BREAKING NEWS: Security guard shot dead in Vieux Fort

By SNO Staff

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Police officials are investigating the shooting death of a male security guard in Vieux Fort last evening, Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018.

Paschall Hyacinth, 53, Cantonement, Vieux Fort was reportedly on duty at a hardware store at Industrial Estate when he was shot multiple times, according to reliable sources.

The incident occurred about 11:50 p.m.

No arrests were made in connection with the incident at the time of posting this story.

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  1. Cantonement again!!!

    Something must be done to curb the violence.

  2. I don't know him but wondering if he has a wife and children. Very sad my condolences to his family. RIP!

  3. That ghetto life equals shootings is a very simplistic analysis of a complex problem. Ghettos don't kill neither does it make people kill..

  4. Too many people from all over moving St. Lucia they don't have jobs for the locals, why all other countries are moving there? CHOOPS!


  6. This animals going around murdering hard working people for no apparent reason they need to becaught and put on jail.something needs to be done as soon as possible before it is to late it is disgusting.they think it's a joke they should bring back hanging.this will make people mad of the killing of innocent people

  7. The writing is on the wall. We have too many young men around the area who from morning till night sit around and smoke and sell marijuana all day. The police need to step in now before its to late. Take a look at small communities like vieux fort north, there is an accident just waiting to happen and it will be really bad.

  8. Just when you thought the situation was getting better. Those filthy animals had to kill a hard working man. You'll will have your day. Scum.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      "Keep watch and pray, so that you will not give in to temptation. For the spirit is willing, but the body is weak."

      –Mark 14:38

    • "Just when you though the situation was getting better" Do you know something we don't ? Getting better for who ?

    • How you know he was hard working? No sense speculating because anything goes on under the cover of darkness. Unfortunately Lack of investigative skills will deepen speculation.

  9. Bring back the noose.Some people say it won't be a deterrent.But i say,dont look at it as a deterrent but rather a punishment for heinous crimes such as this one.

  10. So now the mongrels in Vieux Fort want to compete with the vermin in Castries over who has the most insufferable subculture.

  11. Someone leaves the comfort oftheir home , goes to work to feed their family. Only to be shot dead . Is this justice ?

  12. Last two murders in the year - Vieux Fort.
    First two murders in the year - Vieux Fort.
    Yet the representative want it to stay a ghetto. Real sad this politics thing.

    • It struck my mind. Though we are uncertain at this point where the criminal is from, I have predicted that VFort youth especially in the town are about to explode. The ghetto that have been created intentionally or or not in the town is manifesting.

    • Real sad that you will make such a stupid comment. Give us the reference where the representative say he wants it to be a ghetto. Real side that you see this politics thing in everything.

    • The amount of downvotes on your comment, indicates the small fraction of airheaded individuals we have running the country and voting for the future...the person made a damn valid point about vieux fort and it's current condition there are places in the town giving the marchand slum competition... Vieux forr needs some love..big time...this isnt political... Its ib the interest of our unemployed..and underdeveloped..

    • Actually SLP came to mind when I read this.

  13. Anxiously awaiting the motive .

  14. They take long to start those low life bastards.

    • None in the hot areas as yet. Thank God. I hope it is because they have sort employment. Its at 1 a month so far which is 1 a month too many. It is scary that it has happened in the vicinity of each other. Not being sure that they were committed by VFortians, I am worried that VFort youth are about to explode. It is not a concern of the VFCCCC. In fact, because of their political agent they would have something to criticize the govt about.

      Let us continue to pray and thank God it is only 2 at this point.

    • Four thumbs down for my comment. That makes me wonder about our people....but you know what??? There are law abiding citizens and there are low life bastards like the four who thumbs down for making my point.


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