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BREAKING NEWS: Homicide in Monchy

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – The country has recorded its second fatal stabbing within 24 hours.

According to law enforcement sources, the latest victim has been identified as 27-year-old Delan Evans of Monchy, Gros Islet, but originally from Choiseul.

The victim sustained two stab wounds to the left side of his chest sometime after 8 p.m. on Saturday (Nov. 3), sources told St. Lucia News Online.

A source alleged that Evans was stabbed at his girlfriend’s house in Monchy, but details were not immediately available.

Emergency authorities were alerted at 8:50 p.m. and Evans was transported by Castries ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he reportedly passed away.

No one was in police custody at the time of posting this story.

About the same time yesterday (Friday, Nov. 2), Curtis Charlemagne, originally of Anse La Raye, was wounded in the throat/neck in Canaries by a male suspect who is currently in police custody.

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  1. RIP troublemaker

  2. That happen in self defense. The deceased is so wrong. He broke a bottle in the boy head. And bite him on his face. In defense he sustained two stab wounds.

    • Hope you are will to turn states witness because it would appear you have first hand knowledge of what took place. Seem like you was there.


  4. These murders are happening under Chastanet, he is the same person who said Kenny could not make us safe but he could. Chastanet's voodoo is killing the country. Micoud people say something.

    • Oh please shut up everything for you all is politics. Chastanet that putting guns and knives in people hands and asking them to kill. FYI I AM FROM MICOUD. Kenny doesn't care about saint lucia stop fooling yourself. That's why after election he run and live all of you'll to dry.

    • Mateo, you once called yourself "Sad But True". Your longtime deep obsession with Chastnet will be your eventual downfall. Turn another page. Poor jab

    • I am neither SLP or UWP but ppl need to stop politicizing crime. No government can put a stop to crime. They can try to minimize it but cant stop it. We fail to realize we live is a world now where eveything is handle with violence. Take a look at all the developed countries around the world that have all the recourses to combat crime and still cant. Its unfortunate a small island country like st.lucia have such high crime rate.

  5. That boy has a sister who is very rorocious. He is very troublseome when he drink rum.smh

  6. makrina claim she would stab my cousin....Now go ahead and cry for your brother (the waste). You now get a solid reason to stab. Good one...I hope the commisioner of police you working for help you get the

    don't do to others what you wouldnt like them to do unto you.

    You wanted to stab her...her family dealy with you in prayers. you just start to cry. nonsense.

  7. What they say they say

    This one is already in police custody but the man in interest for the murder of Kimberly is roaming the street St lucians you all see
    How the law rolls .

    • Mwen fachez. Shout it out!!!!! The murderer is still loose seeking whom he may devour.

    • He is in cusrody2 because rhere is enough evidence and witnesses for him to be locked up but its different with the other case police cant just arrwat someone if theu dont have concrete evidence so please lets becareful ..we wouldnt want thwm to mess up the investigation

    • My thoughts exactly!!!! #justiceforKim


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