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BREAKING NEWS: Senior citizen dies after motor vehicle accident

By SNO Staff

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St. Lucia has recorded its 16th road fatality for the year.

A pedestrian, Cecil Moise, 62, was struck by a motor vehicle around 10 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 28 near the Bexon/Cul-de-Sac junction, according to officials.

The Marc resident reportedly sustained serious injuries about his body and was transported to Victoria Hospital in critical condition.

He eventually succumbed to his injuries at Victoria Hospital.

Police are investigating.

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  1. The people deserve to have proper sidewalks on the Bexon a highway. This accident may not have anything to do with the absence of proper sidewalks, but users of that highway know full well that pedestrians are always at risk of getting hit on that road because of the absence of proper sidewalks.

  2. Them guys do lots of crazy things on the road they dont really care sbout livrd

  3. have some love for the elderly and children... you all drive like maniacs going no where.


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