BREAKING NEWS: Quarry explosion victim dies

By SNO Staff

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Jude Skelly

Jude Skelly

The death toll from the March 21, 2017 Cul de Sac quarry explosion has officially risen to four.

Jude Skelly, one of the four critically-injured patients flown to Martinique after the explosion, passed away at a hospital in that country this morning (April 16) at 4:15, relatives have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

Jude, a resident of Dennery, was about 42, his older brother Brian Skelly, based in New York, told SNO this afternoon.

Brian said Jude was an employee of the Rayneau Gajadhar-owned quarry, operated by the RG Group of Companies – Construction & Industrial Equipment (CIE) Ltd and RG. Quarry (RGQ).

Brian said his brother sustained a “blow to the head” and was in a coma for several weeks.

He went on to say that Jude came out of the coma last week and he “talked and laughed with my younger brother (Augustus Skelly)”.

Brian said Augustus returned to St. Lucia on Thursday, believing his brother had passed the worst. However, the family got bad news on Friday that Jude’s breathing was “not good”.

17974614_10209006835760332_896749348_nAccording to the brothers, Jude suffered a cardiac arrest/heart failure this morning and never recovered.

They believe his death is caused by the injuries sustained in the explosion.

In a voice note, Augustus Skelly said: “Good morning everybody, good morning. Just got some sad information, just got 30 minutes ago. The doctor from Martinique called me and told me that Jude passed at 4:15 this morning. They tried their very best. His heart stopped beating. And they tried their very best to resusicate him but nothing didn’t work, so he passed on this mornig at 4:15. I am very sorry to break the news to everybody on the chat. Oh let us pray but God is good, God is good.”

Jude was a married father of two children.

Over 30 people sustained injuries as a result of the explosion which is currently under investigation by the authorities.

The three other persons who died as a result of the explosion are Darren Gabriel and Kim Khodra who died at the scene, and supervisor Simon Straughn who succumbed at Victoria Hospital.

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    Open your eyes St Lucians. What is wrong with you ?

  2. Don’t worry about it, Judgment is on the way!
    I don’t want to be on the bobol list.

  3. hope and courage to the family RIP!

  4. well there is a the law. Time to get those lawyers. Then again Rayneau might hv already bought them incl the judge. The guy was on tv talking about Productivity. Smh. Somebody died at his site when Morgan Bay was being built. Another died on the Bois D Orange Bridge and now this. Guess what the gov’t did. They covered his bills in Martinique for the injured. he should be charged for that bill. Whiles the poor suffering with lost ones, his business thriving, another RAYNEAU vehicle on the road like every month. SMH. I hope the families get a good lawyer maybe b a foreigner and sue this guy for compensation.

    • May Jah let justice reign for the families..this is heart rendering..well said @ “wow”

    • The government has nothing to do with that. I clearly remember the present prime minister stopping a project which Reyneau was contracted to do in vieux fort. Everybody said it was because he, reyneau was a labor. In light of the tragedy government did as it was supposed to do and that is to assist everyone in need. The call for compensation cannot come from government it has to come from the victims families. But please don’t try to implicate government in any wrong doing reference to that explosion. If the owner of the quarry broke the law then I hope the police and the judicial system works

  5. May the almighty grant strength to the families

  6. My condolences, to his family, relatives and loved ones.

  7. Helen shafted all round all over again. Treasury pay for all the emergency procedures. Who foot the helicopter bills? Who paying the hospital in Martinique? Just like the 1 million St. Judes Hospital Investigation which will amount to zero,nil the treasury will pay for investigators to come to St. Lucia and typically the investigation will come to zero, nil.
    It will just say change one two laws bal fini violin en sac.

    • Trust me God is alive and this too shall pass!! Rayneau with his inexperienced so called management team no managerial skills exploitation of workers in there…the employwest are so scared to get unionized because of Rayneau’s poor treatment of them!! As a past employee this place Rayneau’s Construction is worse than “hell”!! And trust me people know!!

  8. Yh one love one gone again what Reno saying eh nothing hmmmmm ?????????

  9. concerned foreign citizen

    Rest in peace. Please no more innocent deaths.

  10. That’s st..lucia for you, did anything come out from the choisuel bus disaster , did anything come out from the truck than ran into the pedestrians outside the Gros islet fire station..and And the list goes on. People in high authority is supposed to be arrested..1- customs, 2- port authority, from the delivery clerk to the port police, 3- the shipping agent,4- the trucking company which transported such cargo from the docks to site. The list goes on. We cold on this thing. I heard in an interview where a family member said she is not seeking compensation. Fair enough, that’s family, she choose not to wha about the other people. My aunt house got damaged,badly who is compensate. Who will compensate the family’s for the loss of their love ones. Only in St.Lucia.

    • That’s the sad with with St Lucia, little to no accountability for most of the wrongs that happen here. Someone should be held accountable for it, but we all know that will never happen. Very sad.

