BREAKING NEWS: Second shooting victim dies

BREAKING NEWS: Second shooting victim dies
Callis Benjamin

(SNO) — Police are now investigating a double homicide after the second victim of the shooting incident in Desrameaux, Gros Islet on Saturday afternoon (Sept. 1) succumbed to his injuries, according to sources.

Callis Benjamin, who is 19 years old, died at hospital hours after he, along with Rohan Louison, were shot. Louison is about 13 years old.

The teens are residents of Desrameaux, a hilly community bounded by Monchy on the east and Babonneau on the west.

Emergency personnel responded to the incident at 5:06 p.m.

Louison was shot in the back of the head and was pronounced dead at hospital while Benjamin was shot in the back and admitted in critical condition before he passed away.

Rohan Louison (left) and Callis Benjamin

A male was arrested in connection with the incident.

Unconfirmed reports are that a female relative of one of the deceased teens have been hospitalised due to shock of witnessing the aftermath of the shooting.

Details surrounding the shooting is sketchy but our newsroom will provide additional details as soon as they become available.

This is the second double homicide in just under two weeks. This also brings to six the number of persons killed over the past 13 days.

Stephen Francis, a 47-year-old resident of Wilton’s Yard, Castries, who is also known as ‘Face’, succumbed at hospital from gunshot wounds he sustained in his community on Sunday, August 19, after 7 p.m.

Miguel Charlery, a 24-year-old resident of Balata, Castries, and Barry Leonce, a 31-year-old resident of Morne Du Don, Castries died from wounds sustained in a shooting at Agard Lands in Morne Du Don on Monday, August 20, shortly before 4 p.m. Two other individuals were injured in the incident.

And 18-year-old Glendon Barthelmy died at hospital about two hours after he was stabbed by another male during an altercation at Bagatelle on Tuesday, August 28.



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  1. Wow!! Seems like the violence is quite rampant in this beautiful country. My wife and I are planning on returning for vacation but by the looks of things Cuba might be our best bet for now. I have been to this lovely country several times including for business, weddings, martial arts and vacation. Having more kids including teenage kids means that their safety comes first. Notwithstanding, gun violence seems to be an epidemic throughout the small island states and everyone should be concerned. I truly love your country and love the freedom I had to go anywhere without fear. For now, we'll stay away until things are calm. Love from Canada.


      • Stop the ignorance, if I was in his position I would feel the same, he said nothing bad about the country he has enjoyed the country before but with what's going on right now do you even feel comfortable in st Lucia???? Cause I certainly dont, and I truly agree with this person


    • Shout the ...up cause I'm from st lucia currently living in canada. And canada have more crime that this island, think before you'll comment we don't need you down dare stupid


  2. if you wasnt pushing badness and being a good person you would not have any man shooting behind you kallis , it is said members your gang ( GULLYSIDE/ GS9) are responsible for many crimes ,you had to go for them & furthermore letting man kill your little cousin cuz of retaliation from other burn heads .watch how your padnas karim,ti frere and shoco end up in jail for fockry


  3. We blaming political parties and we wants the police to fix things but the fixing starts from home.Parents let us do our job teach them the right path.Teach the kids right from wrong talk to your child don't to scared of them.We losing them because we not making time get involve in their life's.


  4. RIP young kings condolences to the family, shame on y'all gangsters, y'all should know Lucia too small for y'all wickedness and nothing hoes in detected by the most high. Before you pull the trigger think of this, why would you reduce your race, why would you kill your mother's child, why are you the apithamy of evil walking amonst men. There is no way you can turn back your fate after you've pulled the trigger and that life has left the body.. you are doomed and surely only sudden death await you, most probably a worse death than you delt your brother. For sure you have brought a curse upon yourself and that of your seeds. STOP and think of what you're doing. Stop the killing of your brothers.


  5. Kallis liming with criminals from Gros islet ,apparently ,the guy the police shot dead ( Ronnie) the Conway fellas taking revenge with the Gros islet fellas


    • Do you know who stood firmly against the removal of the hovels and ghetto called CONWAY? THE SAINT LUCIA LABOUR PARTY under Odlum.

      For years the SLP opposed the rehousing of people for the dismantling of that ghetto. For some 30 or 40 years mind you.

      The children grew into adult criminals. Some eventually went to Egard. So recreated the CONWAY way of life. Today, the repercussions of SLP smallmindedness is causing us great sorrow almost everywhere and at every turn.

