BREAKING NEWS: BVI prisoners arrive in St. Lucia

By SNO Staff

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The British plane that arrived with the prisoners.

Seven male prisoners from the British Virgin Islands (BVI) arrived in Saint Lucia this morning, government officials have confirmed.

The prisoners arrived in a British militay aircraft at the Hewanorra International Airport in Vieux Fort.

They were scheduled to be medically inspected and transported to the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) where they will remain for some time.

The development stems from St. Lucia’s offer to the British government to have prisoners from the BVI transferred here after the prison in that territory was severely damaged by category 5 storm, Hurricane Irma.

“The prison was badly damaged and so we were making space at Bordelais as well as making facilities available at the free zone to be able to help,” Prime Minister Allen Chastanet had told a news conference in St. Lucia earlier this month.

He had explained that there is a shortage of manpower in the hurricane-ravaged territories because people are helping with essential services.

“Saint Lucia stands ready to assist all of our brothers,” Chastanet, who is currently Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) declared.

Later, in a press release, Chastanet re-assured members of the St. Lucia public that local security officials as well as the British government will ensure prisoners brought to Saint Lucia will be safely transferred and not pose a risk to Saint Lucia’s population.

He told the House of Assembly on Tuesday, September 12 that the Ministry for Security, the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the management of Bordelais Correctional Facility have assessed the situation and communicated that Saint Lucia can safely house up to 50 prisoners.

In the press release, the Chastanet explained that in making the decision to accept the prisoners he considered what would have happened if in fact Saint Lucia was in similar dire need. He said in times of disaster Saint Lucia also received immense relief and support from the British and the French.

“Let me take the opportunity to assure all St Lucians that your security is not being put at risk. But I think this is the humane thing for us to have done at a time when our brothers and sisters and our friends and family need us the most. It is the most important time for us to stand up and be counted,” Chastanet stated in the release.


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  1. Anonymous on first time i read so much bs.....i agree with you.......hahaha.

  2. Bunch of ignorant ass holes that believe strategic corporation revolves around loud music and rum. Ungrateful lazy backwards scums. Today i learn that St Lucian are cowards always posting talking crap on the TV shows ,social media here's a dose of reality in times like these oecs countries must help each other .

  3. It's not a problem housing those prisoners over here privinding the British are providing the financial support to those inmates and devices place on their bodies if attempting anything Stupid so they can be taser

  4. In chastnet white ass. All the time bordelais full, over load but he can take in 50. Why don't you all free the ones you all have in there for petty things like getting weed on them and they can't pay the charge.. This is insane and dame of our human rights lawyer, the laywers itself and even some of the police officers who has no remorse over two joints or more or even a little bag of weed. Chastnet free the ones who are there for just petty things. Keep the criminals, the rapist and the thieves, even those who attempted to commit the crime.. Thank and house all the prisoners from the BVI..

  5. Don't understand why we are fussing, the children do not pose any threat to the already compromised state of security. The bad ass inmates are the ones who do ,so in order to return the country to a state of Peace and normalcy you need to remove the threat.

  6. 40 Homicides.....Allen clueless about how to safeguard the citizenry but chooses to make a less than sensible decision in a bid to gain cheap social capital within CARICOM. Allen they can spot you from a mile..


    Interestingly, pappy thinks the same!!!


  7. Understand the dire need, but it wasn't even weeks before they was saying our prison was over crowded; where did they get space (oh maybe release of some of our prisoners ). Why couldn't they be brought to England? ??

  8. How dare you go against the wishes of the people? Your true traits are beginning to show now. We are not in favor of housing prisoners and you went ahead and did anyway. Why this guy is so bent on taking in prisoners baffles my imagination.

  9. So Chas said he travels to open doors. Guess he forgot to close them....look what the cat dragged in.....rapist and murderers.

    Thanks for the opportunities. #MwenPe'

  10. i jus have to laugh at some of these comments. because SLP government did the same thing after Hurricane Ivan mash up Grenada, i know personally of people who were in prison in grenada and were sent to St Lucia for a period of time.

    so what good for the goose not good for the gander????

    too much hypocrisy in St Lucia.

  11. I'm sure they will be treated better than his own people in that facility.... too bad he couldn't show that love towards Dominica.

  12. Looshans were very happy that our prisoners were sent to Grenada after the fire at her Majesty's prison because bcf was not ready .
    With the comments here I think the prisoners should have been let loose among you.
    There is space at bordelais what is the issue? Talking about taking babies where will he put them and who will care for them? Unless yourll want the babies and sickly to be housed at bcf with our prisoners caring for them.

    • We all know that is his intention....glad you voiced. Raping of the country?

