BREAKING NEWS: Saint Lucia confirms its second COVID-19 case

By Department of Health and Wellness

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(PRESS RELEASE) — On Saturday, March 14, 2020, Saint Lucia recorded its second case of COVID-19.

The patient is a 53-year-old male with active travel history, with France being his last port of departure.

The patient arrived in Saint Lucia on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 in the company of colleagues. He entered into our health care system on Friday, March 13, 2020, and based on the patient’s travel history and symptoms, health professionals suspected COVID-19.

He was placed in isolation at a medical facility and a sample was collected on the same day and sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency CARPHA where laboratory tests confirmed a positive result. The patient and his care team have been informed of the results.

To date, this now brings the total number of COVID-19 cases recorded in Saint Lucia to two. The first case was diagnosed one day prior, on Friday, March 13, 2020.

A team has been dispatched to conduct contact tracing and the quarantine of contacts of the patient. This is being done to ensure that all persons who have been in contact with this individual is assessed and managed as per protocol.

The Department of Health reminds the public that there is currently no vaccine against the virus. Prevention is our most effective strategy against the spread of COVID-19.

The public is asked to practice the infection prevention and control measures we have been promoting as this is key in reducing the spread of the virus. These include:

– Frequently wash hands using soap and flowing water or when hand washing is not possible use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

– Cover your cough and sneeze using a flexed elbow or with tissue. Immediately throw tissue into a bin and wash your hands

– If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing seek medical care early and share any previous travel history with your health care provider

The Department of Health and Wellness assures the public that we are continuing focused efforts in implementing the national coronavirus plan. We appeal to you to remain calm and to follow the advisories which we provide as we work together to maintain the health and safety of all.

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  1. 'B' don't be fooled, this isn't a virus that only white people can bring into the island. There are plenty of people in St Lucia visiting family from the US, UK and everywhere else. Very good personal hygiene is key to getting through this. Those with existing medical conditions and the elderly should be our focus.

    We should be looking out for these people and keeping them safe so they don't need to have external contact with anyone who might have the virus - which is not the plague. I was pleased to see St Lucians have not fallen prey to the selfish stockpiling of food etc. which deprives others of essential items when there's enough for all if we're sensible. I hope that stays the same and we can set an example for others.

    It's times like these that show exactly how different nations behave, what kind of people are we? Some of these 'foreigners' are our daughters, sons, brothers, sisters, parents. Let's protect the borders sure, but not without humanity and please God let us not be like the US and Trump - blaming everyone else and doing too little, too late because we're too busy pointing the finger at others.

  2. Why are people.who have travelled to places with the virus still allowed to enter our ports? Someone living in France reported that a friend had allegedly left France during this past week, flew to neighbouring Martinique and was able to gain entry into SLU via Martinique on Thursday or Friday thereabout. Did anyone notice that this individual's travel had originated from France? How was the individual able to enter our port un noticed? Did France not stamp the passport on departure from there? We all know of the financial implications but an outbreak of COVID on island will result in similar or worse economic loss. So is there a possibility of our ports being closed? Questions, questions.

  3. And yet still air and seaports are still open allowing ppl from places that full of the virus to come in....putting whoever was on the flight the taxi drivers and hotel staff at risk.....come on chastenet be smart enough and make decisions to protect us...smh

  4. "This is being done to ensure that all persons who have been in contact with this individual is assessed and managed as per protocol." Sorry, that Stlucianewsonline cannot correct grammatical errors in press releases. Meantime, may the press releaser learn that one cannot write "persons". Our children do read the news and they cannot be allowed to read "persons who have been in contact with this individual is". The subject is persons!

  5. I am a bit concerned with our border controls. The second confirmed case had an active travel history and his last port of departure was France. So why was he allowed into St. Lucia given his travel history? Why wasn't he placed in quarantine immediately as a precaution? Why allow him to interact with the population? Border control is seriously lacking. They need to be more vigilant.

  6. We need to do Something with our Birders immediately.These white persons Coming in with their Virus that's really bad

  7. Exactly my point... Y are they still allowing people to enter especially people from the UK? , y are they not testing these people from the airports? I live up here and there's people out here deliberately spreading this thing smh.. .

  8. What is the OECS doing about this...more hot air and's all they can do talk crap all day..

  9. This is evident that in order to protectour people, the port should be closed. Stop allowing foreigners to come into the country. They are the ones bringing in the virus. I know we are country which is highly dependent ln toirism, but what about the health of our people?

    • A stadium has been used has a hospital for the past 9 years. By both administrations. Hope that answers your question about how much they care about the health of our people.

  10. St lucian, well look it. 2 confirm cases in 2 dayd🤔we need a national day of prayer. If Presedent Tramp is asking for prayer why not us.

    • I had a reallly bad cold or was it the flu or was it covid-19 a few weeks ago ..well yeah I’m back to the 100% now but jah that shit had me 1-0 ...but really, wats all the panic about need for panic ,any body who needs sum good bush meds link up...and don’t forget to add a lill Panadol multi symptom to the diet ....there u have it cure for covid-19!!! Sheeee it’s our lill secret in lucia...

      • Bush dr, I glad after your lurgy you are now better. That Covid-19, they don’t know exactly what it is, so they describe it as flu-like because it has many symptoms in common and the same advice given for flu can be applied to it. It is different because it is more infectious than flu and has more complication for some people especially those with (underlying health conditions) that terms could means anyone with high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, lung disease, asthma and the elderly. Although in some people it can be mild or moderate in others it is severe and It causes organs to fail and can be fatal. To survive you need immediate isolation, intensive care and a medical team. This is way beyond a little bush medicine, lots of tender loving care at home, a few days bed rest, chest rubs and a bowl of calaloo soup.


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