BREAKING NEWS: Sahab Jamshidi ordered to pay up or jail

By SNO Staff
Sahab Jamshidi.

Sahab Jamshidi

Sahab Jamshidi is a free man.

The Canadian national, who was charged in connection with the drowning death of four-year-old Terrel ‘TJ Elibox in early 2015, was today, as part of his sentencing in the High Court, was ordered to pay $75,000 in compensation to the estate of the deceased or serve three years in jail till paid.

Jamshidi has reportedly paid the sum and is scheduled to leave St. Lucia today or tomorrow.

According to reports, Jowella Roserie, the mother of TJ, said she is pleased with the outcome of the case.

The former medical student pleaded guilty to causing death by recklessness or gross negligence in the High Court on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 – 14 months after he pleaded not guilty during his arraignment.

His sentencing was put off twice before today to allow submissions by defense and State lawyers.

Prosecutors had accuse Sahab of carrying Elibox into the sea on a kiteboard in February 22 2015, without the consent of his guardians, and caused his death.

Sahab’s defense said he was kitesurfing with friends when he spotted Elibox in the water and called for help.

The Canadian was formally charged after the boy’s body was discovered two days later.

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  2. This guy got frustrated pleaded guilty to get this done with, for the mother she is happy she has no boy child to look after so she can be on her merry go round with her friends. I guess she has $75,000 Gs to spend, let's she how well or how bad she spends it. She should be the one paying the man compensation and then put on a bond for five years, meaning she shouldn't have children during that period because she is irresponsible.

    • You are being pathetic now with your useless argument. How dare you say such awful things about a woman who lost a child? Don't you have a heart? The mother of young Elibox needs our sympathy right now. Money isn't everything in life. This man got away with Manslaughter.
      He should have been put away for good. The family of young TJ will never get over this tragedy. If you can't say something positive then say nothing at all.
      You have renounced the use and authority of reason with your contemptible and disgraceful remarks.
      My heart and so should the hearts of all St Lucians bleed for the loss of this innocent child. The family needs support and not criticism right now. Get a grip!

    • Seriously people equating money with loss of life. St.Lucians are so insensitive. If someone causes the death of my son what amount of money that can possible make me happy. Absolutely none whatsoever.

  3. Where is the justice in this case? This man pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of the little boy and yet he was fined instead of doing time. What kind of a judicial system do we have in St Lucia? Why are these legal eagles lenient towards foreigners who break our laws? People from outside especially folks of European origin are always allowed to get away with things no matter what. Only in St Lucia will a man be given a fine for the manslaughter of a minor. No one else in the world will this happen.

    This fine is an insult to the family of the little boy whose life was taken away.If this was in Iran where this man comes from they would have thrown the book at him. They have the death penalty over there as in most Islamic states. Why wasn't this man thrown in prison for a while? This criminal deserves to be treated with contempt for what he did to this handsome little boy. He doesn't deserve sympathy. If you take a life you should be banged up for life.

    If this was a St Lucian who had done this he would most certainly have been given a life sentence. Why should this idiot be treated any differently? He has gotten away with murder and he knows it. In Canada where he resides the system over there would have put him in prison for a crime like this - Manslaughter.
    The system in St Lucia has been failing victims of crime for a long time now. If you are foreign and have money you can get away with anything including murder. How can anyone call this justice? This sentence is pathetic and deplorable. The judge who sentenced this vile man ought to be ashamed of herself. She is incompetent and should be removed from the bench. I have never heard or read about a man being fined in court for manslaughter. Only in St Lucia, will you come across something like this. Shame on you Judge whoever you are. The family and other parties concerned should immediately appeal against this disgraceful decision. This man should be given a mandatory life sentence under St Lucian law. He should not be free so soon. The money means nothing and can do nothing for the family of TJ Elibox who is dead.Is this how you pay homage to the late TJ Elibox? This man should be doing some time in prison at least for taking the life of this little kid.This case needs some closure which can only come from him doing time.Serious time. A fine sends out the wrong message. It demonstrates that the courts in St Lucia are soft on criminals when they should be tough on crimes and on criminals. This convicted criminal will be saying to himself 'I got away with manslaughter on the tolerant island of St Lucia.' Only In St Lucian will this happen.
    In this sorrowful time, I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the Elibox family who must be still grieving. St Lucia has lost a beautiful soul. May he Rest in perfect peace.

