BREAKING NEWS: ‘Serial conman’ deported from Saint Lucia jailed in the UK for defrauding clients

BREAKING NEWS: ‘Serial conman’ deported from Saint Lucia jailed in the UK for defrauding clients
Leonard Ogilvy, 51, of McLeod Road, Abbey Wood
Leonard Ogilvy, 51, of McLeod Road, Abbey Wood

A fake lawyer who was deported from Saint Lucia has been jailed for two years in the United Kingdom (UK) for posing as a barrister and conning his victims out of thousands of pounds, according to news reports.

Leonard Ogilvy, 51, of south London was found guilty at Southwark Crown Court of three counts of wilfully pretending to be a barrister and three counts of fraud by false representation.

He was also found not guilty of two further counts – one of pretending to be a barrister and one of fraud by false representation.

According to reports, over a decade ago Ogilvy was called to the Bar in Saint Lucia using forged documents but his certification was later withdrawn.

It is alleged that Ogilvy had also applied to become a magistrate in Saint Lucia, but his effort was unsuccesful.

Ogilvy was subsequently arrested and deported from Saint Lucia.

However, Ogilvy, described as a ‘serial con man’ continued his crimes in the UK.

Three victims lost a total of £21,000 when they paid Ogilvy fees for legal advice, believing he was a barrister. Two of the victims had sought legal advice on employment law while the third victim needed help with a divorce settlement.

In each case, the victims met Ogilvy and paid him an initial consultation fee between £120 and £150, with Ogilvy then demanding further fees for his work. Ogilvy received £19,500 from one victim alone. The offences were committed between 2010 and 2015.

One of the victims contacted the Bar Council and the Law Society when she became suspicious about Ogilvy’s legitimacy and was advised that Ogilvy was not registered. When she raised the matter with Ogilvy, he tried to persuade her he was registered but ‘not practicing’.

Detective Constable Gavin Popplewell, of the Metropolitan Police’s complex fraud team, said: “Ogilvy is a serial conman who posed convincingly as a barrister, persuading vulnerable individuals in their hour of need to part with often large sums of cash for legal advice he did not, nor was qualified to provide.

“If other people believe they have also fallen victim to him, I would urge them to contact police via Action Fraud.”


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  1. The politicians robbing the country blind yet you turn a blind eye yet you come preach morality and act like you stand on principle.


  2. He's Nigerian.

    Not the best reputation as to being con artists, though con artists do exist everywhere.


  3. This man looks like an african, i wonder if he is st.lucian. They are famous for conning people out of their hard earn money. I hope he gets prosecuted to the max.


    • He looks like any Black St Lucian what are you talking about he looks like an "African" As long as you are black you are an African. Dunce shabbin.


      • NO he does not look like any black st lucian. in fact the guy looks african. but if you never live outside your mother's house then you would not know these things. STUPID. that african cannot pass for lucian. some can. but not this one. pure african through and through.


        • J Pierre is an African. Boo is definitely an African Walcott was an African . Kenny is an African. Chastanet is an African your mother is an African now you go back to her house and read about your origin and roots. St Lucians are not a race they are a people .......descendants of Africans and whatever else you want add to that coffee just for it not to be black. Dumb Shabbin.


          • Stupid to assume that everyone is African dumbass, there were other civilisations too at the same time as africa. Some of these people u mentioned are mixed with things other than africans. so they also have the part of their ancestors that did not sell their own people into slavery like Africans did. Africans sold their own people in slavery. learn your history. stupid. In fact Africa is the only race who did it on such a massive scale unlike any other races which had slavery. SALOP. Shabin for life.


      • Ho do you know the person is a shabbin. Another person who is jealous of lighter skinned blacks I take it.


  4. Mate again. Definitely a persona non-grata. He will hatch a scam whilst in prison only to spring it on gullible persons when he is released.
    Though he does not have the qualification of a lawyer he obviously has the competence to continuously pull off his fake lawyer role. Then again he is no worse than some local lawyers who are qualified and competent but continue to rip off their clients whilst the Bar Association does nothing.


  5. is people like mate that give lawyers a bad name and reputation. one wold think he would behave himself but i guess not. the strange thing about it he is a good lawyer he just deceitful. after all you already practicing law just stop the scams and do it legit. smh now if you have to go legit no one will trust you again cause of all the borborl you doing people.


  6. That man does not look like any type of Saint Lucian. So, why was he able to get in and do so much damage? It is comforting to note that he has been caught.


  7. I just loved the way he was deported from SL, picked up at a cricket match and marched straight down to the airport. Bye Bye con man.


  8. For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

    – Hebrews 4: 12


    • Fartypants says: He who worships imaginary skydaddy is not the sharpest tool in the box.

      -Viz Magazine Sept 2002, page 4.


    • Those that believe in the imaginary skydaddy are one sandwich short of a picnic.

      Viz Comic September 2006 : page 4


  9. what do u expect from this African con man? well done st lucia for sending him packing so long ago. i remember the arrogance he had as if no one could touch in our own country.


    • ... and he's not the only African doing this wickedness! Them Nigerians ain't easy... they are also at our hospitals wnd many other places working with fake documents (even posing as doctors!!).. they are merciless!


  10. loooool o so thats what you up to long time i see and hear about you mr ogilvy. i just the last time i say i not hearing about you. i see you still have not stopped borborling people.

    the sad thing about this guy is he is a good lawyer but very deceitful, is people like him that give all lawyers a bad name and people say so many things about them and dont trust any lawyer. i wonder if is he that had conn the elderly couple and not registered the deed for the land


  11. Lenoard Ogilvy! This man had the govt of St. Lucian spending $$ on an inquiry which yeilded nothing. By the way whatever happened to Flemming? Let en chien abitway manger zeh. A lepoard doesn't change it's spots.


  12. Look what the cat dragged into the house! That slime is back to his old tricks again. He did his apprentice work in SLU, but he was not good enough for the Metro police.


    • Neither was he good enough for Compton. Considering the way he was plucked from a cricket match at Beausejour and immediately dispatched to the UK from Hewanorra.


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