UPDATE: Suspect in alleged rape of 105-y-o woman killed by cops in Rodney Bay

UPDATE: Suspect in alleged rape of 105-y-o woman killed by cops in Rodney Bay

A man who was being sought for the alleged rape of a 105-year-old woman has been killed by the police, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

The suspect, Miguel Edward, alias Mad Max, was fatally shot by the police in the Rodney Bay Marina around noon today (Saturday, November 2).

It is alleged that Edward was attempting to flee to Martinique and pulled a weapon on the officers.

Reports are that Edward allegedly attacked the centenarian at her home around 4 a.m. today.


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  1. Yesssssss yoll ting jah sleeping... Dah is d sam yute 5 bag frum ti morne side deh pay to kill d twins balata side deh... Un he roll back on d yute un take d gun from him.... Justice King... More have to lay dong like lines on d road... Ops shot to kill all uh dem


  2. Second mother if you pregnant with the second seed of Stan is best you remove it now . After mate rape goat and sheep rape the lady twice.. and worse you on here beating your back side with no shame you and he's family need to go see a doctor.
    I think is y'all that on here disliking people comment why he didn't hurt y'all instead is poor in innocent people that suffering.. no pastor should give mate a funeral. Mate is one son of a bitch she was covering up for him but in church like a hypocrite I hope he's family don't live in peace let them the guilty one pay for he's sins and live a miserable life .. Mate was raping animals then raping humans condoms lets take he's body and beat it ...


  3. I deeply thank all of our fellow Saint Lucians with the great support of you all comments. And just a reminder that we the law enforcement officers have decided to take a great stand against crimes like (Rape, Burglary, and Gun Violence. Any one caught for the above mention actions will not be questioned but shall receive a penalty that does not require time serving but straight sleep.
    Thank you
    Inspector Jn Baptiste


  4. Why don’t the police start killing these damn criminals. Shoot to kill. Drug dealers, rapist, thieves all of them. No court date no arrest. Just kill them. St. Lucia is too small. Eradicate them from this earth


  5. Two years ago this animal raped and robbed the lady who birthed me. His death is the mildest form of retribution. He ought to have had a slow and painful death with the pain being emphasized on his genitals. Worthless human.


  6. Are you serious? .... something tells me you identify with his behaviours ..... don't worry: you're next.


  7. I am pleased with the expeditious action of the police . Please officers retrieve the bullet from his body, frame it and put it up in a museum so every one can see use the money collected to open a foundation in her name to aid rape victims like her.


  8. He had refused to rape his .. what that dog did to this lady and the goat y'all kill him too easy he didn't suffer enough


  9. Right now even bambo bursting in grande riviere ah Force people happy. miguel was just a burden to st lucia. Once he out all animal and women living alone was on guard.


  10. Good job gros islet police the officer that killed that idiot should be commended


  11. This fowl 4ker got swift justice - i like how the police roll...
    my tax money ain gonna feed you - now you become worm bait


  12. Death to all who rape, no woman or child should b subjected to such evil. Bravo to the officers for doing a fine job. Mad max epitomizes nefariousness.


  13. He had a mental problem an what he wanted to do is rape this poor harmless woman .why didn't he stand in the street let a car hit him. These people always use mental illness to cover their nasty habits.


  14. Bravo officer, I am glad you kill him, he will never rape anyone again. 10 5 helpless, he running to Martinique. All of you all that saying they should not kill him fuck you all hypocrite. You all never say poor old lady. Make sure he dead in his mother's counts.


  15. So let him go on the boat have a mental break down shoot every on board then what .people please stop it. I'm sure they knew it was a matter of time for him to go it's sad that an old woman had to go through that at her age .but he had to go, if he was mentally unstable he should have been kept at a mental institution.God sees and hears someone must have been praying for justice and it was served hope he had time to repent I dont think hell is a bed of Roses.What can I say God knows what's best.


  16. Y'all Lucian's sick. Y'all crying too much crime. When police take criminals out yall complaining. Run to Mary Francis she will plead his case for u. Day ban ayenditou. He was a good boy just a little distued. He sudda rape you first let me hear the song u would be singing.


  17. Ms Dico helped in the upbringing of his mother and all of us in the neighbourhood, what we call (savan). For him go to her house and violate her is totally unacceptable. Thumbs up to all the police officers who took this menace out of the living equation. For the person who said his mother is kissing the devil and to get him out of prison ( PAY CHEW) because you don't know her I speak in her defence she was not allowed to say you lie because it was considered to be a bad word she had to say (you story). Everyone is at peace now because no one knows who would be next including the ones in that area with disabilities


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