Several injured in Micoud accident

Several injured in Micoud accident

A minibus (M43) plying the Castries to Vieux Fort route overturned in Micoud on Wednesday, next to the playing field, after reportedly crashing into a utility pole, according to eyewitnesses.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) received the news of the accident shortly after 5 p.m. but the accident likely occurred earlier.

A number of passengers sustained injuries.

The driver, along with the injured passengers were transported to the hospital.

“Another vehicle was crossing the road in front him. He was trying not to go into the car,” another eyewitness claimed.

No further details available.


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  1. The bus drivers doing the south routes, need to be more careful, last week a bus driver almost caused a terrible accident by reversing on the high way to pick up a passenger, if I wasn't paying attention I could have ran straight into the bus. To make it worst there is a bus stop right where he was reversing. This is pure recklessness, no regards for passengers and other road users


  2. Nicole u say Martin is not a reckless driver. He is my dear. I use to travel on him every morning from views-fort to Castries but I had to stop cuz of all his fast driving, it's like he want to make 100 trips for the day so he just rushing. I'm not saying this accident was his fault but overall he doesn't drive safe. He needs to take his time a bit more on the road.


  3. Smh... martin is not a reckless driver tht is so not tru.. They need to close this gas station.. The car had wrong... The driver saw the car bur the car did not c the bus... The hoardinh for the construction work causes a huge blind spot.. i tell u.. I use this gas station every day n i have fr i have to be extra careful when comin out.. U cant see nothing thats comin on your right.


  4. Everyday is a accident due to speeding. There are no laws in St. Lucia... the injured people should sue him for everything he has.... if he has anything! They drive like fools and rushing to pick up the next person. I feel sorry for the poor old people on the island. NO RESPECT!!!


  5. I really don't know where he rushing to Smh
    The drivers of today need to take their time !
    Passengers lives are at risk


  6. That driver again, I'm even afraid to ride that bus, overtaking anywhere. He is such a careless driver.


  7. While no one has vowed to investigated those accidence in St.Lucia.I have reasons to believe that the country or those people involving in those accidents has gone through that phase in their lives as a result of a lot vibes.I think bad deeds has some connections in that regard.There are a number of people who has taken advantage on other people.For example overchanging you when they are selling you a second hand vehicle per say.There are lots of car rental places involved in those practices in St.lucia.There is a car rental guy in Etangs Soufriere who does that to people and he has lost a dozen of his self hired jeeps in accidents.So what goes around comes around!


  8. The bus drivers plying castries to southern routes are too reckless. I took a bus ride to VF once and I swore I wouldn't make it due to his speeding and over taking. And the idiot lucians just sat there quietly. I rather walk than take a bus to go down south. never me again.


  9. This is a joke too many accidents on our roads. On every stretch of road is an accident. Every week. We need to seriously look at the persons teaching people how to drive i.e. the instructors. smh


  10. Vwahhh another accident again...thats the second accident a minibus driver has tried to avoid again


  11. We can be assured that there was speeding involved, and not one passenger asked the driver to slow down. Aren't we all to blame?


  12. Martin alwaysssssss in an accident.....alwayss putting peoples life at risk.....they in a rush to go peg an make a little money....they need to get his ass off the road and take away his license.....he has caused too many accidents


    • Why are you'll Dec Decs always quick to blame the bus driver. Who knows he might have saved the people lives on the bus by avoiding the accident. How many persons have died in the accidents he was involved in? Stop Being ignorant and Ass-uming stuff.


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