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BREAKING NEWS: Police officer stabbed during attempted robbery


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PRESS RELEASE – On Tuesday, November 10, 2015 about 3:45 p.m. Police Constable 856, Michael Henry of Pavee, Castries sustained a stab wound to the left shoulder by two unknown men.

The assailants attempted to grab his gold chain at the intersection of Coral and High-Street, Castries.

Henry was transported to the Victoria Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Two individuals are presently in custody assisting with investigations.

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  1. Before the Report Police did had to do what they had to stop the criminals now the criminals have the upper hand. This Report has caused more problems. We need to stop these criminals. So much crime and other persons from other islands Jamaica and so coming here to be security and committing more crime.

  2. Got my chain snatched from my neck from dem thugs by the gros islet bus stop liming by the blue hut where bread is sold n the shop owner saw who did it after I was buying bread from him, the change clothes when they rob you but God is Good my chain of 14yrs didn't have a job n still didn't sell it cuz of the sentimental value behind it.

  3. I've been reading these comments and comments from other crimes also and I must say, there is one recurring theme - God will solve this, pray pray pray etc.
    As a devout Christian I obviously support worshiping, etc.
    But, time to wake up folks. God or The Lord isn't going to sort out these problems. We need to take action in person. The police need to regain control and their work must be supported by the judicial system. Moreover, education and family values are lacking in society.
    Social services need to make sure that children are at school and if not, parents should be reported to police and brought before the courts. Its a legal requirement that children attend school.
    Let's get a move on with things that are in our control




  5. H5d really. U must be one of those big belly lazy cops using impacs as an excuse for being lazy.Chas go fix yourll lazy ads when he get into power

  6. Hmmm quick arrest eh. Where my tea?

  7. Officers you see what locals and visitors on this island are going through everyday. Our streets are polluted with those thugs everyday. They are roaming in gangs of 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s and even 7 everyday on our streets. People cannot wear their gold chains but they can wear theirs. Those young thugs have their mothers and girlfriends encouraging them to do that. Go by the pension corner by the cdc there are a bunch of them there robbing broad day light. Enough is enough we need to take back our county and stop letting those thugs destroy it. Thugs from Conway, Morne du Don, New Village, Ciceron and all others we had enough. I pray that God will deal with all of you. I plead the blood of Jesus on this island of St. Lucia and that the blood will wash away all these things.

  8. Kenny is a Joke for putting the police force in this compramising position, IMPACS, what a laugh. I giving the police my fool support to shoot to kill them little punks that making things harder for the hard working St Lucian. As much as I know there are lots of corrupt little shit heads in the force we should also let the police know we are backing them up and giving them our support. St Lucia has reached the point that it's becoming like or even worst than Jamaica. My gosh man, my fellow Lucian people we have to do something to get St Lucia back to where it was, and the first thing that needs to be done is to vote these clowns out of office cause it's obvious Kenny and company are not delivering in any way shape and form in the betterment and development of St Lucia. I mean at least put more resources and emphasis on the crime situation for crying out loud, but nothing. " WAKE UP MY PEOPLE" cause if you stand up for nothing you're the cause.

  9. Criminals get better protection than law abiding citizens.

  10. I commented some time ago that the criminals rule Coral St., High St, Chisel St etc.
    If they can do that to a policeman at 3:45 p.m. ( BIG AFTERNOON), imagine what they might want with you 11:00 p.m. at NIGHT.
    I'm sorry about the policeman getting hurt but maybe now the rest of the police force might pay more attention to our plight.
    Make the city safe again.
    Don't let the criminals beat you at your own job!! Have some pride in your work and your successes!!
    Think of your job and develop strategies to beat crime.

  11. Hanging don't change nothing.

  12. Officer you soft you didn't have yr gun or what

  13. Thanks Kenny

    See the impact of IMPACS. The Police force is emasculated

    • At times am wondering if some people just talk for talking sake...i mean someone like u..please think before u write ...if there was something wrong it should be taken care of to allow straight things to happen next time..kachilea avant woo parlez

  14. Them little tiefs! Sickening me!

  15. If hanging was still implemented there wouldn't be so many crimes happening

  16. nothing much to say....cause the law will charge ppl for beating a thief.So now the thieves feel they have the upper hand...tanto tanto


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