UPDATE: Coolie Town homicide victim identified

UPDATE: Coolie Town homicide victim identified


A young man was shot and killed in Coolie Town, Marigot Sunday around 10 p.m.

The victim has been identified as 18-year-old Altheus Duplessis aka ‘Sixty’, who is reportedly from Morne Ciseaux, Jacmel.

A source said the shooting may have stemmed from a feud over a motorcycle.

Reports are that Duplessis was shot three times, including once in the head.

He was rushed to the Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

This is the island’s 25th homicide for 2015.


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  1. @ limin it wasn't bad when he was going about into people's homes and stealing people valuables and his family things? oh please give me a break didnt u hear what his own family had to say about him are u deaf ? he got exactly what he deserved ... yes he is young but being poor and without guidance dont give u the leeway to rob, steal kill and destroy other peoples' lives, he should have fought through the poverty and done something of himself ...rather he chose the easy way out in life ... look at where it brought him.. look at what he got ...


  2. I heard the shots then whoever it was revved that bike up so hard for ages like it was genna blow up, that is so bad.


  3. So who will we blame no murder for a month big man in the system taking credit for that now a young man is being kill every week we are not hearing a word from no body


  4. Why are we always quick to condemn the male victims of violent crimes. No matter what choices someone made condemning them after the have passed is insensitive. You wonder why police don't solve the crimes when the citizens themselves justify the murders. Why are our citizens celebrating murders? It speaks to our morality in this country.


  5. Where these Lucians getting all these gunz from? Are they coming in thru customs or are they being smuggled from islands close by?


  6. @ Lucian
    Why blame society? So many come from impoverished homes, communities- so many without proper guidance or necessary but wssential tools to help elevate them but choose different and more uplifting routes to better themselves and their families.
    Some ppl choose this life style because they are just miserable and to them inflicting pain is rewarding for them. They fail to realize karma will catch up to them sooner or later.
    Nobody is to be blamed but the young man himself
    We all have choices


    • some think they`re unstoppable but as u say karma is always there to come back as the saying goes you reap what you sow right! Most times its their family feeling sorry for them whilst forgetting all the evil which they have done to people... i know of a family who use to sell drugs and do bad stuff and never for one minute did they stop to think that drugs (cocaine etc etc ) it kills families it destroys lives... and tell you this later on when the family members started to die or get killed one by one they were now wondering why them why why... KARAMA your actions you have to pay for them


  7. Oh What A family, Sixty Father Was Short IN THE Jaw On Friday night. Sixty chop his father father on saturday. They are both at VH. Now sixty is dead.


  8. I know this kid was always in trouble. It began with not having parental guidance and being forced to fend for himself due to poverty from a very early age. So many young people take the wrong route nowadays. Our society needs to blame itself, we always condemn the youth when something violent happens yet fail to realize that our actions or otherwise inaction are the cause of these tragedies.


    • The sooner we decide to take the blame for certain things the better it will be for us and maybe then things will improve rather than blaming everything on society. Always looking for something to pinpoint our stupid actions and decisions on. So many St.Lucians started from humble beginnings and had their fair share of poverty and in the end became lawyers, doctors, teachers, legal farmers, etc...... Having to fend for himself should have given him a level of responsibility!


      • Not everyone coming from humble beginnings and poverty has the same mindset to push on, this is where society comes in to assist the degenerated. Isn't there a Social Transformation Ministry?


        • Reminds me of the African proverb "It takes a village to raise a child."
          Everything cannot be blamed on society, but society, the country as part to play as well. We cannot conveniently use family and society when we see fit. In my opinion both parent/guardians AND society as a part to play in the development of young people and persons by extension. Don't we have a ministry for youth and sports too?


        • Why go as far as Social Transformation. What about other family members and neighbours. Aint we each other keepers.


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