    • What space? He has made it clear over and over that we don't have space and all of sudden we have space. Smh why not bring in the children so that they can finish school. Am 100% sure that the British can take care of their own prisoners. Considering our state with crime he is putting people's lives at risk

  13. Let's go PM let's go..Lucians need to see the real white boy, led by a white dad, in action .

  14. The pm is a good hustler.. More money fr him.. More prisoners more mouths to other words the English will be paying to ensure these prisoners get feed n jailed

  15. I am really surprised at this!! I pray that these prisoners do not escape and escalate crime in this place. Can anyone say something about these prisoners background? How serious were the crimes that they committed?
    Again our prime minister sees it as a kind gesture, but I can only pray and hope nothing worse comes out of this.

    • When St.Lucia housed prisoners from Grenada, did the prisoners escape?

      • Did Grenada have a PSYCHO as a leadduh? Like a true **** he uses circular reasoning. So prisoners escaping from St. Lucia is a function of whether they escaped from Grenada.....I will excuse your childish reasoning.

        • You wrote this comment and have the audacity to tell someone their reasoning is childish?
          Can you provide statistics of prisoners who have escaped bordelais and justify your findings with how possible it is for the BVI inmates to escape?
          Next time pay attention to context before replying, at least give your over-stimulated, highly intellectualized half of a brain a chance to process and understand.

  16. I am really surprised at this!! I pray that these prisoners do not escape and escalate crime in this place. Can anyone say something about these prisoners background? How serious were the crimes that they committed?
    Again our prime minister sees it as a kind gesture, but I can only pray and hope nothing worse comes out of this.

  17. DPP Happy.Now he dropping the murders at Bordelais..What a Hott Mess

  18. First time reading so much bs

  19. i am not saying we cant help but why bring them here???? send them to Britain let Britain take care of them!!!!. yall coming here in yall fancy british plan and i hope is not our tax payers money that feeding them to

  20. He is an ass so many homeless kids and hard working ppl that needs help the ass is helping those who commented crimes instead what a jackass.

    • You should have included Kenny too. What about the Grenadian prisoners sent to St.Lucia.

      • Wow...don't have children for fear that they suffer from cognitive dissonance in much the same way you do.....reminds me of Pinky and the Brain except this one has no brain.. Ladies and Gentlemen May I present #PinkyAndTheFool

        • Did you just learn that term and wanted to show off, because what evidence is there in the person's response that they suffer from cognitive dissonance?
          Some of you'll parade here to try to score jokes, and only succeed in making fools of you'll selves.

  21. Chastanet needs to get over his need to be liked by the other Caribbean leaders and think of his country. You chose to house HIGH RISK prisoners over school, children, women and the elderly. Why not leave the UK to deal with them since they have the capacity to; or better yet, leave them to clean up the country smfh

    This man is real tool.

  22. Allen is an idiot and a liar he said it was only 3 prisoners now is seven .....Why didn't he look after the innocent children instead.

  23. Trumpism at its finest! My way or the highway.

  24. Since before election you all know he lieingnyou all still vote him all off you all that vote him lieing more than him

  25. Me pm you couldn’t help in any other way than to bring these criminals to st Lucia , what if one or more escape? What you going to tell us!!!!!

  26. The man IS a PSYCHO....plain and simple. Yeah, I bet he off island like a true coward. Letting someone else face the press.


  27. Not good enough. First it was just three prisoners. Now it is seven. Already there is the expression that Bordelais can take up to 50. So is that setting the stage for us soon to hear that 43 more will be taken in.
    Apparently we are being fed already decided on information incrementally.


  29. The money goes to OJO Labs, Fresh start, FDL, Sandals and the rapist and murders are what Lucians get #MakeStLuciaSafeAgain

    Now take the money you saved from VAT to buy new locks.....Lucian prisoners will surely learn new tricks.......Good Luck.


  30. Dominica is our sista isle you can yh there weeping on voice can see video all taking criminals awa gid eh say that.i

  31. How can you form a Government with this!?

  32. What is this with that yellow boy? You did again .

  33. Only a daft government would do this but then again....Criminals will always look out for criminals!

  34. So if you knew it was going to happen, why lie about it in the first place? This Allen Chastanet Government is the most pathetic ever.

  35. The Pm is a mix m-s!!!!!--!! So many people in Dominica need to be evacuated....Children....but no.....we will take prisoners instead. Why don't he put them at Coco Palm. Smfh

    • I agree with you

    • When the offer was made to house the prisoners Hurricane Maria was not even formed as yet, so are you saying it is diplomatic to withdraw your helping hand to the other country and say No we will help this other one instead. The St.Lucian government is helping both islands. Help comes in different forms and manner.

      • In my own opinion, I don't support the idea of housing those prisoners.... Reason is because, Are our officers trained to handle such prisoners ? And what if, just saying !!! Is there a backup plan put together just say there happened to be a misshape, what is in place to handle a situation like this ?


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