BREAKING NEWS: Senator Jimmy Henry has resigned!

By SNO Staff

Jimmy Henry has resigned with immediate effect as a senator and as the Minister in the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-operatives.

Henry announced his resignation in a prepared video statement sent to the media just after 11 a.m. today, Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

In the one-minute-and-26-second video, Henry said “for reasons altogether personal” he has tendered his resignation with “immediate effect” from the Senate and as a minister.

He said due to “these personal matters at this time” he is unable to give the “attention necessary” to his ministerial duties.

Henry expressed his “deepest gratitude to the government of Saint Lucia, particularly Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, for having afforded him the “highest honour” to serve the country.

He also thanked his Dennery North supporters for sticking with him through “thick and thin”.

This news comes one day after both Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Hermangild Francis and Acting Commissioner of Police Milton Desir denied any knowledge of or refuted allegations of a recent police investigation into Senator Henry.

On his live television talk show last Thursday, July 6, former government minister Richard Frederick alleged that Henry was stopped by police at the George F.L. Charles Airport and questioned regarding the alleged possession of a significant sum of undisclosed cash.

Frederick also disclosed that Henry was to resign.

However, Minister Francis, in an exclusive interview with HTS yesterday, Tuesday, July 11, denied knowing of any investigation regarding Henry and suggested that the allegation is political mischief.

Top cop, Desir, told HTS that he gave no order to investigate Senator Henry, who had previously declined to comment on the matter – until now.


“I take the opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the Government of Saint Lucia, and to the Honourable Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in particular, for having afforded me the high honour of serving my country as a member of the Saint Lucia Senate and as Minister in the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, National Resources and Co-operatives.

“For reasons altogether personal, I have decided to tender my resignation with immediate effect from the senate and as a minister.

“Due to these personal matters, at this time I am unable to give the attention necessary to my ministerial duties.

“I wish to thank my dedicated supporters in Dennery North who have stood by me through thick and thin. I will continue to maintain a keen interest in the development of my community and I assure all of you of my confidence in the advancement of our community under the current administration.

“To my Cabinet Colleagues, I say thank you for your guidance and support received over the past year.

“I continue to have full confidence in the direction of the Government and wish my colleagues all the best in achieving success.”

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  1. now that the truth has surfaced about this incident, and its shows it was mostly flames of idle gossip fanned our hunger for juicy stories more than the actual truth, reading the comments here just shows how we hate verifying stuff before running our mouths. one day we will grow up... one day...


  3. When Guy Joseph goes that's when I think this government will settle down. I would like to ask ask Guy Joseph this question . Is it true that the same gentleman that did the audit report is now the project manager for St. Jude's hospital .
    Why should the laundry and the cafeteria at the Owen King hospital prevent the facility from opening ? The existing laundry at the Victoria Hospital can still be utilize and the hospital can function while we wait for the cafeteria .

  4. prime mistake of dum-in-i-ca

    All black leadasses and governments are a disgrace to their people!!! You people should stop voting for anyone of these politricksters and parties, ask the former colonizers to take back control of the island! No one should vote for anyone of these rogue political parties,let them fight each other within themselves!!!

  5. prime mistake of dum-in-i-ca

    A caucasian man once said that all the countries which has taken political independence and lead by black people,are rogue governments! I've been saying that none of these island rocks should be politically independent! I listened to the resignation address by this senator and I find him to sound very dumb! If these are the men who governs this island,you all are doomed! The man can't speak,read and pronounce properly! In Dominica they have a rogue prime mistake holding the office of Prime Minister and on top of that he insults the people ! All these little island rocks need to be taken back by their former colonizers!!!

  6. Barberella dancers

    The yacht was waiting in st.maarteen for the stuff. Scotland yard have been watching. Ritchie knows all to well to set it ablaze.

  7. This incident indicates that Richard Frederick may hold more information/intelligence than both Francis and Desir put together. Or possibly they both liars. Worse case scenario...they are both inept.

  8. Captain The Ship Is Sinking

    So the Captain abandoned ship? He ought to be tried for dereliction of duty.

  9. This is a shame for the people of st lucia. policitians must not think that they are above the law and the peolpe who put them to serve the country. The prime minister have proceed on leave because he does not want confront the nation with the horrible mess. Those guy have no respect and regard for the nation. God forbid, if we do not watch it lovely lucia will burn to aches. Prayerful lucian continue to pray long and hard that the almightwill bring deliverance.

