Saint Lucia is COVID-19-free — again! (+video)

Saint Lucia is COVID-19-free — again! (+video)
Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, St. Lucia's chief medical officer
Chief Medical Officer Sharon Belmar-George

(St. Lucia News Online) — Saint Lucia’s “last” COVID-19 patient has recovered and was discharged from the hospital, the Ministry of Health and Wellness reported in a news release on Wednesday, May 13. (Below the article is a video statement from Chief Medical Officer Sharon Belmar-George)

This means that all 18 confirmed cases have fully recovered, the Ministry said in the release.

This is the second time that Saint Lucia has reached zero COVID-19 cases.

The Ministry of Health further revealed Wednesday that 52 tests recently received turned out to be negative. The Ministry said these samples are mainly captured through the community respiratory clinics.

This brings the total number of tests conducted to date to 727, the Ministry said.

“Although we are pleased to maintain a low transmission level of COVID-19 in-country, we remind the public that we are still at risk and must remain vigilant as the threat continues. As we progress with the phased re-opening we must ensure that all protocols are adhered to,” the Ministry cautioned.

“We recognize the efforts of a wide cross-section of the population in adopting the recommended infection prevention and control measures and taking the necessary precautions when having to venture out into the public. We would like to see these measures adopted at the community level as well. We call on all community leaders, gate-keepers, and heads of organizations to support the Ministry of Health in the implementation of these measures. ID-19,” the Ministry added.



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  1. Some of u here love carbon dioxide poisoning n I guess u have gotten use to staying home so your lazy self can care less. U all hating confuse comments but have nothing to say...It just goes to show..Sheep will always be sheep. Do some research bunch of carbon dioxide inhaling bamboozled sheep n stop letting CNN ,MSNBC, CBS, BBC , Hts,dB's,hotfm n all these fear media station blind side u. I'm not taking another month of this...It's against my Constitutional right n we are ready to protest. Those of u who are scared stay at your house but those of us who know better will breathe in oxygen,hug,kiss,shake hands n be free as we use to be..So if u can't say anything worth while just leave a thumbs down n those who agree write something...Air your views..Let cowards die for the lack of knowledge...I'm a patriot..What are u?


  2. Confused u are the only one with something sensible to say. The truth is the cmo has not said one thing worth listening to. It's just fear n more fear. A bioweapon plus a flu is what it is n all she says is we are not out of the woods yet. That is so like all these health officials speaking the same language. There was never a threat but I understand that reason for a lockdown. So now let is open up our country n get back to work. How come she is not saying anything about how did they treat these people ? Also why is it she is not warning people about carbon dioxide poisoning and also wearing this dangerous thing called a mask is a choice. The government can't keep us inside or away from each other because this is against our Constitutional right..So let us know when u u are gonna tell the pm it's OK to reopen


  3. Oh great but the CMO must be very disappointed no attention on her now. But since we have no more cases let's close the country even more close all shops and impose a 24 hour curfew to get some attention again. The US has over 330 million people they never closed state to state but we can close north and south to prevent people from visiting family what a bunch of fools


    • Confused, if u have nothing constructive to say, go shit in your panty and afterwards take a shower, f...... idiot.


      • Confused, if your name had been anything else I would have been upset by you writing such assness in a time like this. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ? then it is a duck.

        So i understand... You poor soul.


    • I believe the St Lucian government should be proud of the way they have controlled the pandemic compared to the rest of the world and it's people being very accommodating and patient in taking on the restrictions placed upon them. Yes the CMO has made yet another positive statement of a green light on the World stastics for the second time. Now is the time to make us feel proud of what we have achieved for being so patient for these past two months or so, we need to het our lives back. May I suggest extending the curfew to 9pm and opening the supermarkets to a later time. I know we all love to go to the movies it is great for the kids and adults too. Social distancing in the cues and in the theatre by selling only so many tickets per performance to accommodate the social distance. Please PM give us something to look forward to as we have all been very patient. Keep safe and strong in heart and mind..


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