrounding by residents.

The victim on the ground surrounding by residents.

A male is reportedly in critical condition after being shot in White Rock, Grand Riviere, Gros Islet around 10:00 tonight, Friday, June 23, 2017.

The victim was still breathing when the ambulance left with him, according to an eyewitness.

A dimly-lit video obtained by our newsroom shows the victim on the road surrounded by several persons.

“[The] shooting [I] believe it might of been a drive-by … just after Fitness Freaks Gym around 10:17 p.m… [The]
guy [was] still breathing when ambluance left with him,” the eyewitness said.

A Corinth resident reported hearing about six shots and the sound of sirens shortly after.

“I heard when the shots burst and when the ambulance came, they responded very quickly. That’s very sad,” the resident told St. Lucia News Online. “After the body went away I heard a single shot less than two minutes [after].”

The circumstances surrounding the shooting is not yet clear.

This incident comes almost two weeks after the fatal shooting of Corinth resident, Seame Cherry, 27, also known as ‘Shem’ and ‘Snake Oil’.

Cherry was shot to death about 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 10, 2017 at Piat, Grande Riviere, Gros Islet.

No one has been arrested for his killing.

It was not immediately clear if both shootings are connected.

More details soon.

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  1. So reading through these comments I realize a few people requesting ORC and one person in particular saying that and I quote ""Another ORC? Have you forgotten what the first ORC got us into with America and their Leahy Law?""

    Let me just say firstly AMERICA is the BIGGEST HUMAN RIGHT VIOLATOR in history. Don't let them blur your vision and fool you into believing that they are all for human rights.

    Secondly a few people said, AND I STRONGLY AGREE with them that it is NOT the police responsibility to stop crime, this crime issue is all our responsibility because some of us know who the perpetrators are and guess what? we habour these same people in our homes because they are our friends and families not considering the fact that even though they DONT/WONT hurt us THEY DO hurt other people and their families.

    Thirdly crime CANNOT be STOPPED however it can be CURBED.

    Blaming the UWP / the SLP for crime is a very lackadaisical stance we as a people have adopted in St.Lucia, blaming the government for unemployment is another lackadaisical stance as a people because I can attest that most of the "BADBOYS" attended "GOOD" schools and have education but they decided to throw it away because "street life is easier". All the energy they take to sit and think of master plans to execute people takes a great deal of brainwork. I wish they would channel this into more positive traits and habits.

  2. People get killed by life styles not accident

  3. ARE you guys blind ......this is government calling shots right now.... this time the list didn't get leak.way to go Ti-chas...

  4. Blame no one but SATAN the LOOSER with his evilous ways!

  5. MR. Strait Shooter, I want to take you up on this. You talk like you are the expert on everything
    Law enforcement, Security, Police, whatever; it's nice to know we have that kind of expert in St.Lucia.
    Let me challenge you with something; you said that the Constabulary (Gov't) have something on the Books and you've read it all, and as though they are reluctant in enforcing it. Here's the thing.
    I am assuming it has nothing to do with breaking the Law, and since my assumption is correct, let me
    offer an advice:- whatever it may be, why don't you go right ahead and make public the whole damn
    thing, after I've read it, if I agree I myself will back you up on it; how about it? possibly you can be a big Hero in waiting ( without the regular bit of Bigotry being published on here.) BE THE BIG MAN.

  6. Still waiting for chastanet to make st.lucia safer .

  7. When you'll done killing each other let me know!!! until then imma avoid the streets I will be the prisoner because criminals seem to have too many has nothing to do with government or police everything to do with low self esteem individuals who thrive on doing people bad to feel good about themselves stupid ass mother fuckers!!!!

  8. There is a program that the police can put in place , but it must be approved and funded by the government , and unless the police has this authority they cannot move forward . i am an ex police and private investigator and i have seen worse .==== YOUR SECURITY MINISTER MUST DO MORE ===.

  9. When people blame the police force , they are not wrong because the police has a duty to protect the citizens of St. Lucia. They are being paid to do a job , and if this task is too difficult they should quit . You may think i am hard on the police , but they are the ones who must confront this government with their demands as to what is needed to fight our crime situation on this island . As an ex cop--ex p.i. and evaluating the island population it is not a hard task . The real problem we have on this island is too much corruption . Stop corruption , put some corrupt officials in jail and our crime will fall to less than 50% . would this government want to do this .?

