BREAKING NEWS: Relative of Lester Daniel offers “sincere condolences” to Ike’s family and friends

BREAKING NEWS: Relative of Lester Daniel offers “sincere condolences” to Ike’s family and friends
Ike Ephraim
Ike Ephraim
Ike Ephraim

A relative of murder accused Lester Daniel has offered her “sincere condolences” to the family of Ike Ephraim.

Speaking exclusively to St. Lucia News Online (SNO) Tuesday evening, the relative, who prefers not to be identified out of safety concerns, said no one deserves to die in the manner Ephraim did.

The relative said though she feels sorry for Daniel, she feels even worse for the victim’s family.

“From the bottom of my heart we are sorry for your loss. We offer our sincere condolences,” the relative said.

Ephraim, 27, was found dead in a drain in Caye Mange, Gros Islet on June 21, 2017. He had marks of violence all over his body.

Daniel was yesterday charged for his murder.

The relative said she is concerned that the comments on social media is “only making matters worse”. She said people are commenting that Ephraim deserved to die and that Daniel should be set free.

She said she does not condone any form of violence and is concerned that such comments can lead to unnecessary retaliation. She said it also adds more pain to Ephraim’s grieving family.

“I just want to let you know that we do not agree or condone anything that is being said on social media,” she said.

According to the relative, people should allow the justice system to do it’s job instead of playing the role of judge and executioner.

The relative is fearful for the safety of Daniel’s children and relatives.

“The comments on social media are fanning the flames. We are concerned for Lester’s innocent children and family. We are fearful for their safety. We are appealing to Ike Ephraim’s friends, associates and family to let the justice sytem do its course. We want to stress that we feel the pain of Ike’s family. It is never easy when we lose loved ones regardless of what life people they claimed to have lived. One life lost is one too many.

“We pray for Lester and we also pray for Ike and family. No one is the winner in this situation, we are both grieving families and we want everyone to understand that,”the relative added.



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  1. Well is not only Ghetto hoodrat that are killing people even Business man killing and dumping the body somewhere else lester thought he would 'nt be caught i'am glad hes been charge Murderer lester rot in hell the bad boys in jail should beat his a--


    • That's what you think who is Ike nobody he went and meet his mother poor lady was fed up


  2. A message you all them -- wanna be bad boys going round terrorizing the citizens of st lucia.There is a badboy or badgirl in all of us.We just choose to exercise it or dont think we the decent citizens are afraid of you..We just believe that we are much better out enjoying life rather than spending time in jail for you. REMEMBER THAT!!!


  3. I must applaud the family member for sharing his or her thoughts for truly no-one won , it's a lose lose situation her .Prayers to both families.


  4. The act i snot one we as a people should be proud of. Lester and myself were social media friends, that's the only place we spoke to each and when i found out it was him I was torn apart. On the other hand Ike is one I've seen around many times is very troublesome, He would look for trouble with my friends because he thought they're different (GAY). He && His crew almost attack them a night in Rodney Bay, Tell me is that right? NO i don't think so. Now when you threaten to take away one's life, go to their workplace, damage their vehicle and almost set it ablaze should you be set free and live normal life. What Lester did is not good but according to the people "Pwen Dovuh Avant Dovuh Pwen" meaning attack before he attacks you and that's what he did which is understandable just the extent to which he took it I dislike. Now some of you might come here and say being gay is against the bible or god's will but it still didn't give Ike & friends the right verbally abuse them.

    So when we sit and think of all these things and what Ike have been doing in society especially in the Gros-Islet/ Rodney Bay area. He would've ended dead one way or the other. But we as a nation need to come together and unite and end all the senseless crime happening. This one had some reasoning but the majority is what hurts. Live and Let Live!! DO NOT THREATEN PEOPLE AS THEY WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND RETALIATE BEFORE YOU DO..


  5. I hardly comment on stuff like this ,but it was time they make a. Example of those kinds if maggots like ike.your entire life is causing trouble where u pass, a bunch of idiots with no job or ambition and their other bad boy crew,y'all pathetic, dem fellas always need a backa hungry squad crew to back dem in a war,didn't this .enice like know he had kid/s to put his life in order?I don't agree with the fact he got killed I'm against murder of any kind ,let this se d a msg to the other bad boy hungry idiot crews ,that life comes with a shirt life span .bcuz of y'all innocent st.Lucian scared to walk the streets at night or sleep with one eye open.why don't y'all just kill each other and lwa e law abiding citizens out if it we are fed up !! Just so u going at d fella business place to look for trouble? Y didn't he put a that excessive energy into finding work to do and stay out of trouble.That like forever Rodney bay causing a fued .The other criminals.need to take example from this ,stop harassing innocent civilians .


  6. Lucians really talking shate, somebody threaten my life i eh go take action?? You eh seee now a days is kill or be killed in this country. St lucia police eh doing s-t, sometime is Ike and his goons that kill de man and nothing for that by the police s-t...


  7. Hw can it b self defence frm u shift da body is premeditated murder speak words of da wise not words of da fool


  8. Wellll. I am not feeling sorry for Ike. What people fail to realize is that murder is murder. People keep saying he didnt deserve to die "like this". Who really gives a damn? Fools like Ike constantly harrassing people on the streets! Know what it feels like to be on your own business and man like Ike just troubling you?

    People feeling sorry for their families but it's their fault. Parents cannot just allow the children to grow old, not do anything with their lives...observe the path they chose, be fully aware they living a life of crime daily and continue to support them. Well look what yall get. a dead asshole.

