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BREAKING NEWS: Sandals acquires Saint Lucia Golf Course

By Sandals

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The golf course at Cap Estate.

The golf course at Cap Estate.

PRESS RELEASE – Sandals Resorts International (SRI) is proud to announce it has acquired the magnificent Cap Estate 18-hole Championship Saint Lucia Golf Course, with a commitment to transform it into a world-class facility that can facilitate major international tournaments.

Soon to be rebranded as the Sandals St. Lucia Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate, this new investment in Destination Saint Lucia comes just weeks after the introduction of Sandals groundbreaking over-the-water bungalow concept and over-the-water serenity chapel at Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

Sandals Chairman the Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart said he is proud to once again invest in Saint Lucia, and help support ongoing efforts to make the island one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world today.

“We are over the moon to be able to offer Sandals guests such a great golfing option in the Eastern Caribbean. It is the only premier 18-hole Championship Course, and we are thrilled to bring this gorgeous facility into our growing Saint Lucian family of offerings.”

Despite its picturesque setting, the par-71, 6829-yard course is considered one of the most challenging in the Caribbean, and is sure to be a major draw for golfing enthusiasts the world over.

World Golf Hall of Famer Greg Norman, who has partnered with Sandals previously to design the Championship Course at Emerald Bay, has been notified of the purchase, and Mr. Stewart says every effort will be made to involve Mr. Norman in the upgrades at Cap Estate.

With plans to introduce a family entertainment complex, swimming pool, tennis courts, new restaurants and improved meeting and conference amenities, everyone will benefit since the facility will be accessible to guests from other resorts, cruise ship visitors and very importantly the people of Saint Lucia themselves.

“We are going to make what is great even better,” said Stewart. “We are excited to again be of service to the people of this beautiful island by bringing first class, international standard golfing facilities to the island. We look forward to welcoming the people of Saint Lucia to experience the comprehensive, quality offerings that will be added.”

The announcement of the Sandals Golf and Country Club at Cap Estate is opportune since just a short walk away, Sandals will begin construction of the new avant-garde 350-key five-star all-suite Sandals La Source St. Lucia resort, right next to the Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

A major announcement on this project will be forthcoming.

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  1. Vacation in wonderful St. Lucia, a Sandals Property.

  2. straight SHOOTER

    ST. Lucians are dumb people ,letting your country being destroyed by foreigners, We need jobs but we cannot sell out souls to achieve this purpose. hotels only will not cut it. we need FACTORIES , WE NEED TO WORK THE LANDS , so many ways we can boost this island. === CHASTANET IS NOT A BORN LUCIAN AND WILL KILL THIS ISLAND. HE IS LETTING LUCIANS KILL LUCIANS WITHOUT A SOLUTION OR TRYING TO IMPLEMENT A SOLUTION. AT THIS PACE WE WILL LOOSE ST, LUCIA.

  3. Yea Mon! Go deh Stewart! More investment! Go Chas! 5 more years!

    Now let us hear the ‘cannot create jobs or developed St Lucia: borrow and spend: get rich on the taxpayer” SLP and Philip and Kenny and Alva and Hilaire come out with their usual drivel or send their minions to say it on Facebook.
    All together now you CLUELESS SLP:

    WE selling our patrimony!
    De white man dis and dat!
    Menial jobs for Lucians!
    Wha bout de Queens chain!
    Chas and Stewart friends!
    Dem won’t allow black people in de club!
    Stewart own st lucia!

    Sorry SLP. You fooled us and bankrupted us for 14 years. No more SLP slavery!

  4. What happens to the junior golfers now. Remember Sandals is a old couple hotel. I guess youth golfing will be a thing of the past. The golf and country club did't see that coming. Young golf such as Grow Well will be a thing of the past.

  5. The course sucks. Just gross. $125 usd for a round, what a joke. They bought it for the land to build another 10000 hotel rooms. We are going to have to rebrand the island as St Sandals soon.

  6. To those complaining... About transfer of lands...there is a committee for cap estate... Its private land... So either you would not have a say in the sale

  7. good sale, only a hand full left now

  8. Mr stewart if you can see that post while sandals is doing very well in st lucia it's time to investigate how many of your good workers are on the breadline now it is a sad situation when your workers are being fired /made redundant through petty jelousy ,wickedness,name it! You need to investigate and for the pay ! Lord have mercy!!

  9. THAT WILL DO IT. Good. As a national golfer, we needed this.

  10. Jobs, jobs and more jobs. The SLPs are just mad. They could not attract any investments and in just 1 year UWP is delivering. So we selling out St. Lucia. And they love the people. Smh.

  11. straight SHOOTER


  12. keep selling st.lucia. SMH

  13. Ok chastnet, wats next ? So no dollar value wow ....keep it up guy Joseph. Volair.

  14. Wow! Butch Stewart holds a bit too much power over the tourism industry for my liking.

  15. Another piece of our patrimony - GONE. No mention of the amount paid. Auction sale no doubt.... smh!

    • Bargain, top bottom price sale! SMH in utter disdane and contempt for chastanet and his gang!

    • Ignorance is bliss in this country. What does Chastanet have to do with sale of this giolf course? Are you aware that this was private land? Since when does government own Cap Estate golf club? All of a sudden everyone's throwing the word patrimony around. You guys need to stop this nonsense and use the term where it is applicable. Why is it that none of you saw it fit to make use of the word patrimony when the Le Paradis development kicked Frigate Island out the door or when the land occupied by the Senior Citizens' Home in Soufriere was sold to become the Freedom Bay Development? No one seems to be saying a word about that one....even with the UK SIPP Fund claims against the company by investors still ongoing. We need to get our priorities straight here and realize that YES we have been screwed over by EVERY single administration that has occupied the seat of government in this country.

    • Heh just asking. Wasn't that private property. Doesn't one have the right to sell his/her own property to whomever he/she wanto. Don't get me wrong, I really do wish that one or two or four St Lucian who have money under the bed or just sitting in a bank @ 1.5% interest would have come together and purchased it.

  16. very good Butch but please stop erecting pillars and placing lots on chairs on the beach which serves as a deterrent for locals.

    The beach is ours and locals need to know that its ok to walk along the beach but how can we do that when the pillars are there, the security guards are intimidating and when you decide to walk across chairs are placed on the sand , far away from the property but in our way.

    Neither SLP nor UWP did any thing to have Sandals remove the pillars . Plus one of the hotels created a a water way making it impossible to walk across the entire beach from Gros Islet to pigeon Island. This was an ideal route for a boardwalk similar to Barbados but alas the beach is not ours.

    • That particular hotel has a marina...their guests have villas with waterfronts...easy access not to mention the event of a hurricane they have the option to bring their boat in...but i see your point.

    • Walk on/over the chairs.

  17. DEZAGWE´MUR???

    MAMA when SLP was in power everything was ready to close down now UWP i see everything springing waiting to bloom.come on ppl it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that! one yr....yeh mon chas give the ppl what they want.


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