Police officer injured in hit-and-run accident

Police officer injured in hit-and-run accident
Officer Fraser
Officer Fraser

A police officer sustained minor injuries Tuesday afternoon after he was involved in a hit-and-run collision on the Bexon Highway.

Police Constable 779 Bryan Fraser was reportedly conducting traffic checks on the highway with other police officers when a car he tried to stop ran into him. The accident occurred sometime before 6 p.m.

Fraser’s motorcycle was extensively damaged.

The car was pursued by the other police officers. When it stopped, two persons were held by the lawmen but the driver was nowhere to be found.

Of note, Fraser’s mother, Samdai Fraser, was found murdered on July 20, 2015 in Cedar Heights, Vieux-Fort.


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  1. My beautiful and handsome brother so sad to hear that .awwwwww hope everything is OK?❤


  2. I remember you from school. you hardly ever spoke to anyone...so calm, quiet and always by yourself...almost a "geek" in a sense... I amsurprised to know that you became an officer but yet very happy for you. It's sad to see this happen to you. I am also shocked by most of the comments I have read about how you supposedly treated drivers on the road. Its just hard to think you will ever be that kind of officer. I know for a fact if it is true you may have been through something traumatic to have you react in this way. It's just how we humans are. You did not deserve it and no one does. I pray that God keeps you strong and guide you through any difficulty you face in life. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. God Bless You Fraser!


  3. I had a personal experience with this guy, trust me I think he is a little mental, no disrespect officers, he made me park my car asking where I get tht car, seriously, I have money I can buy what I want, he not ready yet, put him in the filing room


  4. not condoning such actions, but i have zero sympathy for officers like this guy , who continuously disrespect peaceful citizens and are unprofessional.Treated me like a criminal and i never had any run in with law.All i said was morning officer how may i help you when i was stopped and the reply was 'just shut up!'
    'Just give mate charges!' These cops respect the bad guys and disrespect the peaceful man trying to get by...Don't turn good people bad..Serve the people , help the people respect the people and we can work together.


  5. Fraser..Sorry to hear of ur misshap. Am in shock to learn that your mother was killed 3 months ago. No wonder u so aggressive on the road, showing no compassion to drivers, issuing bogus charges, left, right and center.

    When my mom died, I could not function properly for how long. Now ur mom was murdered and u back on the road already. No counselling, no psychological evaluation for u.

    Smh at the police hierarchy. Don't they know that u will be a ticking time bomb. No wonder last week on the 3 month anniversary of our moms passing, u were chasing cars all over Castries city, of all places, to issue charges, u may not even be able to prove in court. And u were so Arrogant. Only identifying urself after issuing charges and was told, they would be challenged in court.

    Anyway get well soon. Nobody deserves to be run down even though they may be to arrogant. Its time the force transfered u to a desk job or bereavement leave or anger management. So u can come back a stronger officer. All the best..


  6. This cannot be a coincedence...if thats the case then this fraser family has some bad luck. sigh

    Speedy recovery bro


  7. Like seriously. The man is doing his job making a honest living putting his life at risk and that's what he gets. What is wrong with us St Lucians. What if his fellow men had open fire on that car St Lucians would be singing a different song. Now when police officers go to the extreme to protect themselves or go hard on other person we wanna blame them. God is good and he don't sleep.


  8. Reality is kicking in with such actions that police officers are under attack. We need majority of the citizenry to help with whats at hand. Society please unite against this cause the long term effects will hurt all of us.


  9. Honestly, he is one who behaves rather ridiculuosly when he is on his bike,i've seen him the way he would speak to people,oh it isn't good,i am not saying that he deserved to be run down but people should deal with people like people and remember what next after the force.


  10. Not saying that who ever did this had the right to but this officer is a very MISERABLE man!! He is very inconsiderate he always causing a useless traffic I know he is doing his job but these police officers must understand that we are ALL Human and sometimes they come down with too much force with no mercy causing st. lucians to hate the police even more


  11. How can doing your job be harassment. Jack ass. Do what you'll suppose to do as drivers so the police won't have a cause to stop you. It was intentional and hence the reason it had to be treated as a crime scene.. this happens everywhere even in developed countries. Travel more and you'll understand. Anyway. Officer get well soon. Guidance


  12. i wonder if is something the driver has against the police,why would he do such a dangerous thing,look they said his mother was murdered now it looks like they want to kill this officer to then smh but they will find the culprit


  13. Possibly, the driver had something illegal on him...like a gun/drugs and couldn't afford to be caught.

    Officer, get well soon. Hope that moron is caught and pays the price. Someone will be coming to the station soon to get that vehicle.


  14. This officer deserves it very wicked man I've come across him already on many occasions he is just a thug in uniform has no respect no remorse abuses his power I'm not surprised he survived the hit and run wicked men don't die easily they suffer first officer Fraser remember that


  15. We are quick to speak about overseas being better but my dear friend have you ever been in traffic when there are Police checks? I have been there and I can say that it is far worse especially when you are looking at countries that have hundreds of thousands of motorist on the roads.
    It doesn't take much to cause traffic jams, just have two people have a big argument on the side of the Gros Islet - Castries highway at peak hours and you'll see what will happen... So it will definitely happen when the Police checks vehicles, people will instinctively drive slower ever if they don't stop them.


  16. Mr.office a word of advise. Ur safety first when you on a job. You will never stop crime. in fact you need crime so u can have a police job. If there was no crime we will not what police. Good luck


    • So does that mean you have to try and kill him the man is just doing his job that what police officers are suppose to do.


    • You comment is so sick towards the officer, You turn soon come, you are another wasted one on the block


    • What do you mean explain? From what I see the majority of drivers in St. Lucia have terrible habits and break many laws without regard