    But since he didnt deserve to die "like this", in future people...when a guy tries and threatens to kill you, lets please retaliate in the quickest and less painful way to kill them.

    And to all Ike "goons" saying they'll do this and that...if yall wanna be drugs...kill other drug dealers if they wrong yall...rob drug dealers...leave regular people out. Stay in yall short life, easy money section.


  9. i agree 100. then again when reality hits that will be happening more often in the future. my reason is there are those who feel they can terrorize and none for that. so it will be who dead first. My opiniom


  10. Now you people are aware the calculated blunder it is to justify violence. Many people unconnected with the situation make foolish comments without giving regards to any consequences because it does not involve them.


    • if ike was their relative or friend they would be saying he didnt deserve to die like this despite of his ways.we ppl have to see it that they both are human, none deserved wat they got. one is dead the other will go to prison n even might be dead when he gets out. if they would have asked one to take lester s place in prison all u would say is not u dat send him n do it or y he could of call the police instead yet still urll praise wat he did knowing dat he'll be facing the consequences alone.just pray for peace n understanding between the two families so that after lester serves his time he will be safe.


      • If Ike had already done something to you maybe you'd be singing the same song. You cannot tell people how to feel and how they should feel about different types of murder. What you're saying is...killing him isnt the main issue but they should have done it in a better way ? Lol


        • We are living in a society where we are not allowed to take the law into our own hands. This is the job of the police no matter how unhelpful we think they are. Violence of any kind should be condemned. He should have simply called the police. Now the split second decision of losing his cool is going to put him behind bars and his life is never going to be the same again. It ain't worth your freedom. I am not defending Ike but there are things we all need to do in order to remain law abiding citizens. His reasons to defend himself may have been legitimate but it escalated to a loss of life unfortunately.


        • if it was ur brother or son he murdered would u be singing the same song.i'm sure Lester regrets what he did cuz hes about to lose all wat he worked hard to acheive.if ike did something to u in the past y didnt u do the murder.


  11. Free lester it was self defense .....ike was going for his Gun an crew Lester took him out first


    • Did ike tell u that... rumours spread like wild fire this was not self defense if u know nothing about law just keep shut .... this is premeditated murder to its highest level ... ike would have done it that's how u wud see it u never really know someone u never know what demons this Lester being fighting in his criminal head .... rest easy ike U DID NOT DESERVE THAT ....


  12. Am hurting because they both was like my brothers.... But I believe lester defended himself by the threat that was made to him so he took actions into his hands....which he shouldn't but deep down I don't blame him...he was probably scared of IKe so he said before iIke crew comes for me he will take him out ?threats are not easy ....but I heard Ike beat lester an broke his wind shield don't know how true that is..nobody deserve to die like this ....Lester lester is what it is cause life goes on?i will miss you lester ?But am surely gonna miss Ike my kicks of buddy RIP my G,......


  13. How yall saying he shouldn't be murdered like that it was too horrendous and all. When bad man doing their killings and beatings you think they saying oh let me not go all out, let me have pashal and all that. No way badman, goons, mobs, shooters and whatever they call themselves go all out and do all what comes to their minds and hands. Yall forgetting the middle day shootings, the rapes, murders and choppings. When badness is your game and art anything they give you in it shall be accepted. That's why if you don't want them meaning your family members to die so make sure they stay far from badness ok. Stop being hypocritical cause it eh taking us nowhere. The life you live is the live you die by. You want man to say wait a minute while they are killing them to be less aggressive or gruesome because of how the family and friends feel. No way it happening hard, fast, sometimes slow and rash. So the only way to escape them kind of murders is to warn your children to stay away from this lifestyle cause it eh have no benefits for yall not even a pension plan. And if they eh want to hear then you the parent take a life insurance plan on that ass. You must benefit from it in a rush.


    • And that's not hate on Ike or Lester just speaking the truth. We as a people need to wake up and see what's wrong with our society and try to change things or else they might continue to happen over and over again. Let us use this as a valuable example to effect change and stop being silent when bad things happen by bad people let the good rise up and say what they are doing is wrong and try to reach one and maybe all so they can change.


  14. Maybe the accused knew that it would either be him or act in this manner. But either ways its a sad situatuon.
    But some fellas out there need to know every bad dog will be killed through fear. They need to be real and realised that every man has his own mind.
    I strongly believe the accused would be the victim if he didn't stand his grounds. My take.


  15. I simply hope...good sense come to prevail. And there is no retaliation, well said ....let peace reign.


  16. It really hurt me to see my friend die this was and was even worst againg to see my friend did the act . Lord they are both like family to me and you alone know how I am feeling right now. Family friends if both parties I pray to Hod we all can find some peace in this teeing times ??


  17. Oh well no one is a winner but provocation can turn you from man to beast, selfdefence can be deadly ,survival of the fittest can be a factor, who knows let get the facts and not be the judge and the jury . It look like an unfortunate situation that led to the death I think it could have been either way.


  18. Such a sad situation.... I'm touched to know that are still good people on this island. It takes much courage to speak those words. I pray that God grants both families the added courage needed to go through this difficult time in their lives.


  19. I feel the pain for both families, prayers going out to both. The devil was very busy that night and it took control of everyone involved. I wished that Lester stop when he hit once, twice, three times. As much of a bad person someone is they do not deserve to die in the manner that Ike was murdered.


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