One dead, several injured in motor vehicle accident

One dead, several injured in motor vehicle accident


A young male is dead and several other persons injured when a truck and a minibus collided on Bexon Highway, near Cul de Sac, Castries Monday morning (July 27).

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online that the male passenger was covered in blood and appeared motionless on the floor of the bus. The condition of the other injured persons are unknown at this time.

The truck (registration number SLG3166) reportedly hit the side of the bus (M895).

The impact of the crash caused the truck to run off the road and plunge front-first into the bushes. The bus also ended up on the side of the road.

No further details available.

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  1. I know that driver for a long time (sing the song ) one of the best driver on that bexon highway .I don't know him to be a careless one .very infortunate that tragedy happen and a soul is lost. Rest in peace my bee, and speedy recovery to those injured.


  2. Blood always been runnin in bexon cause that place hav to many blood suckers,and that's comin from a man that grew up in bexon


  3. Why don't the drivers in St.Lucia exercise caution when driving on ou r roads? It's bad enough we have some idiots who thinks the only way they will to their destination is by speeding and reckless driving, some of them are using phones, drinking and driving you name it some drivers don't give too cents about the lives of the passengers that are in their vehicles. Don't we have speed limits posted on these roads. Maybe we should have speed bump s on that highway. May he rest in peace.


  4. I live at bexon an this SLG truck is always speeding.this morning the truck passed fast as always not knowing wat was waiting ahead.


  5. them truck drivers f.... around on
    the road i on the road everyday and i see in the papishow they doin




  7. Jahhh boy. ....i hate to hear deaths resukting from accidents. Ppl we must reach our destination. ..C'MON. drivers especially


  8. The people drive way too fast on those narrow roads.... they don't care about human life, it about making money. They like to show off as the fastest driver or racing to pick up more people on the roads. No respect for the people on the shuttle. So sad the young man lost his life for no reason...


  9. They need to put legislation in place regarding speed limits on the roads and also have the legislation and equip traffic officers with the equipment to record speed and prosecute people. The fines need to be very high too. So many people die bexon and the tunnel highway. The penalty must suit the crime.


  10. i believe bexon road has something wrong, for the past months bexon has the most accidents, people got burned, who dies on bike, who knocked down by car, you name it, all the time is in bexon, because i already got my share on the same bexon road


  11. Good Merrick.I like your approach too too ab or ba's is news good or bad someone must report it.the victims body is blurred as far as I can see.y was this person on your contact list anyway knowing what your line of work is.condolences too the young mans family and get well soon too the others that were involved.


  12. speed is the main contributing factor to such accidents. The drivers always in a hurry because all they care about is making money without any regards to those who are paying them for such services.


    • We read it in the report. That means you never read the report or you have serious problems comprehending written words or felt you had to represent one way or the other so you just typed.


    • WTF does and SLG number plate have to do with anything. The driver can still be careless you know.