VIDEO: 8 injured in Bexon accident

VIDEO: 8 injured in Bexon accident

(SNO) — At least eight people have been injured in a two-vehicle accident that occurred in Bexon Thursday evening, according to law enforcement and emergency officials.

A car reportedly collided with a Vieux Fort minibus, trapping the driver of the car, who was eventually removed.

Three people in the car and five on the bus were taken to Victoria Hospital for unspecified injuries.

The medical status of the injured were not immediately available.

Emergency officials received report of the accident around 8:19 p.m.


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  1. It should be made a CRIMINAL OFFENCE to be obstructing emergency personnel, taking photos of such scenes and sharing (unless you're the press). These idiots just stand gawking and gawking and gawking....sickening!!!!


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