BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet

A male was shot in Grand Riviere, Gros Islet this afternoon, according to law enforcement sources.

The victim reportedly sustained three shots. His condition is unknown at this time.

The incident occurred between 3:30 – 4:00 p.m. near a popular bar and caused a pile-up of traffic in the area.

This is the second reported shooting for the day.

Around 2 p.m., a man was in Reduit, Rodney Bay during a robbery. He is currently in stable condition.

More details later.


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  1. Some of you people get real. The prime minister cannot stop the crime, But he and the security minister can put measures in place to stop the gun flow into St lucia. We all know the # 1 gun flow into St. Lucia is the ''ARABS AND THE POLICE'' Then the high seas. Why not start there. Our governments past and present has allow this problem to grow and now out of control . It is time to focus on this problem not your pockets.


  2. Prime minister? Lets start raising the youth right.. fathers by the bar instead of being home tending to their family.. mothers studying other women instead of their children.. its honestly not the youths fault.. its their environment


  3. What is wrong to say where is the PM ? Come on people, freedom of speech. People make senseless comments in this chat room , to bring about an argument. We all know the PM is in the US on vacation.


    • The man made a promise that he will make St.Lucia safe and that he has all the answers just put him in. He did not say he will try he said he will make St.Lucia safe, therefore he put this on himself and we need to put pressure on him and his Minister to deliver.


  4. Kenny was always away especially when something was wrong. He always left Pierre in the hot water and was always absent. I never heard all you complain about that.


  5. i the heart of our festive season our commander in chief have seen it fit to take a vacation ....smh


  6. Hurricane Chastenet and minister of security, we need to hear you. If y'all cannot put a handle on the crime situation, y'all need to step aside. Why, because both of you are captain and vice captain and therefore ultimately responsible. If things were great y'all would have taken credit.


  7. It seems the prime minister is three one doing these senseless acts. Yall stupid well. We need to think before reacting. Don't take matters into your own hands.


    • Was the Prime Minister involved? Bring back hanging and an automatic life sentence with anyone found with a firearm. I can't imagine police officers in the west wasting taxpayers money drinking at a bar while on duty, the public has no respect or confidence in the system, do something now before this becomes out of hand. Empower the poor, educate them and give them some sense of hope and dignity.


    • It's really sad and the low level of discourse there is in this country. The sad thing is that they drag people to the pit level they reside. If a crime has occurred and your best analysis is to ask where is the prime minister it shows your lack of intelligent thought. Your analysis is that of a 5th grader or possibly even worse. Let me help you there is a concept called granger causality. What is the cause and effect. Did the prime minister being on vacation cause the murder? The test says no::::: have a good day


    • You must be a jaw bone of an a**... what difference would it make if the prime minister was here? You wanted him to be in grand reviere with a bullet proof vest waiting. You foolish Lucians want to blame every incident on politics. Focus more on educating your self.... you twat.


    • Apparently the prime minister has the power to stop crime smh. Turn to our father up in heaven. Yea the time is at hand. We need more praying people needed in this world we living in. Things ain't getting any bttr. N politics won't make a change...


    • What the prime minister that shoot him?well guess where he is in his boxer like you living his life because he's human just like your ass you ridiculous donkey


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