BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia gov’t denies buying horses or funding racetrack

BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia gov’t denies buying horses or funding racetrack
Senior Communications Officer, Office of the Prime Minister, Nicole Mc Donald

“Saint Lucia is getting set to have the regional and international spotlight on our beautiful island once again when we make our debut into the equine industry with The Pitons Cup, scheduled for Friday, December 13, our island’s national day.

“For the first time ever, our island will debut an international race track located in Vieux Fort and built by the Desert Star Holdings Company. So far the track employs over 50 groomsmen and that is not counting the number who are employed in the construction phase. There have also been several other positions advertised in the weekend papers.

“The investor has also trained several young Saint Lucians to work at the track under the Winston Trim Training Programme which was named in honour of the late Winston Trim, who passed away in 2017, and as many of you know, had an unwavering passion for several years for this project.

“Despite the progress made on this development in the south, and as we near success in hosting Saint Lucia’s first race, there continues to be a concerted effort by some who attempt to somehow tarnish this achievement by continuing to spread lies.

“Permit me to state some facts which should clear up any misconceptions about the government of Saint Lucia’s part in this project:

* The government of Saint Lucia has not purchased or facilitated the purchase of any horses for the race. Meaning that no millions of dollars were spent by the government of Saint Lucia to purchase horses for this project.

* The construction of the race track has been fully funded by the investor.

* The government of Saint Lucia has not funded the construction of the race track or any other aspect of the project.

“Let me repeat, no government funds have gone into the race track.

“Permit me to also state the following facts:

* The government’s involvement in this project so far has been the relocation of the Meat Processing Facility. A new location has been identified and the investor has committed to rebuilding the facility.

* The government of Saint Lucia is in discussions to potentially become a sponsor of the race as follows:

– Events Saint Lucia is expected to assist with the promotion of the event and the planning of a concert in Vieux Fort.

– Saint Lucia’s Tourism Authority would be engaged with promoting Saint Lucia’s new offering as a destination that additionally offers sporting activities such as horse racing.

“Saint Lucia, as we get set to have the international spotlight on our country and welcome regional and international visitors, let us not be side-tracked by mis-truths and continue in the vein of our 40th Independence celebrations and celebrate our achievements.

“Over the weekend, 40 thoroughbred horses arrived to ready for the National Day race. The time is near and it is clear the excitement is building.

“Let us look at the opportunities this project presents for the south and for our entire country as a whole.”


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  1. Please open ur eyes to the reality around u. Wat Pierre n Francis have to do with that. U give praise to a corrupt government


  2. The Prime Minister on Rick Wayne show said that the sale of passports (CIP Money) will be used to reimbursed the investor. Thousands of St.Lucian heard and saw it live now you are singing a different tune.


  3. I first read this statement on the Government of St. Lucia Facebook page. We are taught to not write when we are angry and while I understand the writer's need to defend the government's position. The piece was unnecessarily filled with emotion and could have been written better simply presenting factual statements.


  4. The horses and the money that bought the horses belong to St. Lucians. Desert star holdings is only there to profit from St. Lucians, plain and simple , this is the facts. This government was played and we will be the ones to pay the price. People of Vieux fort enjoy it while it last but it will be short lived. All governments should focus on businesses for its citizens and creating jobs. Stop giving the Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis all the business time to promote Lucians. We need our health care system in place ,{ PLEASE }


  5. * The government of Saint Lucia has not funded the construction of the race track or any other aspect of the project.
    “Let me repeat, no government funds have gone into the race track.

    so, when the money from the sale of St.Lucia passports (what should go into St.Lucian pockets) go to the investor, are this not government funds ? or may somebody call it "government gifts" ?


  6. Shame on this administration, making a fuss about horses and horse racing instead of our deplorable hospitals , health care, schools , roads , all of a sudden octopus Nancy cones on national radio to boast about that, guess more money in the kitty !! Hope this entire administration listens and watch the video which is so appropriate !! Which is the truth the whole truth so help us Jah !!


    • Charles Town, WVM BEFORE HORSE RACING WAS THIS LITTLE TOWN WITH DIRT ROAD AS ITS Main road, hospitals did not have enough medicine nor doctors, fast forward to today, WV is a thriving successful city in one of the poorest state in the union, if horse racing is handled properly, and the locals can keep their hands out of the kitty will be a boom for St Lucia, good luck to you all, I look forward to visiting and probably race a couple horses.


  7. it is amazing how people play with the ignorance to get what they wanted politically. 40 years of independence and no promising employment for the ppl down south one is in the making and now politicians playing with it as if they are in a casino. Same on those wicked politicians


    • Yes. The expectation is always for a politician to bring a job to you. The same people to fail to invest in a good education or to be dedicated to finding work. While the government should facilitate job creation there are many who are not determined or do not have the motivation to find or keep a job. They want to pick and choose...and STILL blame the government for the poor decisions theyve made in life.


  8. The poor are always the losers. All businesses are profit oriented, including gambling. Losers which are always a large majority pay for the very few winners. Don't be a loser.


    • The Prime minister is the one who opened his mouth to state that the 40 horses were bought for St lucians to participate . This man is a liar and constantly contradicts himself.


      • you see yall are so quick to jump on the pm back and kill him you dont take time to think. ok supposedly he said that the horses were bought he never said that the horses were bought with government funds also it could have been a simple error in saying they were bought rather than they were brought or maybe yall just saying what yall think yall heard cause yall dont take time to listen. it comes in one ear but since yall so quick to throw stones you go and say something totally different from the truth


        • Please open ur eyes to the reality around u. Wat Pierre n Francis have to do with that. U give praise to a corrupt government


          • you who need to open your eyes cause all when kenny was peeing in your eye and calling it rain you was not seeing it and further more my dear all governments in the world are corrupt in some way form or fashion its just us to open our eyes to see which one is for the people and trying to get things done for the people but you and others are the ones to blind to see it. the main fact of the matter is money is coming to the island and people are getting work in this new project. leave the man alone and give the people a chance five years is not enough to get us back on track from the hole we were let in from the last administration


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