Saint Lucian-born woman dies at beach outing in St. Vincent – reports

Saint Lucian-born woman dies at beach outing in St. Vincent – reports
The body of the woman being removed from the beach in St. Vincent

(SNO) — The lifeless body of a woman, who was discovered in waters off Questelles beach in St. Vincent and the Grenadines this morning, Oct. 10, 2018, is reportedly that of a Saint Lucian-born British national, according to media reports in the neighbouring island.

The woman’s body was discovered floating face-down by a friend who had accompanied her to the beach, the Searchlight newspaper has reported.

The friend immediately sought help, and the woman was pulled from the water, but was pronounced dead on the scene, Searchlight reports.

The woman, who resided in Campden Park, St. Vincent with her Vincentian husband, normally visits the beach every day with her friend to take early morning sea baths, according to the Searchlight, quoting an unnamed source “familiar with the ritual”.

Reports are that the deceased, said to be in her 70s, is asthmatic and her husband is out of state, according to  Searchlight.

Another publication, News784, has reported that the woman encountered difficulties while swimming and drowned, and that the body was discovered around 9:39 a.m.

Questelles beach is nestled between the communities of Campden Park and Clare Valley, News784 reports.





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