UPDATE: One dead after gunmen attack ‘The Slab’

UPDATE: One dead after gunmen attack ‘The Slab’
Vinton Clement
Vinton Clement

Residents in Faux-A-Chaud, Castries are blaming this morning’s homicide on gang warfare.

The latest victim is 30-year-old security guard, Vinton Stephen Clement, also known as Tanny. Residents claimed he was an innocent bystander.

Clement was shot when two masked men invaded an area called “The Slab”, firing shots randomly around 12:57 a.m.

Clement, who was among a group of people socialising outside their homes, was hit. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Bullet holes in zinc fences and several spent shells at different sections of the neighbourhood confirmed reports by residents that the gunmen had no specific target.

Girlfriend of the deceased, Mandy Felix, 25, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she was sleeping when she suddenly felt like the “whole house was shaking”. She awoke to the sound of multiple gunshots in the neighbourhood.

When the shooting stopped, Felix said she ran outside her home and was told that her boyfriend was shot. She then saw Clement laying on the ground, bleeding.

“I started running up and down, and throwing myself down… I couldn’t believe they shoot my boyfriend,” Felix said.

Felix, as well as other neighbours, told SNO that Clement was not a troublemaker.

“He’s a party person,” one of the neighbours said.

“When it comes to the rum business… yes, he drinks his rum and go sleep,” another neighbour chipped in.

The area where Clement collapsed after being shot.

The residents claimed that Clement could have been saved if the ambulance had arrived sooner. One of the residents alleged that they were told that no ambulance was available at the time they called.

As a result, several men lifted Clement and attempted to bring him to Victoria Hospital, which was only a few metres away. However, they claimed that heavily-armed police officers stopped them from doing so. The residents alleged that the police assaulted one of the men who was trying to bring the wounded man to the hospital.

Felix also believed her boyfriend could have been saved. She said he was still breathing and was crying when they brought him to the main road.

She said the ambulance eventually arrived, but it was too late.

Residents blamed the violence on a gang feud between men from ‘The Slabs’ and ‘The Cemetery’ – neighbourhoods in the tough Faux-A-Chaud/Hospital Road area.

The residents also blamed the police for being biased in their investigations.

“When things happen, is here they come. They not going deh to ask questions. It’s here they coming. So much shooting and stabbing here and they come here,” a resident said.

A group of persons were socialising here when the gunmen invaded.

Clement was shot metres from where 27-year-old Shervon Chris Alexis aka Chunky was killed on June 11 at about 11:30 p.m.

Shots were fired in his direction while he sat near the entrance of his house. One of the shots caught him in the chest area.

SNO understands that Alexis was granted bail from prison prior to the shooting.

He along with another man were charged with the attempted murder of Venus Raymond (age 26 at the time) of Trouya, Gros Islet. Raymond sustained gunshot wounds in Faux-A-Chaud on Dec. 14, 2012 at about 4:45 p.m.

A resident points out a spent shell.



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  1. i believe that we should stop blaming the Prime Minister, the Police, Home Affairs Minister and Parents.
    My son is not a criminal but i observe his friends/so call friends. I ask him to pray, get into a personal relationship with god and it is working. i sometimes pray with him which i believe is very important. It is helping. only god has the answer. be careful wht we say and what we do and how we do it. Dont forget only god has the answer. Even the things we say on sno is promoting violence. so please please let us stop.


  2. Here are 3 areas I think we should focus on:
    1) Children being "brought up" in broken homes where there are no mentors.
    2) An inefficient justice system i.e. overcrowded prison; very little in terms of rehabilitation. Cases that take forever...
    3) Celebrating "wrong-doers" rather than those who do good and contribute positively to society.

    God help everyone of us to play our part. What can you do to help? How can you contribute to the betterment of our society? How many have tried working with some of the young people in our community?


  3. all the ppl that talking about the police use to do their job n ppl crying are a bunch of HYPOCRITES. if it was ur family u def wouldnt want police to slaughter them like animals. Jeez the guy was not invovled in any of this crap and here we go posting all sorts of bullshit under his pic.JC. Go elsewhere n not hide here to say it


  4. Is Mary francis sleeping why can' she open her long jaw and say something by asking the criminals to behave themselves she is only after the police. Even women like are being killed and she never say anything. She is on the watch against the police.


  5. @lucian critic,i take it u r an officer,well shut yr pie hole now is not the time for u guys to be pointing fingers,u r the law everyone is entitle to thier own opinion,u cant stop people from talking,u guys were put there to enforce the law no matter wht,so stop lookin for excuses for yr sorry asses now,u hve a job to do get yr lazzzy azzes up and do it,u sorry excuse for an officer,get moving f...g pricks as u all r.


    • @vengeance is for god ..even if the person is an officer or not, you should shut up your shit hole, because no untrained person is suppose to move someone that's hurt. secondly if the person dies in the process of u moving them, you may not want too answer all of the questions that you will be required too answer. so yes he's also entitled to his own opinion. you running your mouth uselessly on there


  6. lord put a hand....when police was gunning these animals dwn most of ull were on news crying and I quote they should not shot the man so like a dog, police brutality, oh he was a good boy my ass,, and today ull are the same ones who crying police not doing nothing.....ull dnt know what ull want .....most of ull are witness to shooting and yet keep ull behinds shut and just brag about police not doing nothing....oh lord put a hand.....


  7. If people always try to defend the police and goernvernment from blame and being responsible. Will they aspire to do any better or take any responsibility for that matter? The question is not whether we are to blame. The issue is that we are paying for a service and we demand better. So people who come to defend those governments and police have their own agendas. Plus it hasn;t reach home yet


    • Blaming the government and police is tiring and stupid. They are playing their part to keep most of the violence to a minimum. Someone can get kill anytime, anywhere no one can stop that. Only God can help. So pray my brother, don't look onto man to do Gods' job.


  8. I wonder if...I think I should say I know our government leaders don't care about our inefficiencies in the health care sector. The issue of no ambulance can prevent the life saving care that in this instance could have help prevent this death. I don't think our Government officials even use Victoria anyway. They have money so they just fly overseas instead and leave the poor to suffer in an inefficient, unequipped and under staffed hospital with mostly poor facilities