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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting in Bois d’Orange

By SNO Staff

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The injured motorcyclist attending to his bike.

The injured motorcyclist attending to his bike.

A male motorcyclist was shot in the arm in Bois d’Orange, Gros Islet this morning, June 20, 2017, according to eyewitnesses.

The shooting occurred near the gas station after 6 a.m.

Reports are that the motorcyclist, Dwight Barthelmy, 22, a resident of Piat, Grand Riviere, was driving his bike when occupant (s) from a car opened fire on him.

A truck driver narrowly missed being shot as one of the bullets penetrated the rear glass window, next to the driver’s seat.

More details soon.

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  1. Proud st lucian

    Lucian seriously some of y'all just don't care about making st Lucia progress!!!! The tourists won't come anymore because of all the violence, y'all are only making things worse... this is just so dumb.. do something with y'all selves... give y'all life to God or get lost stop dragging the island in y'all fall..


  2. I really and do believe that we need to restructure our police force...i am not saying that every bad or ill doings are their fault but and i say but. the standards in our society has fallen to an all time low, specially with the once we say that are paid to protect and serve "police" yes i said it. you can find them in rum shops with their uniforms on, acting like they have zero regard for their profession. in many cases they are very disrespectful to fellow community. and yes are in the dam drug business. yes i said it. so yes we do need to overhaul this corrupt system and bring in some new dedicated enforcers of the law. and to our future youngsters sorry the elders have let you down. cause we as a society know who is doing what but we a scared of what THEY will say. yes i said it.


    • Whatever . The police cannot be every where. The police can't be in every hole and every corner regardless of their bad hadits


    • Honestly writer what does curropt cops have to do with this shooting. You can't expect the police to be everywhere. If they knew the man would have been shot whislt on his bike am.sure they would have intercepted. Give the police a break and stop casting blame on the police. If is not the prime Minister it is the police we blame for the upsurge in Crime


  3. What a way to live ones life. A life of killing. One day we all will be like dirt under the newer generations shoes. When we kill we just send someone earlier than us. Do we think we will live forever. Visit the cemetery and sometimes you will see how significant all this evils boil down too. Instead enjoy life wisely.


  4. The vehicle passed me along the MariSuleman road ..by the time I got to marchard the vehicle went up bishop's gap


  5. I was a silver toyota corolla with black rims ..no licence plate


  6. What happened to all these kids me ass police we have in st Lucia, put them to roam the streets instead of looking around for drugs and little Jamets , they need to stop having friends and do their dam job cause Lucia in crisis, crime is on the high young men are so illiterate that they preach black lives matter but they turn around and kill each other ?They make me sick


  7. I notice the government/police camera in the first photo, was it working???? The UK paid for those cameras, its a shame they dont seem to be maintained.If so the shooters would be caught.


    • Straight under d camera ee!


    • St.lucia needs more working cameras and a dedicated surveillance dept. Also, there are devices that can detect gun shots, location and even identify the type of gun used.


  8. It would have been nice to mow down the shooters with that big truck. Down with all gun-toting bandits!


  9. fast and the furious ?????


  10. purple elephant

    St Lucia has too many useless men. Useless I call them every man wanna be a bad man whether it's by association or being the bad man themselves. They need. To cramp down on the blocks start putting all bosses of each block in prison. Let's see what happens then. Police force useless
    Cause they themselves wanna be friends with the criminals. Sigh What are we as a nation to do when the police are on the badd side.


  11. Welcome to the gunslingers paradise island.


  12. What is wrong with human beings smfh in public


  13. Wow, so these were actually gun shots I heard this morning? Two sets from what sounded like an automatic revolver! SMH, why all the useless killing or attempt on each other's life! Father put a hand!


  14. The gunmen are brave now.
    The streets have more firearm than the police force we are no longer safe innocent civilians can be killed just because some want to be bad boys have no respect 4 life Jah knows


    • There is not enough police to cover every hole in Castries it's not possible so I can't blame the police for this.


  15. Is it wild West now?


    • Don't be mistaken
      It's still the helen of the west

      We just need to take back our country from these criminals
      Total reform of our laws
      Bring up the maximum time one must soed in prison for firearm offences
      Bring back hanging


  16. Only a matter of time before innocent people get killed in that nonsense. Then and only then will the authorities take action.


    • Lol, what action? innocent people have killed in the crossfire before and nothing happens


  17. Them yut out there to destroy even when they're expecting a storm. God pls intervene your land.


  18. I hope none of the dogs that live in the mall nearby weren't hit by stray bullets.


  19. Uginey Marcelle



  20. Uginey Marcelle

    These idiots eh care who or what is around them, they just opening fire anywhere. Miss the damn innocent people when yall doing yall crap cause kamjority of yall that commit crime eh deserve the breath of life. Why take something God gave someone and feel proud you take them out? Life is too short to kill people over petty shit!!


  21. O Heavenly Father I cry oh God,O God ,o Jesus hear my cry as I plead for peace in this country. O Jesus save me ,save my soul of Lord .Father no comments on Wats going on but to turn to you for help and protection. Father guide my going and my returns for both me and persons out there. Lord am lost and I need your guidance in Jesus name amen.


    • Johnny Fartypants

      Father and son don't do a lot for anybody, been pretty quiet for over 2000 years.


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