  10. Y don't they just put us law abiding citizens in prison give the bad boys n girls six months to get rid of each other n they they'll let's us back out when it's safe again.

  11. Above all, you must live as citizens of heaven, conducting yourselves in a manner worthy of the Good News about Christ. Then, whether I come and see you again or only hear about you, I will know that you are standing together with one spirit and one purpose, fighting together for the faith, which is the Good News.

    – Philippians 1: 27

  12. Yesterday for the first time i walked through Castries overly paranoid.... i was afriad my bag or chain would have been snatched. With the shooting and the body found this week i know i should avoid going out for the next couples of weeks. This is madness. We the law abiding citizens are the prisioners now while the criminals enjoy and destroy our island. It's really sad and out of hand.

    The police can't save our islanf at this point. Religion can't either. The island needs complete social reform. Too many broke homes. Too many single mothers and the worse ones who leaves kids to mind themselves to go out. The teachers we place in schools should be better scanned before placing them in schools.

    We keep saying it's young ppl commiting the crimes and it is true because these kids are angry.... no mother no father no food no love..... the end result is what is being projected.


  13. You all killing each other one by one .soon our sweet St.Lucia will be almost ,completely criminal free.

  14. He who live by the gun!!! Die by the gun.. Gun n war is the life they choose.. Put them on maris island to play last man standing.. Awa Wii.. Look crime ee.. Nobody is to b blamed but the criminals.. Why becuz of bad deals. Stealing and gang.. Oh well .. I pray tht the youth of today see its not the right way...

  15. Many officers are real criminal #fact

  16. The prime minister said kenny couldn't do anything about crime he would...all this is cumin back in our face st lucia..sad...

  17. Stop blaming government and the police for crime
    They can't be everywhere, some of you know who the criminals are, they hide the guns in your homes
    You enjoy the stolen goods, you hide the criminals
    You say nothing. I've heard mothers say, I will defend my child, no matter what, they do. Stop raising criminals and blaming everyone but yourselves, daban sootuwez visiers.

    • Really now. Other countries have detectives who use their brains to solve crimes. If they are getting paid to solve crimes let them figure it out. Have you heard of cold cases. Detectives investigating evidence from donkey years ago and figuring things out. If we continue to accept low standards of our police this situation will persist.

    • Before you people use to blame the labour party for the crimes that use to happen in the country so take it now no more Kenny Anthony.who's is to be blamed now .uwp in power now.

  18. People need to turn to Christ.make Him Lord of their lives. Christ is the ONLY answer

    • Sooooo. How do you explain Cain killing Abel. Violence is human nature unfortunately.

      • I agree. God put everything as a part of human experience --- good, bad, nice, ugly, sweet, sour -- every damn thing. It is up to us to choose our path. Sometimes, we may falter alo nag the way, but if we ask God to forgive us, He will. And how many times will He forgive us? Well, read the Bible and see that He will do so over and over again. It is almost as if God Himself is a supporter of life, in all its forms. Just imagine the world just starting, and Adam and Eve committed the sin of disobedience. And I was no where around yet ! Then Cain killed Abel. And I was no where around yet! And all that time, before I was born in 1952, God could have fixed up things, so that my generation could be in a "straight jacket". But He didn't ! So now, donkeys years later, I am sinning, and someone wants to tell me about God and the Bible ! Let me enjoy my life until I die. No one will know where I am, except that I am in a hole on Nelson Mandella Drive at Vigie. And life will continue.

        • Love Conquers all

          its called free will of choice. God doesnt force anything on anyone. We all have a choice between right or wrong. good or evil. Then you face the consequences. Yes Cain killed Abel Why Because of original sin. Adam and Eve were created spotless into a perfect world but chose disobedience and this how death and the human nature to do evil came about. But thank God for grace.

  19. Finish the sentence!

    Where is Mary Francis in her.......