  4. What a disgrace for an innocent child life be worth 75000& shame on the justice system, how can a canadian doctor just walked away after paying this for a lost life, how can the child life be measured by money, imagine if this had happened in canada , a black person comitting such an offence , he would be locked up and the keys throwned away, even being deported , wake up stlucia

    • You cannot blame the man blame the mother of the child is she take the money let's hope she do something good with it and at least build a house

  5. What if the man appeals this conviction and sentence what do you think would be the outcome??????

  6. It is interesting to note that in the world of smart phone, digital cameras, etc,. and on a day when the beach is packed, there was no one, NO ONE, who was taking pictures to have captured the defendant kite surfing and by extension at least a photo of the two, if that was the case.
    Wasn't anyone looking at the sea that day?
    Surely the young man had friends with him on that day. Pity that aspect of investigation was not done, or was it? So sad.


    For all those who say that it is impossible for a kitesurfer to take a child on the board even though it is the smallest one on the market. Watch the Video.

  8. This judgement leaves me with a very uncomfortable feeling that the role of the court to establish the truth was sacrificed and the victim was denied justice.

    Can anyone feel confident that their rights will be defended by the judicial system? When the verdict is based on who can pay their way out of a lengthy prison sentence or who can give financial compensation whether guilty or not so as not to languish in prison before justice is served, has the case closed in his/her favour. Do we want to cultivate untouchables (home breed or foreign-breed) whose money gives the court a false sense of success? This is not the judicial system that I would want to live under!

  9. Its time to bring back trial by combat. Anyways Chubby's baby momma is cool with this verdict.

  10. I am appalled at the sentence handed down to this Iranian man. How can anyone have faith in St Lucia's Criminal Justice System when it allows someone who took the life of a minor off the hook? The wheels of justice have been bought and that is plain and simple. This is a crying shame and an outrage. It's unbelievable.

    This Iranian- Canadian man was charged with manslaughter. He was placed on remand for a short while. Meanwhile, there are loads of cases waiting to be tried and the CPS is doing nothing about it. There are people who are currently on remand for many years and they are yet to have their day in court to ascertain whether they are guilty or not. There are plenty of people languishing in prison without due process of law. Along comes this outsider who is accused of taking the life of a sweet little boy and all of a sudden his trial was being pushed forward.
    He has now been fined by the court and has paid the pittance imposed and is able to leave the country. That is a travesty of justice, an insult to the system of law and order in St Lucia and the family of young TJ. This man has simply gotten away with it. Where is the justice for young T.J.Elibox?

    The unpleasant, spiteful and mean-spirited Canadian press went on the moral offensive with their bias reporting and lopsided commentaries about this case. Their reporting was of a malevolent nature. They were recklessly determined to find this man not guilty with their trial by media. This should not have been allowed to happen. A court which consisted of a judge and prosecution was what decided this defendant's fate. The irrational hostile and rampant tabloid press a few thousand miles away in a colonial backwater may have helped sway things in the defendant's favour. They don't seem to care about the damage they did to this splendid isle's reputation. All they were concerned about was applying unnecessary pressure to see this man to go free without a proper trial

    The Powers that be have treated our judicial system with contempt and utter disdain. I will repeat: How could anyone have faith in our Criminal Justice System with what is clearly a travesty of justice?The whole system stinks to High Conway. The St Lucia CJS have now become a laughing stock of the world. There are people languishing in prison for far less serious crimes while a man who has been found guilty of taking the life of a child is allowed to walk free, and we wonder why people take the law into their own hands at times.
    The Criminal Justice System in St Lucia is inefficacious and worthless. This trial was lopsided with bias reporting emanating from Canada.The Canadian tabloids wilful disobedience and open disrespect for our legal system were legendary. The system in Canada is similar to our own judicial system. Both St Lucia and Canada are commonwealth countries who were once ruled by the British and so English law is prevalent in both territories. The department of legal affairs with the help of the Canadian High Commission should have ensured that there were reporting restrictions put in place to avoid prejudicing a fair trial. Only certain things should have been reported in the Canadian papers. The St Lucian media have afforded this case the respect it deserves by not reporting on it much. The baleful Canadian press should have followed the example set by their St Lucian contemporaries and back off until the trial. Their spin on this made all the difference and hence the current predicament.