  11. when will rayneau come and fix my house for me………..i dont have money and it saddens me to see my house like this knowing what caused it. A man lost his leg and was happy to be alive, but now he cannot work what rayneau telling him, what he telling us, how is his business still operational after breaking so many violations.

    • And you know what hurts ass and kill less me inside those men at the quarry..those men on sites work soooo harddd long hours long nights days for Rayneau Construction and for unfair salary!! And the workers in there are so fearful cause they can’t do any better some of them..some won’t wanna lose their job so they eat shit from Rayneau and stay there!! It’s too sad..but Jah not sleeping!! Karma is real!! Be blessed.

  12. Skelly was a very close friend of my dad and i it’s so sad that hes gone he always made us laugh and was always willing to help

  13. Still feels like it happened yesterday. When we lucians thought the worst was over. Sleep in peace Mr. Skelly. Kim, Simon and Darren will welcome u home. You all died innocently. Too sad.

  14. Why haven’t the owner been arrested. If he was in the bigger islands he would be beyond apologetic. He needs to be behind bars not walking around. And t see many of his workers are back at work at the same company bull shatell smh….

  15. Kenny's Delenore Roseveltian dog

    The explosives cleared customs and evaded the explosives act before June 6th 2016.

  16. I’m so sorry to hear this breaks my heart even more cz my son died in that same condolences to the family..I know Our God will comfort u all in this sad an painful time..RIP…may the angles welcome u dear

  17. evangelical church member

    My condolences goes out to the family.

  18. Wow. Rip

  19. So sad. My condolences to the family.
    We need new laws for the storage and use of ammonium nitrate.

    • No, we need an enforcement of the current laws. The owner was in violation of most of the current laws. This kind f material was by law supposed to be stored with the police and ordered through the police. Let’s call for a strict enforcement of the laws that are currently here. And what about all those who live within the blast’s radius, what about their health (look out for later effects for all of them), what about the sturdiness of their homes and other structures? Is the broken justice system going to protect the innocent? And will this just be another horrible incident that will be buried with the victims with a few cents paid to survivors?

  20. When will the authorities arrest someone for these senseless death/killings? Why should an owner/ occupier/proprietor/employer authorize that kind of activity on his premises, which led to so many deaths & serious injuries; then be allowed to walk away with just a slap on the wrist?

    • Thats the nature of the job. Would you remove knives from the kitchen because you can cut your finger? It was an accident, and trying to pass blame up a chain is disrespectful to the dead.

      • Insensitive and ill-informed, but I guess I have to respect your opinion. From the mouth of the employees, the conditions described were negligent at the very least. The housing of explosives on the site is also illegal according to the explosives act. This is more than an accident. It is a serious lapse in management that because of the loss of life and significant other effects on employees and residents in the surrounding areas, rises to the level of criminal negligence at the very least. There are laws and as St Lucians we need to quite sweeping things under rugs by saying let God deal with it, or accidents happen, or it happens elsewhere.

      • I would bet my life that you do not have a loved one involved in this hence your desire to dismiss this as a simple inconsequential accident. I do not have a family member or loved one involved either, but I would like to know that should this, God forbid, happen to one of my friends or loved ones there is precedence and rule of law, not just the usual Lucian mentality displayed in your comment, which again, I respect, but humbly disagree with.

        • Well said Lucianboi, I just don’t understand how someone can speak without thinking of others n the ramifications especially if it’s on the other feet. What will be their actions

      • People don’t generally go storing nitrates or dangerous explosivesin their kitchens. Explosives aren’t meant for everyday home use and are not required for daily living. Next time apply a more appropriate comparison….oh wait! You couldn’t find one because such an analogy doesn’t exist.
        Maybe you should power your home with a plutonium rod in a bathtub and if the neighbourhood complains you can tell them it’s no different from keeping AA batteries in a drawer at home.

      • You are the reason, why things in St.Lucia are not going to change. Aren’t you not going to make your kitchen safe if your children go into the kitchen? It is the same thing, we must keep and make our surroundings safe for the welfare of our citizens making sure they work and travel in a safe environment that is not going to injure or kill them.

    • Truth is his lawyer can get him absolved of the charges if the lapses can be proven to be the responsibility of the manager in charge of whatever……..If the company is registered as a LLC (most likely is) then he will not be personally liable for any damages.

      He will most likely not be held legally responsible.

  21. May the families find strength through this tough time. It’s not easy to lose a love one. May he R.I.P.

  22. I thought it was over my my my god please see this family thru

  23. What Happen To The Investigation, What Are The Findings ? Its Almost A Month Later.

  24. Rest in peace bro..may the angels welcome you into Zion.May the family, your wife, children, brothers and sisters and all find peace during this difficult time.We StLlucians grieve with you… 🙁

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