  10. Francis and Desir , you must put country first . Not U W P or S L P . The police force must never take sides in politics. Never too late to start. Your characters and reputation are on the line.=== PEACE ===

  11. Dumb is As Dumb Does!!!

    Read my name.....

  12. All lucians that took flight and left this mess, should have no regrets...this place have gone to the dogs and we all are in a better place who feels it knows.

  13. what I find so strange is that jimmy henry was made to resign yet still ubaldus is in. shame on those in authority

  14. Mr Henry, I really hope you see this as a fork in the road and go down the right path.

    I will not wish you bad.

  15. Put your hand in fire for them SLP , UWP all are the same i glad his out there is same hidden but time will tell you think RF different OK.

  16. Que Sera, Sera!!!!

  17. Am so disappointed in lament a supporter of the uwp from dennery north ..never have I been so embarrass and shame of a minister like that ...u were given an opportunity to prove urself to the ppl of ur constituency only to let them see u exactly as whom the opposition said u were....shame on u .. minister moo moo

  18. Hmm I guess this proves Mr Frederick is a trustworthy source

  19. Helen is my home.

    The reason why I never miss an episode of Can I Help You. Richard keeps me in the know. Now, Mr.Desir are you really telling the truth or just saying as the Might Chass demand you to ? God , i love my country and it hurts to see her bleeding at the hands of these clueless, powerhungry bunch. The day will come when you will deliver us lord.


  21. Dir Comme ou waire

    I find they had a budget, all they could talk about was the minister's account. This one had the money but didn't put it in an account yet! You see if you don't have something good to say about somebody. Keep your mouth shut or say nothing at all. Cause karma is lurking right outside your door!
    Now all these u.w.p guys should be quiet now!

  22. Trusting God always

    My My, What examples are being set for our future generation. A whole bunch of liars. Hamingale I am so disappointed in you. Desire, even more so. You and the other acting police commissionare a bunch of jokers. You guys can never get another police commissioner as the former, Mr Francois. Its his innocent crucification by his judases in the police force that have the police force in such disarray. He was innocently crucified by his own just like jesus was and for this there will never be a better police force once you guys are in charge of it. Tell me now is the minister of disgrace to st.lucia still singing his tune that he does not believe anything that talk show host have to say. His turn will come with all his lies and malice. God is not dead.
    I think it is time that we have fresh election in st.Lucia. These set of guys are malicious, bias, greedy, liars (except for hon King) and we are all aware that this is the biggest political mistake we have ever made in St.lucia letting these bunch be our leaders. As for the police are the low class and middle class are the only ones to be named and made to punish when the do any wrong doings. and are the upper class made to be shielded. Again God is not dead.
    If you guys cannot lead the pack with truth and integritity like God ask then fear not Gods wrath will always be present. He will allow the bad things to happen unless you straighten out your acts. As for the minister of disgrace to St. Lucia just remember that you can hide from mankind but you cannot hide from God. St.Lucians let us keep on praying with more faith so that god will spear us more hardship, crime, biasness and wickedness and that the 5 years will go by as the blink of an eye. Peace and Love


      Alot of hot air.....are u aware that francois deliberately stepped down with pay/pension due to his hush mouth and no comments on the IMPACTS situation.mem bet mem pwel

    • your name must be Diana Charles because you can't even spell. I won't even outline.

  23. Mi carl-lot eh tete! I know not which one (UWP or its supporters ) got it. All I know Chastened and his clueless bunch of clowns are not the ones feeling it. But don't worry about that blind followers this coalition of slimy fabricants will disintegrate patch by patch until the inner zombie is revealed. It is not even natural.

  24. Hermangild and Desir I have lost all my respect for you two. You need to put country first and put politics aside. You two are the biggest fools in town now. covering up for Lament, Desir were you promised Commissioner of Police. Guy Joseph you next. Good Job Richard, I will be tuned in tomorrow night.

  25. All those who refuse to have knowledge just as bent. Shame worse than labour

  26. Wowwww!
    Earlier today I read that Jimmy was not under investigation as Desir, Francis and other stated. What is it now that we are reporting here. Can we say that it is jimmy for sure in this video beacuse those in position to report on the alligation knew nothing.
    On the other hand, when wil politicians be honest to their employers (the public). Will you all ever create a foundation that younger persons can miror.