    There are two sides to every story. The young boy's family have poured their hearts out denying the accused version of events. He pleaded guilty at the earliest convenience and the Judge should have handed down an appropriate sentence. One that involves doing serious time for this awful crime.
    The wheels of justice I reiterate once more has been bought. There are plenty of audaciously rude and contemptuous lawyers willing to do anything to get their clients off the hook even when they know that the people they are representing are guilty as charged. The defendant's people were able to raise funds through a campaign to pay for his legal defense. The funds raised will no doubt help him pay the fine since he has been exonerated of responsibility. The legal parties were not concerned about whether he did the crime or not. Their only concern was to ensure that he was absolved of the charges that laid in front of him. They wanted to see him vindicated. To be cleared of blame suspicion and accusation. They wanted him sent home immediately.Now their wish has been granted.

    Many members of the St Lucian public who are still wearing the rags of their colonial past have jumped onto the bandwagon with their usual rhetoric and bombastic theories. Most of these sapheads just cannot help themselves with their ridiculous and absurd comments absolving the foreigner of any wrongdoing. People are quick to defend others who do not come from these shores while on the other hand, they are willing to sully and besmirch the character of their fellow citizens for a few pieces of silver. St Lucians must learn to respect each other. I have read lots of corrosive and extraordinarily pathetic comments posted about this case. They were intensely bitter, spiteful and malicious. These remarks helped the Canadian press in a small way to foment the flames of hatred animosity and the current hostility that is meandering and flowing in our lovely island's direction.There is endless antipathy towards us right now.

    St Lucians need to stop and think about the damage they are doing with their virulent and actively poisonous comments. Stop giving the Canadians salvos to fire right back at you. Stop providing them with the fuel to keep their fires burning so they can continue to fire their projectiles our way. St Lucia can do without this for now. We Do Not need this.

    The court has heard the evidence from the defendant who pleaded guilty and they have passed sentence. A sentence that is far too lenient in my opinion. The family of young Elibox, unfortunately, did not have much say on the matter. What will this small sum of money do for the mother of young TJ and her family? All was revealed during the trial and hence the judgment. If this was the other way round where a St Lucian was being tried for a similar offense in Canada, no St Lucian media nor family members of the accused would have been allowed near the court to start throwing their weigh around. Why should it be any different in this country? No one is above the law. Why the preferential treatment to this stranger?

    I am disappointed and unhappy at the behaviour of the Canadian supporters of the defendant.They were arrogant and disrespectful throughout. They were not concerned about whether this pitiful character committed the crime or not. They were out to see that this naturalized Canadian citizen got off the hook and back into North America. The authorities needed to banish these characters to the Canadian wilderness where they hail from. They should have been sent packing since they were not willing to obey our rules and regulations. At Least they were able to travel to our beautiful country without visas. Can St Lucians do likewise? Can Lucians travel to Canada without visas? The simple answer is NO. This travel arrangement between the two countries is inequitable, unfair and unjust. No wonder these colonials feel they can tell us what to do. We should not allow them to tell us how to administer justice in our own country. What a blooming cheek! St Lucia is quite capable thank you very much.

    The CPS should give priority to the many other cases that have been on their books for many years now. This Canadian-Iranian man has been given preferential treatment and top priority. He was not given the correct sentence after being found guilty of committing a heinous and brutal act - taking the life of a child. He should have been doing serious time in Bordelais. He is laughing all the way back to Canada.He did the crime by his own admission and should, therefore, do the time.
    The authorities in St Lucia should have done a background check on this man.Why did he have the child on his surfboard? Over the years a lot of Westerners go to countries like ours to abuse kids. It's happening in poor countries like The Philippines, Thailand, India and parts of Africa. To use the darkly euphemistic term -They Go" looking for kids" to abuse.

