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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Vigie

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A male has been hospitalised as a result of a shooting incident that occurred at Vigie Beach on Sunday evening, July 8, 2018, according to officials.

The victim was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital. His medical status is unknown at this time.

He reportedly sustained wounds to his legs.

The incident occurred after 9 p.m.

More details later.

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  1. This is not a joke - start hanging, then it may stop.

  2. Sounds like the thief being the victim this time.

  3. Yes my dear Lucians. Keep praying because prayers is all that is needed to make life better. Then just sit and wait for good results; your prayers is sure to be answered. You will know as soon as life starts getting better. There will be no more crime and the nation will be more civilized. That will be the same time honey will start raining from the skies. Trust me it will happen.


  5. Goodness!!! When is this violence end??? Too much already.....God take the wheel 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. I guess there were no dasheen available.


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