UPDATE: Driver in Barre de l’Isle accident confirmed dead

UPDATE: Driver in Barre de l’Isle accident confirmed dead

(SNO) — Police and law enforcement sources have confirmed that the man, who was initially reported to be in critical condition after the truck he was driving plunged down a precipice off the “top” of the Barre de l’Isle road, near Thomazo, has been officially pronounced dead.

He has been identified by officials as 68-year-old Paul Simeina, a resident of Derierre Fort/Old Victoria Road, Castries.

Simeina was pronounced dead at Dennery Hospital where he was brought by ambulance.

The Dennery Fire Station received the call about the accident at 4:45 p.m.

When ambulance arrived, Simeina, an employee of the Rayneau Gajadhar-owned RG Group of Companies, was seen outside the truck, emergency officials said.

The truck, heading south, was carrying sand when the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which then rolled down the precipice, officials said.

“It happened around the big bend, before Thomazo,” one eyewitness said. “He lost control.”

Below are two videos showing the aftermath of the accident.




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  1. Our roads are not designed for large overweight trucks. But then we know some people are above any law in a corrupted society.


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  3. In less than 6 months i have witness 3 three of rayneau gajadhar R G group of company's trucks going off the bar de lisle roads and down the precipice. some serious questions need to be answered now that someone has lost their life. first dynamite, hush ,hush swept under the rug, and now a bunch of badly maintained road hazard trucks . I believe it is time that Rayneau Gajadhar R G group of companies be held for those accidents.


    • The road onnthet stea needs to fixed . If u took that route or u were a driver or took time out to hear from other drivers u would know that . Container drivers complain. Why should CIE be held accountable for a faulty road? Isn't it an accident for a reason?

      You ppl to fast to point ringers at Rayneau. I didn't see him behind the wheel. So stfu with your bs . If something was swept indt the rug it's done by officials not the company


  4. but how one construction company losing so many workers over the years. Awa a serious revisit to this company's operations is sadly overdue!


  5. The system of motor vehicle inspection in Saint Lucia needs an overdue overhaul. Some vehicles on the road need to be towed at their owner's expense, if they do not have proper inspection documents. Those documents must be given only to those vehicles passing a real rigorous inspection, especially for those vehicles more than 10 years old.


    • You have the gall to come here with that level of lizard logic and insensitivity to the death of a person?


  6. Those trucks are slow, badly maintained and overloaded with sand and rocks. This unfortunately was an accident waiting to happen. I hope the driver is OK.


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