    The legal system in St Lucia should not have been dictated to by anyone outside of our jurisdiction. Right now Justice has not prevailed according to the laws of St Lucia.The authorities in St Lucia was far more concerned about the plight of this foreigner than they were about seeing that justice was done for poor little TJ Elibox. My heart bleeds for this cute little innocent boy whose life was cut short by the foolish actions of one silly man who should be eating porridge right now at Her Majesty's pleasure. How can $75,000 compensate for the loss of a child? This man should have been given a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years hard labour. The Justice system in St Lucia is a joke. The wheels can be bought and will continue to be bought by foreigners who come to the shores of Helen to commit crimes. It's no wonder crime is spiraling out of control. That is a miscarriage of justice and an insult to the victim's family. I am completely disillusioned with the CJS in St Lucia and so are many more fellow citizens of our beautiful island.
    May the Soul of Young TJ Elibox Rest In Peace.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany

    • Who do u expect to read all of this ... smfh .. u had to much time

      • hahah, exactly, a whole bloody essay!

      • There are plenty cases involving good Samaritans in the legal sphere. I just don't see the problem was resolved judicially in the sense of the application of law. Law is supposed to represent precedence and I don't see which judge in their right mind would follow that one. What was the rational in law for awarding compensation to the family? That is my only question.

    • Right on point. A mockery of our justice system has just been made. Seems like anyone one with dollars or other influences can circumvent the court's ruling or our justice system at large.

    • You would be right ... IF Jamshidi actually committed the act is was accused of. However, the likelihood that a kitesurfer would pick up a small child, especially a child he did not know, to take for a ride on a kite board, is slim-to-none. A much more logical explanation is that the child wondered into the water & was drowned. Sad, but accusing an innocent man of a crime compounds a sad event into something worse.

      It's pretty evident that Jamshidi was railroaded & was obliged to plead guilty just to get out of the Kafkaesque situation that he found himself. The light "sentence" he received is likely an indication of that. It does not look good for St. Lucia's justice system, but at least Jamshidi can get on with his life.

  11. Well since it was eye witness he says/she says testimony, he is better off with this verdict, our justice system actually worked in this case, contrary to popular belief, it was negligence at best, and false accusation worse, he goes with my blessing, you are not a bad individual my brother. The family will realize soon that money cannot replace a life.

  12. My People, St lucians are f.... stupid like fuck.....

    A grandmother was negligent, grandson went into water and was carried away by the sea, good Samaritan tries to save him, his attempt in saving this poor little soul was futile, court prosecutes him, he pleaded not guilty because the mofo is not guilty (sees through our system and how wasted his life would have been if he continued this battle with a non guilty plea, doomed on an island that suppose to be beautiful but due to circumstances ofcourse it is no longer that beautiful place to Dr Jamshidi, so the smart man decides to plead guilty because obviously he has a fantastic lawyer, got fined, paid the fine and fly out never to return) Smart man smart move
    God bless you

    Family may you find peace and repent

    • I strongly believe that the grandmother should have been charged as well. Why was all the blame put on a this man? I have watched enough investigation discovery to know that his best way out was pleasing guilty even if he may in fact be innocent. At the end God knows what really happened so the guilty parties will receive their just reward.

  13. She is happy with the judgment?? What type of mother would be happy with $75000? Now more than ever, I believe that man was innocent.

  14. They should give the father the money.. not the mother nor grand mother

  15. The grandmother should have been charged with recklessness and child endangerment, to have a child by the beach and not know of his whereabouts is irresponsible. That story is so farfetched and God alone knows what truly happened. I am indeed happy that the gentleman was released. No amount of money would ever be able to replace the life of this child, who knows this child could have been St.Lucia Prime Minister, a surgeon, a teacher, mechanic giving back to his country. But I hope that other parents who like to go places and live their child with others, take heed and at least give instructions as to where your children can go.

  16. HAHAHA...This country is the laughing stock of the Wind Ward Islands. These people and all their bureaucracies are so backward. Even the Mafia can buy that country out in less than 5 minutes.

    I don't even know if the man was is judgment being passed here, murder or man slaughter charge, gets fined $75,000 but equal 3years if you can't pay. HA, WHAT A JOKE !

  17. I personally believe that he should receive some jail time along with the compensation order. For those saying that the grandmother should be charged .......She was negligent indeed for failing to keep a watchful eye on her grandson. However her negligence wasn't the direct cause of the toddlers demise. $75,000 e.c is like 30,000 Canadian dollars.

