BREAKING NEWS: Shervon Ashton was shot in the head, according to post mortem

BREAKING NEWS: Shervon Ashton was shot in the head, according to post mortem
Shervon Ashton (left) after he was shot by police in 2013. He was found dead on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.
Shervon Ashton (left) after he was shot by police in 2013. He was found dead on Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017.

A post mortem examination has confirmed that Bocage resident Shervon Ashton was the victim of violent crime.

According to law enforcement sources, the post mortem conducted by Dr. Wayne Felicien on Wednesday, November 8 has revealed that Ashton died as a result of traumatic brain injury caused by a gunshot wound to the head.

Ashton’s body was discovered with a visible wound to the neck on Tuesday, November 7, around 6 a.m., at Crown Lands in Bexon.

Investigations later revealed that he sustained two gunshot wounds including one to the head.

No one has been arrested to date.

Regarding the motive for the killing, police sources suspect that Ashton was used for gang-initiation.

According to sources, persons who wish to become members of a gang or become a senior member of a gang are sometimes required to commit a crime, including killing a random person.

Homeless, mentally-challenged or members of opposing gangs are persons usually targeted for gang-initiation killings, the sources said.

Relatives of Ashton have told the media that the deceased served time in prison twice and was treated for mental illness. He was also shot in the leg by police in 2013 after he allegedly brandished a machete when confronted by the lawmen who were responding to a suspected arson report.


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  1. He live in Bocage and his body found in Bexon dress like that and how did he get to Bexon,did he walk,or he drove.Did he get a ride from someoneSt.lucia,i dont think the brother would travel on foot to bexon with slippersAnd then he was shot by police in 2013,and he was in prison 2 and he was treated for mental illness."What time he get mad before he go to prison or when he come out,because it seem to me that in prison you'll giving prisoners mad cow pills to blow their minds.Everybody who spent some form of time in prison come out with some mental health illness.I wonder if police in St.lucia dont recruiting gangs to kill the opposing team or to go after other criminals for them,then they let these criminals go scort free whiles they get rid of their opponents.Something fishy going on here.But its bigger than we think(50 murders now,and all unsolved mysteries


  2. Killing a random person to be initiated into a gang. This is madness. I know Mary Francis and her little fan club will disagree with me, but our approach to crime is not working. We are trying to fight criminals while remaining morally untarnished and unbiased. You cannot rid the boat of water without getting wet, you cannot clean out the sht without getting your hands dirty.

    The authorities need to take decisive and authoritative command of this crime. We cannot afford to play nice with criminals. They are what they are, they are our failures, cancers of society, and they should be culled. Respecting and appealing to their humanity has failed. They have proven that they have no humanity with their complete disregard for life.


  3. if he is a bocage resident what is his body doing in this part of the country...dead....???? persons are saying this could have been some gang initiation crap but i believe it is more than that...


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