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Man injured in Ravine Chabbot shooting

By SNO Staff

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Qwain Montoute aka “Shoes

(SNO) – A young man is now in stable condition at Victoria Hospital as a result of being shot in Ravine Chabbot, Castries on Monday evening (June 25, 2018), according to reliable sources.

He has been identified as Qwain “Shoes” Montoute of Ravine Chabbot, Castries. He is believed to be in his 20’s.

Reports are that, about 8:45 p.m., Montoute was driving his motor car when an unknown masked male discharged a firearm in his direction, injuring him.

Montoute sustained gunshot wounds to his jaw and neck.

He was transported to Victoria Hospital by private vehicle.

According to law enforcement sources, police are investigating reports that the shooting may have been gang-related or a reprisal.

No one has been arrested.

This was one of two shootings that occurred on Monday evening, within one hour.

About 45 minutes before the Ravine Chabbot incident, an ex-cop, Maximus Agdomar, 49, of Marisule, Gros Islet, sustained at least two gunshot wounds at Marisule.

He is currently at hospital.

Reports are that there is a known suspect in the matter, but our newsroom is not sure if anyone has been arrested.


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  4. Lets pray for these young fellas, they have no guidance , no support, they dont even fear God


  5. God speared his life, dont wish death on nobody, hope he learnt his lesson, check his self...


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  7. It was only a matter of time that some one came for that boy. Doing nothing with his life and a big disappointment to his family. never work a day in your life but you have car. known as a hot car thief best in the field for your little age. SMH.

    Who ever did this to him have a problem on their hands cause that demon will not rest not until someone send him and meet his maker.Sounds wrong but its true .lets see how his mother will enable him now.


    • God gave him another chance to live, i hope he checks his self, he could of died...


    • God gave him another chance to live, hope he checks his self but don't wish death on anyone


    • Wyhy wish death on anyone, whats done is done, God preserved his life, God knows why, maybe to check his self, maybe to try to change his life around, there is still hope for him to change, but it is what is is, no one deserves to die like that lets hope he checks his self after God gave him another chance.


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    • That what was happening before why change now ? the prime minister was always blamed for everthing now all of a sudden people now want to people accountable for their actions?. Hmm what has changed to cause this sudden change of thinking i wonder?


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