  20. The police right
    Let the bad boys kill each other i sure you eh seeing no human rights .you'll asking for their help an then you'll turning against them when they kill them
    The wicked ones can go gail an eat tax payers money why can't the police eat it to

  21. Youall are so damn IGNORANT, why are you guy blaming the police??????? . Stop killing each other.

  22. Human right now enough is enough. Chastnet, dame pearlette, its high time u guys open out the f****** gallows. Enough crime in the country. Our sweet Lucia going down by the ass.. Stop having those kind of rascals at bordelaise eating and drinking. Y kill I hang u by the throat, u rape I tie Mr. Willie to something and I stretch it every minute. U steal I chop of ur fingers one by one. It's time.. I am afraid of being out day time or night time.. We need peace and justice... We need something, say something..

  23. The police more afraid of getting kill

  24. Putahand we have female officers to stop being ridiculous and send in your application you will do a good job

  25. Someone will come along and blame the Police force for this incident, when police officers use the use of force under the international law.. saint lucians say that's police brutality.. think about what you say before you say it. Quote.. "Idle hands are the devil's workshop"

  26. THEN someone would blame this shooting on the members of the RSLPF.. just wait on it..

  27. Most times it is related you never know. When they shoot one they always retaliate

  28. ORC starting to look like a necessary considered alternative at this rate. The body found is starting to mount and the stench of death on the garment of the nation is becoming unbearable. Say it ain't so.......

  29. All these police men we have eating our tax money running women playing big boy never put away not one case I hear of the police investigating that get solved , our police have serious issues

    • Dont blame the cops, blame what the government gave them to work with. Cops arent psychics

    • Yes sit your lazy arse there, do nothing and depend on the police to prevent crime for you. Let me inform you, in the event you just came from Mars; the police alone cannot solve or stop crime. We all, yes you too, need to play a part in ridding this country of this scourge!

      • I cannot legally get a firearm. That means I am totally vulnerable to these gunslingers. So shouldn't the police protect me in that case since they are the ones denying me the means to defend myself.

        • Love Conquers all

          and what pray tell is their job. They even over abuse honest citizens. they pick which situations to run to and which ones to take their time. theres especially a police station in a particular community where i have witnessed accidents happen directly in front of and they dont come out till a whole maybe forty five minutes is passed. Then when you report to them they go back to their bad boy friends and ur life is at risk. no protection. they get paid to do their job by any means necessary. let them do it . damn it

    • I would assume that the police should be well informed of the crim : the place, time and who the intended victim is going to be , and not to mention who the criminal committing the crim for that day in question , I also assume that the police are well paid to be adcent when these unpredictable crimes take place right , OK good . If that's the case then they are seriously wasting our tax money , even though they pay higher taxes than us

      • idiotic comment. everything you all blame the police

      • Well maybe if we cooperated with the police men to bring the criminals to justice. Know or hearing who done it doesn't carry weight in the courts. So stop blaming everyone and let's do our part as citizens.

    • I will agree with yiur statement 100% ..... but u would realize with most of these case there is always someone in questioning and charges are pressed. The issue is witnesses. During the hearings no one comes forward of course I don't blame them.

      So this deadend circle is can someone to become very laid back. After all they are human.

    • it was friday night thats bomb night for them

    • the jail birds eating tax payers money too.

  30. I think so too.

  31. Concerned Citizen

    Oh boy here we go again........what's wrong with those people! Damn man!!!!! Time to dust off thd gallows!!!!


    • Under the uwp clock again?

    • I knew it was shots I heard. Then then ambulance after. My god

    • No ORC. Sit back and enjoy the ride you Hippocrates. You will be the first to say jail the police.

      • Unfortunately, you are correct ! It's a shame, but what you have just said is true,. This is our "Black" nature , and we cannot help it. What a bloody shame.

    • Another ORC? Have you forgotten what the first ORC got us into with America and their Leahy Law?

      We have not even dealt with the IMPACS Report which is the result of ORC but some one calling for another ORC for America and its buddies (EU, Canada, UK) to put more pressure on our tails.

      The police better off letting them kill each other instead of getting their hands dirty in another ORC. Some diseases can't be cured just have to let them run their course.

      • True That !! Let the criminals kill each other, leave the Gov and police out of it. when they kill each other families nor human rights don't complain, they have nothing to say... let it take it's course.


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