  18. Let us put on our THINKING CAPS. The $ 75,000 ( Peanuts ) resulted from the Criminal Proceedings. The parents need to file a civil suit immediately and obtain some kind of Court Order preventing him from leaving the island. Once he leaves, that is it. We need to stop prostituting ourselves.

  19. There is no way a surf kite can carry two people.the grandmother was neglectful at the time and the Canadian man was wrongfully accused of a crime he didn't commit and now he's a free man.the grandmother was afraid of saying the truth.but god isn't sleeping and u see how the tables turned on the grand mother her own daughter was on TV and saying her mother wasn't speaking the truth.and the only reason this canadian an was arrested is because he came and said he saw a little boy was swept away by the strong wave and he tried to save this little boy.

  20. sending him to prison wud not bring bk the child plus it wud b no profit for the mother but at least she got some dollars to build her a lil one bedroom plywood house she accumulate more than is the guy had gone to prison so therefore my advise to the young lady is too b more careful with her other child n the g/mother will live with that grief n carelessness for reminder of her earthly life.


  22. and they got what they wanted-MONEY!!! smh...

  23. What a shame, Saint Lucia's justice system has once again failed.

    The court of public opinion had it right in this case and the gentle man was wrongly arrested, charged and prosecuted. Why wasn't the individual who brought the child to the beach not arrested and prosecuted for child endangerment or neglect.

    She claimed then white man took the child for ride.. Well what does that say about your judgement letting your grandchild go with a stranger?

    Then the court orders this gentle man who has been through this horrible experience in sweet St. Lucia to pay $75,000.00 as a form of compensation for causing the death of his child.

    To the Gentle man in question.The majority of St. Lucians believed in your innocence however due to our culture " i ehh getting involved" You were left out for the wolves.

    To those who rejoice at this news. there is a saying in this land.. TANTOO TANTOO.. his ordeal is finally over however yours is yet to begin.

    To the Estate of the diseased child. I wish you the best that $75,000.00 can buy but please don't forget you will never be with that child again. ( is the money worth it?)

  24. I hope its the mother getting that money! And not the so called "grandmother"

    • None should get it.....shame and for the mother to say she satisfied I am embarrassed no matter who's fault it was me being a mother no amount of money would take away that pain not even if I leave to see 100 years this country is fucked up

  25. All I can say is that the mother is just money hungry. #WhatAShame

  26. Sahab spent YEARS trapped here, for what? An allegation that he did something? Anybody with common sense - furthermore who has seen a kite surfer in action - knows that the story was made up just to spare the grandmothers' incapability that day to look after her grandson. I'm glad Sahab can finally LEAVE and live his life. God doesn't sleep.

  27. Only God knows the truth. If he is genuinely innocent then so be it. If he is not he has to answer to God. The money will profit the mother nothing if she knows he killed her child.

  28. Anyone who knew this man before all of this know he is not that reckless to take a child he doesn't know to kite surf......

  29. Thats all that girl is concerned about ...(money!!!) What a shame!!!! By all means she will be satisfied...girl if u was making time for ur child all these shit would not happen...u were busy flaunting men.....ur child is dead and still u wont leave the people man alone

    • Funny thing is that's all these people do. Run around with men. Even make men pay for encounters then give their mother the money. Sick, dirty set of people.

  30. What a shame the mother is satisfied for money .
    She knew the man was innocent but it was all about the money .

  31. i think he was innocent n was telling the truth but due to the long delayed of the case he choose to say he is guilty just to end the long stressfull odeal the fine of 75000.oo is good the g/mother was too careless with the child.if the mother satisfied well who is me to say otherwise long im wishing u the best of luck on ur future.

  32. This whole thing seems fishy. I do not believe that this man was the one at fault. This man pleaded guilty becuase he was simply tired of waiting and nothing being done. And the fact that the mother is satisfied with the verdict lol... says a lot. If someone killed my child I would not be satisfied with 75,000 dollars; I would want justice. Says a lot about the mother and the entire situation.