      The people asked for employment and a better standard of living. Pea-brained SLP gave them temporary roadside grass-cutting work. SLP offered STEP.

      The people asked for education. The limited leadership of SLP gave them computers.

      The people asked for decent housing. The SLP created Bruce Ville. SLP offered plywood and galvanized sheets, skillfully developing what they do best, which is to create ghettos.


      • And what did your government do, last thing I know is that if you were to relocate or separate a ghetto: you will be making more of what you had. So stop the bullshit comments and just remain the Flambeau that you are. Please!


  6. We are to soft with the generation now days we just letting them do what they want anwhen something happen we want to blame it on the politics. We have to blame our self for not putting the straight


  7. Operation Restore Confidence starting to look like it’s needed again. Sigh. This shooting spree getting out of hand.


  8. We had better watch out and invest even more resources in our young. Witness the carnage that is taking place regarding the youth. Children as young as 13 are falling victims. It is revolting.

    Our politicians seem to be relishing their engagement in petty politics of one-upmanship whilst they turn a blind eye even in their very own constituencies, to the grave dangers left by their total incompetence.

    Then answer this question. Who are they representing? The perpetrators it seems. They are thriving wonderfully. Incidents of crime are generally highest in the constituencies of key highest ministers of the last government. So what the hell did they do for their constituents?

    They seem to have no time for either reflection or redirection. They have lost it. They have become just more and unhinged. They just seem to be hellbent on a path to regain power by treading figuratively speaking, over the corpses of hundreds of the young in their constituencies. Again, the question is this. Who are they representing with the votes gained in the last election? Just who?


    All de time de police cleaning up de place by shooting the bad pigs , y’all complaining de police
    Not it get out of hand y’all scared . In y’all MC


  10. Oh wow st Lucia is bleeding , our kids and grownups are following what they see on TV , look around you stop being a follower and start being a leader


  11. Oh my God I'm a mom too this is heartbreaking I know the family I just lost my little cousin last week through a stabbing this is getting out of hands too many idle youths they need love and help


  12. OMG,God will put a stop to all this nonsense... REST in peace my nephew Ryon Louison. Let's not forget that jeavoha is not against Justice,once again Justice must be served.


  13. This whole country shall suffer and the reason for this is because we showed lack of wisdom by electing a party which bribed the masses with money to vote for them during the last election. Voting is sacred whether u want to believe it or not. The bible declares that where there is no wisdom there is no vision and where there is no vision the people perish. It also declares that the voice of the people is the voice of God but this was not evident in the last election because God cannot be bribed. Therefore he is enraged at the people first and then the government. Those who believe not my advise to u is be still and look around for God is going effect his wrath in St.Lucia. All those who think they are in charge will be confounded and brought to their knees. For they have lost humility completely as leaders. God will hear the agonizing cries and applications of the faithful few in our midst and he will bring a level of stability afterwards but he must deal with the mighty evil that has permeated our state first. He who have eyes to see and ears to hear let them see and hear what the Most High has in store for St.Lucia.


    • @israel shut up u fool!aren't you aware that the almighty is against politics because all it brings is division and segregation...H i M is all about love and unity.


  14. DHS is synonymous with Gambling. This is not what we need. Crime will only increase especially in the south. Mark my words. This country is out of hand. It has been mismanaged and seems to be getting worst. Our leaders, unlike Compton, have no vision for a brighter tomorrow. There is no quick fix. It must be progressive, but one must have Vision to see and think ahead.


  15. Rip to these two young souls bring back operation restore confidence this is getting out of hand something needs to be done to calm this nonense going on lives matter it can just be taken away bcuz you mad at one another


  16. "We gonna Keep homicide under 25" Mr Moncherry ??? Can you give another figure now Mr Commissioner ....


    • I guess your mother couldn't stop you from growing up to become such a political DUMB ASS. But maybe she was the one who showed you how to believe in the one party is best for St.Lucia and non other. S.L.P for life DUMB ASS.


      • No but our ministers uwp /slp should put all their bs aside and come together to do something about the crime. As much as no government can stop crime but steeper penalties better resources so the police officers can better investigate. A working forensic lab. Cctv in high crime areas.Just work together to better our country instead of fighting each other over nonsense. Its time both sides work for the ppl and in the best interest of the country and safety of its citizens


  17. My gosh!what could they have stolen that warrented their lives?..satan is a liar..catch a fyah burn in hell