  27. Thanks uwp (5) to stay alive
    1. Crime upscale , murder rate high
    2. Country sold out for gambling oops I mean development (very god fearing ppl) yea right
    3. Lots of jobs lost due to closures,even a watered down music festival smh
    4 .more taxation even visitors complaining on ticket prices
    5 . Ministers caught in all types of acts despite holding high positions and other ministers An high law officials supposedly in the dark about their colleagues
    And the list goes on …
    HELP ME I need to get out of this country uwp pls gimme a job or a contract lemme buy a ticket An try my luck somewhere else ☹️

  28. Lol all of yourll are a bunch of jokers...including the hacks who keep putting these parties back in power...all of yourll...that whole generation just needs to fade for this island to move on guys keep eating your own vomit each election...wake up and smell the 24 and I will never VOTE..

    • Hey Odd, (suitable name),
      Its your generation who by NOT Voting, cause these jokers to be elected. all you'll interested in is sex, party, tattoo you'll lazy arse and complain ( that's the half of you'll that are not actively committing crime). Stop blaming others and challenge your generation to do better. The older generations have fed and educated you'll and they DID NOT TEACH YOU'LL THE SHIT YOU'LL DOING!

      I am tired of seeing old men struggling to clean the drains while the twenty-somethings like you sit on the block all day and litter the same dam drains. So... Enough with your never voting nonsense, respect and appreciate your elders and be positive... Good day!

      • To Caroline, First off if you have nothing better to do than rant, then do it elsewhere. Secondly I am in University back here helping my father out in his business as well as running a guest home for myself. Thirdly I will emphasize that YOU guys are the one who KEPT putting them back in power...over and over and over some mindless lack of decision making morons..much like the one who give the back and forth of complaint of what parties are not doing, as if they did it in their time. People like you are the reason the youth have NO voice because just as you mentioned are simply unable to RESPECT that we have a mind of our own. At my age and earlier i saw it fit to branch out on my keep your typical assumptions to yourself...Respect the youth and grasp the knowledge that it is because of what YOUR generation FAILED to do left my generation in the RUT.

        You have yourself a good day as well


      • Please point out where in "ODD's" statement that allowed you to assume that he was a male? smh

      • If the opportunities are not there, then please for the love of god, EXPLAIN to me how the YOUTH are to push their EDUCATED minds to succeed.

        Once you have left the MORNE...thats either be contempt and accept a Job that makes ends meet just barely, you leave and go study with the hopes to land yourself a better job abroad.

        Tell me CAROLINE...what are the other options THAT YOUR GENERATION have put in place.

        Answer me this and maybe...JUST maybe you and I can begin to think of having a sit-down.

        • Real Talk Radio

          The notion that Government has an obligation to provide graduates with job is outdated and myopic. Graduates ought to seek opportunities to create employment as oppose to seeking employment.

          And just for the records no generation has an obligation or requirement to provide for any generation; in much the same way one's parent is not obliged to provide a child with an inheritance......It is a new dawn...get with the programme.

          • I got with the program awhile sure of your point before you want to make it. Furthermore no one was asking for INHERITANCE...we didnt ask for a Cesspool of nothingness either.

            So come up with another point which would apply to each budding youth with no pave-way to making this country a little proud to say the least.

  29. Why or why you stupid little boy of the fertile soil of good people from the valley can be so stupid to allow this to happen to you. Do you not know that you are not in the business long enough to know the tricks of the trade. embarrassing to you and the country. On the other note can i be appointed senator now.

  30. Hape Hape.. Boo Yahhhhh.. Every body lyinnn

  31. Sad very sad

  32. I thought the police were not investigating him? Desir stop making Chastenet make you lose your integrity. You still won't get the Police Commissioner post. For BIGGER RANKS, Lament? Awa....shame on you. Now you will stop walking around like a proud peacock and know your little place, boy. hahaha Karma is a bitch!

    • Obviously they did their own investigations without the assistance of police..they are within their jurisdiction to do so

  33. Hmmm.... And so it starts. De roro just start in Lucia..

  34. Wait for it, wait for it no comment and now boom lies and more lies

  35. African Princess

    the smoke will choke the fire out...

  36. 90% of St. Lucia

    U had no choice. Richard Frederick don't spue lies. you are the LIAR and DISHONEST UGLY human being!

  37. Wait! As if Richard lied? As if Milton knew nothing? Hermangild too??? What has happened to his "personal" to have him resign so quickly!


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