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BREAKING NEWS: Shooting at Blue Coral Mall in Castries

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) — Police are investigating a shooting incident in Castries around midday Monday that left at least one person injured.

Unconfirmed reports area that a young male was shot when he allegedly tried to rob a security guard at Blue Coral Mall.

An eyewitness told St Lucia News Online: “I witnessed them going out with him… Clutching his chest… Blood on the ground.”

Police officials meanwhile could not provide any other details but have promised to do so later.


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  1. As-A-Matter-Of- fact

    As a matter of fact, I remember this incident like it was yesterday. The Fisherman was gunned down in cold blood by a reckless security officer in Vieux Fort. This took place at what was then Halcyon Days. This was a sad case and I am not too sure whether the burly security guard at the time did any time for this senseless murder. there was no need to shoot the poor man who was out fending for his family.

    I do agree with your point about security guards not being allowed to carry weapons. As far as I am concerned weapons should only be carried by the police and should be used only when their lives are in danger. There was a case in England back in 2005 when a young Brazilian man was running away from the police and he was shot several times and eventually died. It later transpired that he was not living in England legally and thought that the people chasing him were immigration officers.

    We have to be careful in St Lucia with the licensing of weapons to people who are not the police. People should be vetted to ascertain whether or not they have criminal records before employing them with weapons.


    • Oh dear! The Brazilian man was a tourist at the time of the shooting.
      Anyway this shooting at Blue Coral Mall reported above took place in Castries not Vieux Fort. It looks like you are commenting on the wrong news report.


  2. Malcolm L'Overture

    Why are security guards armed in this country? I am assuming most of them are from what I gathered. These private individuals who are paid to protect businesses and properties should not be carrying guns in their possession. That is a wrong move which can have fatal consequences in the long run. I do not agree with people carrying guns under any circumstances. Where are we heading with a society where almost anyone can carry a weapon?

    The Police are fully licensed to carry guns in the state and on quite a few occasions they have taken people out of circulation and no questions asked. They do so with impunity and are a law unto themselves. There are circumstances under which officers of the state can use their weapons. It's called self-defense. If an officer is under attack where his life is being threatened then I have no qualms in him/her using a weapon for protection. They should use the weapon to disable and subdue the attacker not kill him. There is no justification for killing anyone. Remember the Commandment 'Thou Shall Not Kill.' We should adhere to this great commandment at all times. The Police should undergo training which should prepare them for situations like this.

    The arming of security guards in St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean sends out the wrong message. Guns should be carried by only a few and that few should be fully trained. Are these security guards trained in the first instance? Have they undergone any form of training to learn about the discharging of weapons effectively? I suspect to them carrying a gun is a badge of honour. It demonstrates power and pugnacity. They are able to "show off" to their peers and other members of the community at large.

    There are two sides to every story. According to reports, the security officer was about to be robbed and so he used the gun to protect himself. He then pursued the attacker who left the scene of the crime and opened fired on him. Tell me, is this self-defense? The would-be attacker left after an unsuccessful robbery and that should be the end of that. There was no need to follow him outside and to shoot him. None whatsoever. Once he fled then that should be the end of the matter. The security officer did not use reasonable force which is what is allowed under the law. He should have only used his weapon if the attacker was actively pursuing him on the premises he was guarding and there were no other means to protect himself. This is what one can refer to as self-defense. Not running after the attacker who had left and then pumping slugs into him. I find this totally unacceptable and abhorrent. That is why I am of the firm opinion that security guards should not be armed.

    There are other ways that this security officer could have taken on this man and stop him from attacking him. There is something called self-defense classes and every policeman and security guard should undergo it. It should be made mandatory. They can learn how to protect themselves without having to use weapons. Martial arts is a strong tradition of combat practiced for a number of reasons such as self-defense, military and law enforcement applications, physical, mental and spiritual development which can be used as an alternative to armed conflicts. It should not always be about a gun and the carrying of weapons. Had he been trained in the Martial arts discipline then he could have used his combative skills to tackle the assailant with the greatest of ease. The attacker was not carrying a weapon and could have easily been kicked to the curb without incident.

    This man took the law into his own hands by opening fire on the assailant after he fled. His only recourse was to call the police immediately to help track and find the would-be-robber. I wonder whether robbery was this man's motive. Why would you want to attack a security guard in full view of bystanders? How did he think he was going to get away with this random attack and potential robbery? You don't attack an armed man to get your hands on the loot. What a dumb criminal! If you are going to do something of this nature you come prepared---Not that he should.

    There is a balance that should be maintained here. Society has a right to be protected from crimes and criminals and they should also be protected from people firing weapons indiscriminately. The bullets could have hit anyone in the path of the fleeing would-be-robber. What would happen then? This was a careless display and shoddy workmanship put on by a poorly trained security guard. I fail to see the need for such hostile and reckless behaviour. Someone could have been killed by such inept and blatant disregard for human life.

    People should not be taking the law into their own hands. No 0ne is above the law. The police should always be consulted and called to apprehend suspects. They are the ones charged with taking people into custody who have broken the law. No other person or persons can substitute for the police. One can make a citizen's arrest and that is only when there is no officer of the law present when a crime is being committed. The person making the arrest can detain the arrestee until the police arrive. So security guards discharging weapons in public is an extremely violent action that should cease immediately. These protectors of the bastions of capitalism should learn to restrain people without injuring them seriously or even killing them.

    I remembered an incident in 1979 when a poor defenseless fisherman was shot at Halcyon Days by a security guard. The poor man was taken down by an officer who simply took the law into his own hands without any remorse. I was visiting St Lucia at the time and felt revolted by this ugly incident. This was uncalled for. What could this fisherman have possibly done to deserve being snuffed out like this? Nothing.

    The arming of security guards sends out the wrong message. No all members of the police should be armed also. There is already a Special Services Unit which has responsibility for taking on arm conflicts or situations involving weapons being used unlawfully. We don't need to complicate things further by allowing security guards to be armed. This sends out the wrong message. They should be allowed to carry on with their work without recourse to weapons - especially the ones that can take peoples lives. Remember 'Thou shall Not kill'

    Viva St Lucia The land Of My Beautiful Mother

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Paris France


    • You obviously never been attacked or robbed or raped ehen you ard attacked in your home or store then you can write as long a llettre as you like


      • @ Malcolm L'Overture , At the end of the day if you don't know anything about security you should keep your mouth and opinion shut and to your this is directed at self. That simple


  3. 01/22/2019

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