Saint Lucia joins Jamaica in plans to host Thai boys and coach on vacation

By SNO Staff/Delia Dolor

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Chastanet (left) and Bartlett at the SLHTA AGM. * Photo credit: Delia Dolor

(SNO) – Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and Jamaica’s Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett have announced that their countries are hoping to host the 12 boys from a Thailand football team and their coach who were recently rescued from a flooded cave.

Chastanet and Bartlett made the announcement on Friday afternoon (July 20) during the Saint Lucia Hotel & Tourism Association’s 54th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Harbor Club in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

According to our correspondent at the AGM, the ministers said the invitation has been sent and they’re waiting for acceptance.

Chastanet said Jamaica is taking the lead and they both hope this development will happen in the next few months.

The news comes a day after Bartlett had announced his country’s plans to extend an invitation to Thai boys and their coach.

The 12 boys, aged 11 to 16, and their 25-year-old coach had been trapped in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave system since June 23. Their rescue from the flooded caves by international divers between July 8 and 10 garnered worldwide attention


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  1. Seems like the PM is just trying to ride the coattails of the jamaican minister idea but if is to the benefit of Saint Lucia why not?

  2. talking about exploring the world ill totally let a 25 year old foot ball coach take my 11 year old kids up mount Everest even he might loose oxygen and die when he gets to the top. that is a pretty good idea. the coach could have chosen a safer spot to explore not one that can cost kids their lives. and what exactly does saint Lucia has to to with this dont we have enough tragedies right here to deal with like increase crime rate,poor infer structure, and an overall failing economy. lets treat 12 boys from sierra lone to wonderful stay in saint Lucia.

    • Hindsight is a heck of a thing, eh padner?

      The quality and level of debate in this comment section leaves a lot to be desired.

  3. this is nonsense. doesnt the PM have bigger problems to solve in his own backyard? same goes for the stupid jamaicans; they have more problems to solve in their own country rather than inviting people to come. the coach was careless and stupid and he nearly cost several innocent boys their lives to blindly followed the fool inside the cave. thats no hero, thats pure carelessness. gosh both of u people who come with that bad idea should shelve it. if it was here in the two islands that had happen the cuban train doctors would not know how to save them and the police would be too busy drinking and talking nonsense to mount a response. so thankfully, it did not happen here.

    • This posts demonstrates how little you actually read. It sounds like you get your news from what people tell you instead of reading it for yourself.

    • If you had any sense you would see its marketing. you are very ignorant and need to think before you speak. Its a good idea for the two islands to do this because of the thai boys popularity on a global stage.

      • Shut up you fool! we dont need any more marketing around somebody's tragedy! sounds like u are one of those boy prostitutes that would do anything for fame and money! And if you knew how badly dark skin was treated in Thailand then you would not be so quick to call anyone ignorant! its a race and class are keeping them backward! ever met a dark skin Thai? Yes there are many! But they are discriminated against and u hardly see them in any jobs except for being employed in the lowest of of jobs! these Thai people will frame u in a heart beat if you look a certain way to save their lighter skin richer Thais even if the person framed is innocent ! Ask the dark skin Burmese boys serving a life sentence or death penalty for crimes they did not likely committ! anyway, you stupid. things like u are used to selling their souls no matter what price.

        • Hurling insults only shows how little confidence you have in your own words.

          • Look like they have u though! insults u call it. maybe a good burn.

          • @cass

            They were not responding to my comment. But I completely understand your confusion since seeing a black man come to the aid of one of his brothers is a very unusual sight among black people.

    • Many people may think this is a "negative" post, however the world is blinded by the rescue effort and refuse to see what really happened.

      Nobody is talking about the negligence of the coach. Nobody is talking about a youth leader being given charge of people's children and took them 2.5 miles into a cave.

      Nobody is asking what was so "Special" in that cave that in the middle of WORLD CUP, a football coach took a football team 2.5 miles in a dangerous cave, some parts they had to snake their way through. This was without parental consent. Coach should have rented a large screen TV and showing these children World Cup games.

      What is the secret of that cave that everyone wants to know and share? Instead of the rescuers and the family of the dead diver becoming stars, the idiot coach and disobedient children are now global stars.

      This world is so twisted it's not funny.

      • You're forming an opinion and masquerading it as a conviction when you have not followed all the details of the case. There are guidelines for exploring those caves, including the times when rains flood the caves. This trip took place before the rains were scheduled to start. This is more a case about climate change than it is about negligence.

        Now, for you to be arguing that a group of physically active young men should sit in front of a television instead of exploring the world outside their homes says a lot about your sedentary lifestyle.