  33. If you had not LIED from the beginning it would have been a simple case of the family forgiving you and you could have moved on with your life. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. If it were a black man you Lucians would have cried obeah but you all are blinded by the colour of his skin. I have listened to numerous eye witness accounts of what happened on that day and this man is evil. Natural justice will continue to make you pay. The money is not the end of it. I hope that the total disrespect you showed for human life means your are barred from ever becoming a doctor. selah

    • Well you should have been the lawyer for the prosecution, since you know so much. The child's mother specifically said on the news that up until today the grandmother cannot tell her exactly what happened that fateful day yet you speaking about what eyewitnesses said. ....smh

    • JamSHADY to are evil...this man as far as im concerned is innocent!! the Courts ruled well and the justice system did a satisfying ruling!! Its not about the colour of one's skin...but being able to prove guilt or innocence..You JamSHADE whatever the hell your name is "GET A LIFE"!! Wake up!! hellooooo..2017!! smdh!!

    • Stfu

  34. I always believed he was innocent because the adult who brought him to the beach shoild have been held responsibl and charged for negligence...he plead guilty later in trial like he said because he was frustrated n needed the case to be done with. BUT WHAT A SHAME FOR THIS MOTHER YOU ARE SATISFIED WITH $75,000 for the death of you shameless money monger. If you were so concerned you would see to it this man went to prison

  35. So wait the state is organizing wangmuh? I thought this was a criminal case? So as expected if you have money you can buy justice or anything else in St. Lucia? And we want to criminalize the mothers that sell their children for money (not that I could ever excuse that behavior either), but at least the child returns home alive.

    • Well he wasn't charged with murder rather causing death by negligence. In that case he can be asked to pay money's to the family. It wasn't his intention to kill the child but because of his poor judgement the child die. In cases like that you don't always get jail time. You can get probation or be fined. The family also has the right to make him pay for his negligence. This was not a murder case.

      • what Lucianboi is trying to say is the same thing I was wondering - it is a criminal case. Compensation to the mother should be handled in a civil matter - makes me scratch my head and St lucia criminal system. Is civil and criminal all rolled in one?

    • At least somebody is awake and listening. How could the High Court order a compensatory award in a criminal case? Whether is a murder case or not it is essentially a criminal case therefore it limits the person getting an award. The state was the compliant not the estate of the boy. I am still lost here since in any event nothing takes away the right of the parents to sue for wrongful death. To those who did not know the Criminal Code:

      Death caused by gross negligence or recklessness
      92.— (1) A person upon whom the law imposes a duty or who has taken
      upon himself or herself any duty tending to preserve life and —
      (a) who regardless of the life, safety, welfare and health of others,
      neglects to perform that duty or performs it negligently and
      thereby causes the death of another person; or
      (b) who acts recklessly in such a manner as to create an obvious and
      serious risk of causing physical injury to some other person who
      thereby causes the death of that other person;
      commits the offence of manslaughter.

      The maximum for manslaughter is life in prison, however it is still confusing since the threshold required to prove gross negligence or recklessness in a criminal case should be higher than in a Civil case (as per Code). So this begs the questions why wasn't the case tried at the Civil Court, where compensation would have most likely been higher? Guess if was a Lucian he would have been on remand with no sight of the end. The pertinent questions should be asked and officials need to shed some light on the judgement in this case.

    • Its still criminal Negligence. Negligence and Recklessness are not confined only to Civil jurisdictions, they are part of the criminal justice system too.

  36. You mean that's all it cost to kill a child in St. Lucia? I guess it cost less if it's an older person.

  37. You deserve it go free and continue doing what you were doing.

  38. God is good u were innocent I am happy

  39. My boy if you had nothing to do with the child's death. The money will profit them no good. I wish you a bright future.

  40. I'm happy he was charged, but the sentence for the lost of a child? I'm not satisfied, this is nothing

  41. Hahahahaha. What a shameful system we have with some toddler's life worth 75,000.

  42. Is this money going to the victim's parent (family)?

    • "...was ordered to pay $75,000 to the estate of the deceased..."

    • Yes it is...thats why the mother is satisfied. What a shame as a parent i would want to see him in prison not money smh..they knew the man was innocent anyway

      • How does it benefit the mother when he goes to jail? Tell me. Atleast she got some money to get her life in order right now. We always quick to condemn others until it's our turn. We should have some mercy it was negligence and not murder.


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