BREAKING NEWS: Promising young cricketer dies in Gros Islet accident

BREAKING NEWS: Promising young cricketer dies in Gros Islet accident

Promising young cricketer Nick Elibox died in a vehicular accident in La Retraite, Monchy, Gros Islet early this morning, Feb. 4, 2018.

Elibox, 19, of Bexon was driving when he lost control of his grey Suzuki Vitara which ran off the road and overturned.

The accident occurred around 2 a.m.

He sustained severe head injuries and was pronounced dead.

Four other persons in the vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Elibox, a Castries Comprehensive Secondary School alumnus, was on cricket scholarship at Woodhouse Grove (England) in 2015 and played for Windwards Under-17.

This is the fourth fatal accident for 2018. And Elibox is the second promising sportsman who has died in a vehicular accident for the year.

Bradley Cyril, 19, of Beausejour, Gros Islet, a national football representative and track and field athlete, and Brandon St Omer, 18, of Beausejour, Gros Islet died when the motor car they were travelling in, along the Vide Boutielle Highway, veered off the road and collided into a wall, on Saturday January 20, 2018, about 12:30 a.m.

Cyril was reportedly the driver.


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  1. I still cant come to terms with your death, I will miss u nick. I can remember us playing cricket gros islet. you gave me a six over the court house. you will forever be remembered by your friends, family and the national cricket team! we miss you man. all the times u call me small boi hope to see u again. [took me 30 mins to write this without crying]. omg your gone I am quiting cricket it isn't the same game without u bye my friend!!! 🙁


  2. Instead of saying something nice to comfort the family of nick elibox you're here talking about camels


  3. The legal age to obtain a driver's license should be 21 yrs. New license drivers should be on probation for a year in the first instance. If they fail the probation period. then they have to go back to driving school.


    • That's dumb what Developed countries or countries in general have 21 years as the mean the U.N mean is 16 years unless you want St Lucia to Detach from the U. N


  4. Soooo Sad!! Handsome talented young man gone too soon. Please people take caution and safety measures on how we drive, because it can happened to anyone of us or our children. Speeding and not wearing seat belts does not help on those narrow roads....lives matter! My condolences to the family... Rest in Peace!


  5. That boy was really really good at cricket!! I cant believe he is gone!! Jah give us strength to carry on ?????? RIP NICK...WE LOVE YOU!!!


  6. St.Lucia why you'll putting thumbs up when this young man lost his life isn't this story a death,he lost his life its a thumbs down not up......Whats the thumbs up fo,you'll people crazy....


  7. what awa nick is dead? why is it the good that has to go those scumbags that dealing drugs , raping people young children and stealing not going at all. smh young people please take care on the road especially after coming from parties or anywhere in general.


  8. before you hand your keys to your son ask yourself whether he is responsible and mature enough to handle a vehicle. you all know your children drive recklessly but you are still keen enough to hand them the keys because you all want to show off your status. some how you don't learn.
    grow a brain and let your sons work for a vehicle so that they will be more inclined to drive with precaution.

    no amount of praying will end these needless accidents.. what we need are parent who are willing to let their sons earn their rides.

    My two cents.


  9. Much condolences to the Elibox family ,may God grant strength n Grace at this time to friends n family


    • So sad we are loosing our young men in accidents
      Young men take heed, this is way too much for your parents to handle


  10. We grieve with Family and friends for the painful passing of " NICK ELIBOX " . What is distressing we lost two other promising sports person the other day in road fatalities. May God grant the Family the sincerity to cope in this time of trials.
    And BROTHERS AND SISTER , we have to start praying for these young people safety.
    LET GOD ARISE AND LET THE ENEMY BE SCATTERED, We know who is responsible for this , ( he is the enemy of all trying people ) Pray with me, Use prayer as the Key in the Morning and the Lock at night's . let the Blood of JESUS CHRIST protect our young people from harm and ill's.


    • Let's also teach them to act safely and encourage them, however we can, to exercise safety in every facet of their lives. Let us also in our own choices reflect what we teach them. These sad and useless losses are preventable. Let's couple our prayers with actionable efforts.


        • Does that mean that because it is possible that your camel may not drink when you choose to take it to the water that you should never take it to the water again? We have to stop misapplying cliches as if they were some sort of wisdom. Old hackneyed expressions are no excuse for not doing our part. DO what needs to be done regardless of the outcome. Do good always, do what is right always.


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