BREAKING NEWS: Shane Felix suspended without pay

BREAKING NEWS: Shane Felix suspended without pay
Shane Felix
Shane Felixshane

The Public Service Commission (PSC) has taken disciplinary action against lead fireman and chairman of the St. Lucia Fire Service Association, Shane Felix, according to sources.

Reports are that Felix was suspended for two months without pay effective August 1.

According to reports, Felix was suspended for “disobedience to lawful orders”.

It is not yet clear what lawful orders he disobeyed.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) understands that Felix was given time to appeal the PSC’s decision. It is not known if he has appealed the ruling.

SNO will provide more information on this matter as soon as it becomes available.


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  1. Chastanet privatizing everything, here is a good place to privatize. We don't need a full time fire service for occassional fires, apart from the ports, we need a standby fire service, especially in the out districts. Use the American model.


    • how can you say that we dont need a full time fire service!! its better to be prepared for things even if it does not happen often, than when u need it, you dont have it.


    • That's stupid if they on a call schedule obviously they will look for other sourse of in come what happens when a fire hits and they at their other job just hope it's not ur house cuz u don't be happy when they say sorry about the house I was at my other job..smh


  2. Shane Felix is a problem!! His minions are in the comments singing his praises all the while being unable to use proper grammar. Too many fire officers believe that they are above the law and immediately despises anyone in management who disciplines them. As one of you pointed out above, the issues with mgmt have been around since time immemorial, but doesn't mgmt change ever so often?? WHO OR WHAT THEN IS THE TRUE PROBLEM? Perhaps, if the Public Service deals with you guys accordingly, then you will all get off your butts and actually work for the fat salaries you are quick to run collect every month... After having done little to no work! And honestly, I was sick and tired of that annoying troublemaker, attention seeking egoistic fool on my tv every night.


  3. It only takes a man with a vision to stand for justice fair and balance. Not for himself only but for the safety of the entire country and future employees of this entity. Men are ELECTED to do what is important for the country t instead they are likely to be comes thieves. The justice system has failed miserably in implementation of proper laws for those persons whose rights are being infringed upon. Leadership is not when has been qualified in certain subjects but who has attained the quality of leadership naturally. Shane you are a threat to men in leadership position and they will do everything possible to get rid of you.who JAH BLESSED NO MAN CURSE.GOD BLESS YOU IN YOUR ENDEAVORS.


  4. Don't worry Felix.. One month gone.. Come back bigger and stronger.. Stand up for what is right even if it means standing alone.

    A bunch of Lodge evil humans that feel they re bigger than God.. Smh


  5. Miss Construed and Piss Off fire, well call a strick,you dame idiots.How can you condone indiscipline in such an important organization. It is amazing how a few fire officers believe that they can do as they please with no repucations.This doesn't happen in modern civil departments,the gentleman violated the code of conduct and he has to pay, like anyone else. Why do we condone indiscipline for him when he appears to have a problem with ever thing his superiors do. Come on, this is not right,and people like you, miss construed that is ready to kill for promotion, yet you want to condone such violations, what will you do if you are in a position of management. Will you accept all in disciplinary action of your staff. You have an issue with the suspension being reported to the media,wow;most St. Lucians are sick and tired of the guy on their television sets, yet today its a problem. I wonder iif it was a senior officer that was suspended would Mr Felix stay away from the media. I guarantee he would call a press conference to celebrate. I wan to thank the public service for finally dealing with the myriad of indiscipline that occurs in the department,and as a fire officer, I can say its bad,whilst most officers are dedicated and work hard, there are a few that are causing mayhem and destruction within .Mr Felix is one, because as my supervisor he has never given me or anyone any good advice as it relates to upholding the rules and regulations of the department, it is always an advice to challenge the policies of management.


    • so why not suspend the other officers who disobeyed that same order why mr felix. i see you are one of the sheep that has to be lead your day will come as well. remember what happens in the dark must come out in the light. your day will come


    • Pyanyong
      Well Ms. DENNERY it's clear that you r the in girl now. Your extra marital affairs have paid u well to the point of having to remove the assc. Office and have it for u instead. It's clear that you do not know how to represent the 200 plus Staff who put u there . You are only there for self interest. Your business fix right! So now u can speak against the assc. Soon u will get dump and will run back. Do us a favor resign and continue to cozy up during working hours and weekends. Shameless. Both u and him. Diespicable !


  6. We all bash Felix but have we sat and understood why this has happened. That same order was given to other supervisors and none of them obeyed that same order but Felix was disciplined. You have officers openly speaking about the extra marital affairs with certain officers when the standing orders state no fraternising. Wait my people the truth will soon be revealed and then maybe then we will understand what is really going on. There is a storm coming are you ready....


