UPDATE: Stabbing victim said she’s tired of harassment from attacker

UPDATE: Stabbing victim said she’s tired of harassment from attacker
Dona Joseph.
Dona Joseph.

Dona Joseph, the pregnant woman who was stabbed in Castries around midday today, has said she’s tired of the constant harassment from the alleged attacker – her boyfriend’s baby-mother.

The 23-year-old Ciceron, Castries resident, who is seven months pregnant, was in tears as she explained what happened from her bed at Victoria Hospital.

Joseph told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an exclusive interview that her attacker was in the same store as her. As she was about to leave the woman started to utter derogatory remarks.

While Joseph tried to ignore her, the woman confronted her and an argument began. Soon after, the woman allegedly started threatening her that she will stab her.

Joseph further explained that she grew tired of being harassed by her boyfriend’s baby-mother, and in the heat of the moment, responded to her attacker.

It wasn’t long after that the woman pulled out a knife and started stabbing her, the pregnant woman alleged.

Joseph said luckily one of the blows missed her neck and she ended up on her jaw.

The pregnant woman said she is fed up with the situation and want to see her attacker placed behind bars. She told SNO that the woman would go at her home with a cutlass and other objects and threaten to kill her.

Joseph is recuperating well but may have to undergo an operation to her right hand where she received a deep wound.

Joseph’s mother Albertina James told SNO that made multiple reports have been made to the police – as recent as this morning – about harassment from the attacker.

James further alleged that the attacker was in court this morning for a matter involving another person.

Meanwhile, eyewitnesses confirmed that the incident stemmed from an earlier argument/altercation between the two women.

“From what I saw, another girl stabbed her… The one who did the stabbing run. The [victim’s] mother was screaming and fell on me. That scene was horrible,” an eyewitness said.

A few onlookers told SNO that the victim could have avoided the situation. Several persons allegedly advised her to ignore the woman but eyewitnesses said she was persistent.

“She went looking for the woman and the woman pulled out a knife stabbing her,” an eyewitness alleged.

“Apparently she was confronted by her attacker about some issue,” the eyewitness said. “She fell to the ground and was later rushed to Victoria Hospital.”

“But she think she pregnant she had a right to argue and go after the woman. Some people look for their death. That woman could have avoided that,” another eyewitness said.




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  1. Sad. i wonder if this man has a job and takinbg care of himself, kids and women. i bet not. what a waste. shame


    • Actually he doesnt work. The guy and the girl had just come from Family Court where she brought him in for maintainance. thats her 3rd for him. them women nfoollish then she fighting for him when he eh even really want her


  2. if i was in her shoes i would maybe do the same cause that stabbed victim and and four members of her family stabbed a guy last year and everything he drink was coming out of his mouth what goes around comes around


  3. Every story has two sides! Donna, her mom n her friends are a set of Roro ppl. They followed the girl from the courthouse threatening her. Donna attacked the girl with her umbrella but she keeping that part away! This pregnant girl n her friends has been a pest in the girl family life before she was pregnant. We should know that everybody has a limit. I feel sorry for both party but sometimes life is what we make it. All what she is saying there are lies. Thank you!!


  4. she should serve maximum time for her actions. It doesn't matter whether two women are involved with the same man.... they have no right to encounter the other. If you have a problem talk to the man where the solution is to end your relationship with him.