        • talking about exploring the world ill totally let a 25 year old foot ball coach take my 11 year old kids up mount Everest even he might loose oxygen and die when he gets to the top. that is a pretty good idea. the coach could have chosen a safer spot to explore not one that can cost kids their lives. and what exactly does saint Lucia has to to with this dont we have enough tragedies right here to deal with like increase crime rate,poor infer structure, and an overall failing economy. lets treat 12 boys from sierra lone to wonderful stay in saint Lucia.

          • You seem to not understand tourism's role in lowering the country's crime rate, paying for infrastructure and preventing a failing economy.

  4. Sometimes when I read negative comments like these I am appalled by the negativity of opposition parties in these Caribbean islands. They do not see the big picture. That this is a brilliant move for both islands and by extension the Caribbean. The world media are focusing on this human interest story and in the meantime because of the continuing perception that we are in a hurricane prone area therefore the summer months see decreased occupancies. The Caribbean is open for business and you have to also admire this shared venture as a positive thrust for Caribbean unity.

  5. Very god gesture. I applaud both countries

  6. So many young Jamaican students could benefit from a vacation paid for by the Government. That would be a gesture every Jamaican would welcome. I am sure the Government of Thailand will soon send these kids to one of the many fine resorts on in the country.

    • Let's see who benefits. Waiting for it.........
      There are more persons playing fools than the government think. People do less talking now and more action on election day.

  7. What preposterous poppycock. What repulsive self-serving nonsense. Of what possible interest to these miraculous young men/boys who have survived a month in a water-filled cave and an astonishing rescue would there be in a trip to Saint Lucia where we have no medical care and where we ourselves are drowning in appalling violence? Stay away, Wild Boars. God bless you.

    • Money would better serve doing something for the hospital and poor young children going back to school. What would giving this expense trip serve us.

      • Tourism marketing Einstein. What good is spending on health care without robust birth control policies? You're just gong to make the poor young children healthy enough to multiply and cause an even greater burden on health care.

        • Not only have you the affliction of racism it is underpinned by eugenics - a very toxic cocktail!

          This is not the quality of mind that this modern era needs.

          • Are you seriously ignoring my very sound argument that people giving birth unchecked is just increasing the suffering of those yet to be born? Why don't you offer some actual solution to the issues at hand instead of just reacting to what I say by stamping your feet. Pouting all day does not solve very real problems.

    • idiot

    • Someone needs to take your internet privileges away. Someone else would make a more meaningful contribution to the discussion.

  8. Prime Minister, I think this is a grand gesture to invite the Thai boys and their coach for a vocation on St Lucian shores. Whist you are at it, can you show the same magnanimity of heart and make resources available for the foul smelling sargassum to be cleaned off beaches so that little St Lucian boys and girls can use the seaside for their vacation.

    • Maybe the little St. Lucian boys and girls should not be looking to take a vacation but use their free time to clean up their communities and the seaweed. Let's stop encouraging our young people to be lazy. It's bad enough of a problem among black people.

      • Anyone who values their children before you allow someone else to look after them, first observe how the minder cares for their own, especially the vulnerable ones. I take it that little St Lucians are not highly valued by you. Your views do not mean that they are not a treasure. They are the asset of their nation and deserve clean environment to play and relax. Play is a child’s work, essential for physical, social, emotional and intellectual development.

        • It's quite the opposite. I care for children. You equate me wanting to see young children work hard with me not valuing them. Industry is the backbone of any prosperous nation. Don't defend laziness, you're proving my point about black people.

          • Respectfully, despite St Lucian society being predominantly of African descendants has a rich racial diversity which should be embraced. Your argument is racist and offensive in castigating people of African descendants as lazy and with the same brush, tarnished their off-springs. You have a bee in your bonnet to malign all black people and I do not entertain or share that view.

          • @Outcry

            What you should really be asking though is, am I wrong?

          • Ziggy you sound smart but u use it for all the wrong reasons. Dont you know the saying charity begins at home. Why is it the little children of Saint Lucia who have to give up their childhood to keep St. Lucia clean so that the tail boys can come on a free vacation? Are we so much of a blind flock? Those monies will. E better spent on the less fortunate and disadvantaged kids in St. Lucia. The BVI has much more resources than we do un St. Lucia but I didnt hear them giving a free vacation to the thai boys. Do you really think a free vacation to the thai boys will advertise our little island to the extent that visitors will forget the ills in our society like increased crimes, our deplorable health facilities and flock our shores in numbers?

          • @Skai Joseph

            That's the idea. It's not that difficult to understand. The visitors don't come here for the ills, crime or deplorable health facilities; they come here because they hear about people coming here and enjoying themselves. You want to make your product a household name. The British Virgin Islands didn't give a free vacation to the Thai boys because they didn't think of it. Companies that think ahead of the curve stay ahead.

  9. Edmund Bartlett the best tourism minister in the Caribbean hands down a brilliant move.

  10. One fool makes many

  11. Wise choice ! Do as I do not do as I say.


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