  7. The fire service has been in the news in recent years for mainly nothing good. Obviously something's is up with management within the fire service because this tension has been there from time immemorial it seems. I think this man is brave to try and stand up to what is right. And I say try because he is having a hard time getting the very people he is representing to back him up on issues affecting them. This suspension is a personal attack on Mr. Felix and is meant to tarnish his image in the public eye who do not know the magnitude of the injustices meted out in that fire service. Other officers have been found guilty of worse wrongs and have never been reprimanded far less suspended without pay. What about the fire officer who supposedly raped a female colleague and has been getting his basic salary from 2008 all while being on suspension and working somewhere else? What about those officers who faced trial at the inquiry? Those accused of using the government's appliance to convey water illegally out of a hydrant for personal use? What about those who have sexually propositioned female officers and sexually assaulted them and this has been made public, but who continue to receive full pay with benefits? What about those who misuse funds for personal gain? This man has been punished because he chooses to stand against the injustice that's going on. What message does this suspension send out? It send the message that is one dares to cross or question management they will have their livelihood cut off out of spite. And people are afraid to voice their concerns and grievances because they fear this very outcome of what happened to Mr Felix. The majority of fire officers are scared to oppose management. How can it be wrong to want due process in a place where only if you are liked by management you will get recommended for promotion? I will say this Mr Felix seems to be the only one with the balls to tackle the issues affecting the general membership. It's a shame a lot of them are sheep and are blinded to the fact that management is laughing at how they can control the sheeple so easily. It's not wrong for there to be a process where one applies for vacancies existing within the department. It's not wrong to stand up against injustice. It's not wrong to try make the environment a better one for the future. Many officers are motivated by greed and selfishness and Mr Felix has become the voice of those who don't have a voice. All those trying to kick him out will catch their asses when they get in hot water and no one will have the balls to stand up for their cause. Remember the fire service has been likened to a bastard child of the public service. No one needs them until they need them. And he has been on suspension from August 1st. How is this now making news? Management wanted to send a message or what? Wanted to let people know of their handiwork?


  8. That's all PSC has??? So many corrupt officers stealing hundreds of thousands and get suspended with pay.. FOH


  9. Shane believe you can destroy Mr Fontenells life and career,embarrass his family and. You will not pay for such.BROTHERMAN THERES A GOD AND KARMA WILL FIND YOU,this is the beginning,God have mercy on you from there on


  10. Mr Felix you walk around like you the chief and one week into your suspension you asking for financial help.I hope you reflect and respect your job now.By the way the contributions from all fire stations stands at 37 bucks


    • Who said Felix was asking for financial aid from anyone? We the firemen who supports Felix and his cause decided that we are going to make a contribution. We believe in his fight and we will stand by his side regardless of what ignorant statements are made. How is it that we cannot work the ambulance because we are not trained to do so (and that's ok) yet Felix refuses to work at the airport because he is not aerodrome trained, it is a problem? After undergoing the aerodrome course, I realize that aerodrome (airport) firefighting is very different to the normal domestic firefighting that we do daily. He has a case! For us to use this as a method to campaign against a man who has stood for us when no one else would is just disgusting.


  11. A man is being suspended without pay for disobedience. Really? There are tons of St. Lucians who has been in very compromising situations and most are suspended with pay. Give the man his salary. Paying for school supplies isnt cheap


  12. It is clear that some of us don't understand the importance of the Fire department and we try to politize everything.We will all need the service at some point in our lives and when we have persons who violates the disciplinary code of the department with impunity,because they feel the have the title of chairman of the association,such cannot be tolerated.As a junior officer, I am flabagasted by the things me Felix does and says in the department.As a supervisor he is a disgrace to the profession and I hope we st lucians applaud the actions of the commission ,in an effort to help with the myriad of indiscipline I witness in that place on a daily basis,at the expense of the public


  13. When union involvement makes you act like you are bigger than the organization which employs you.


    • Tell me about it. I am all for unions because in their absence some employers would treat people like slaves. BUT Its high time the Union start promoting productivity and educating their members.


  14. It was high time. This man has caused so much destruction in the fire service. He was using his position as chairman of the association to push his own agenda. So now we see who has the problem.


    • Really ppl

      That man called ' dump' and his idiots went to public service to inflate the lies saying the man put the country at risk of another castries fire. He sold it out well which resulted in that. But had felix taken a lawyer the entire story would be out. Tango tanto.


    • Pyanyong

      That man called ' dump' and his idiots went to public service to inflate the lies saying the man put the country at risk of another castries fire. He sold it out well which resulted in that. But had felix taken a lawyer the entire story would be out. Tango tanto.


    • Who. Has the problem? Certainly. It's not felix. Just wait , and time will tell. These officers must stop inflating lies in the department. I have witness officers
      Saying lies to me and induce me to believing it. All what I know is when management routes their interest into giving someone else actings , we see the importance of the association .