Police carry out searches at AIMU

Police carry out searches at AIMU
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.
AIMU Gros-Islet campus.

As part of ongoing investigations into the operation of offshore medical institutions here, the police conducted searches at the American International Medical University (AIMU) today.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has received reports that the police are investigating the legitimacy of the persons involved with the institution, which could possibly lead to arrests.

AIMU’s website says it is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Saint Lucia and its curriculum and academic programs are prepared and monitored by specialists of Medical Councils, including Medical School Accreditation Approval and Monitoring Committee, ECFMG, and the Medical Council of India.

The university boasts a 95 percent pass rate in medical licensing, a 100 percent pass rate in nursing and a six percent financial aid ratio for students.

The police have been on high alert ever since the Lambirds Academy scam.

Four Indian men are now facing human trafficking and money laundering charges.The men are accused of defrauding dozens of Asian students.


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  1. People say AIMU is sucking poor people money . AIMU recruiters are not forcing the students to join this school. Students come to AIMU with their own interest . In what way AIMU is sucking the money of poor people can you elloborate ? Infact AIMU school fees is much much less then compared to any other caribbean school .Its almost like a discounted fee and AIMU provides all the facility to the students with their own campus. If AIMU is sucking the money of poor students with such low cost fee then what about the other school with very high fee are they sucking too much than AIMU. Think before you speak ...


  2. If you check youtube, you can find several videos about AIMU, their accreditation and how their current and past students are doing.



  3. When I was in the states, I met a lot of students from AIMU in the hospitals, I doubt that American institutions would allow them to be in their hospitals working on patients if the school was illegitimate. People like to jump on places and point fingers without knowing all the facts.


  4. So would u say that America has anything to do with Lambirds? After all it was advertised as St. Lucia, North America. The actors know how to attract attention by presenting a false affiliation to America since thats what most of the clientele they hope to attract are interested in or aspire to. I mean every jack could figure this out. People please don't embarrass yourself on this forum. Schools in America don't even carry the name "America."


  5. Why isn't there a government assigned Institution to regulate such institutions? Why is it the police alone searching those institutions. Why aren't there government assigned auditors? If police must a conduct search of such an institution, wouldn't it be right to assume that they are already suspected of such actions?


  6. Good job. I have been burnt by these offshore schools too many times. It's about time they investigate all of them. Some give false promises and suck out all your money as you're innocently trying to achieve your career dream. Some come and go; open with a bang then close the same way and leave you hanging. In the end the when you complain to the government they state that there is nothing that they can do as these schools are private. Ridiculous! Well finally, I can say Bravo on investigating the legitimacy of these schools!


    • Why the "Indian" ones? There are other types of schools here too, just because 4 Indians were involved in one scheme you think all of them are? If they're going to do an investigation, why just those set up by one race? Why not all of them?


  7. If the St. Lucian government are so clueless about these matters and let all and sundry who flash a few dollars in their face in, God forbid the types of criminals that will be allowed in with their economic citizenship crap! Just now are little country will be over run with money launderers, human traffickers and drug baron. We are already in deep shit with the Ali Baba government we have now!


  8. The AIMU University is a disgrace to the Beausejour community. The Indian students are extremely UNCIVILIZED. Residence near the hostels have had to call the Gros Islet police on a regular basis in the wee hours of the mornings to caution the Indian students about barbarian behavior. Screams, shouts and drunken behavior is the norm at the hostels. Residence in the vicinity cannot enjoy a good night sleep since the arrival of the UNCIVILIZED Indians. Several complaints via emails, letters and visits to the university in an attempt to stop those Indians nuisance has been futile. As a matter of fact the director of the school once condoned the students behavior when a resident when to complain at the school saying "the students are boys how else do you want them to behave". I hope the police conduct a tougher investigation and leave no stones turned.


    • I have friends at AIM-U and I know the population is mixed Nigerians (Africans) and Indians, so why is it just the Indians you complain about? Why make it racial?


    • So its ok for the locals to behave barbaric and drunken but not others. What a pile of crap. Hope you call police for yourself when you behaving like an ass


      • Shut up I know you can't sleep at home at nights that's why you're in Beausjour all the time in the wee hours of the morning even though you don't live there but some of us look forward to a good night sleep at home.


        • Where's your proof that it is only the Indian students? I've lived in Beausejour, for a while I lived with a friend who lives across from the hostel where the students live and they didn't make noise EVERY night, it was maybe once or twice on a weekend and unless you are inside the hostel you cannot see the race or colour of the students involved. Yes, you have the right to a peaceful night's sleep but not the right to make ridiculous statements that show us how racist and biased you are.


          • Yea some people like to create a trouble. When we talk loudly its irritating , what about when others keep a loud music everyday and disturb our sleep. Why nobody points on that and I hope shouting is much better than that nasty loud music that takes all our sleep. Somebody is keeping quiet that does not mean you can tell whatever you want .


    • What a racist comment--- attributing such behaviours to "uncivilized" Indian students. Aren't you not worldly enough to know that such is the typical behaviour of college-aged kids in so-called "college towns" worldwide, whether the kids be black, white, brown or whatever. The "screams, shouts and drunken behaviour" are the norm for kids away from home for the first time at university, while fraternizing with each other and blowing off steam.

      Nonetheless, your complaints are not unique and I am not minimizing them, they are VALID complaints! You definitely deserve your peace and quiet. Where you went way off base is when you got into the racist realm. Ironically, white folks make the same complaints when black folks move into predominantly white neighbourhoods. Ever heard the phrase "there goes the neighbourhood" ?

      One would think that persons like us who belong to a racial group who have been the greatest victims of racism on this planet, would be a little more circumspect when it comes to making racist comments ourselves. Alas!


  9. They should have know something was awkward with this picture. Who would leave better equipped and recognized medical institutions for those quickly put together institutions? This was too good to be true.


  10. Thorough background checks within a reasonable period of time could possible prevent this.

    With the sophisticated nature of emerging crimes in the world, I think it's time our leaders make securing Helen's borders a top propriety ...........PROOF..........WE ARE NOT READY FOR ECONOMIC CITIZENSHIP!!!


  11. A lie dem ah tell my sister could not get her nursing license fter failing she just received a certificate from them.. At first Bank of Saint Lucia was not giving her a loan to go there but for the Morne, the manager saw her crying an he had the loans officer to approve it for her to attend 'aim-u'. My mother house is at stake now an thank God for my Grand pa lil pention money..


    • If your sister failed the nursing license examination, what do you expect the school to do? You do know nursing licensing is an external exam right? it comes from a body separate from the school, like how secondary school students have to do CXCs, it doesn't come from the school. So they gave her the school's certificate but it's up to her to pass the licensing exam.


    • I always knew that school wasnt good, aa smh
      These persone ought to be arrested, the school costs so much and yet they lie about their accreditation
      They even had Dr. Kenney Anthony the prime minister listed as a lecturer


      • How have they lied about their accreditation? If you check the websites of the accreditation bodies that they claim they have, they are listed on those websites, not just on their own.


    • We should stop worrying about what America thinks and start worrying about protecting ourselves from these sophisticated cyber criminals and money launderers and human trafikkers.

      And by the way, the police conducting a search isn't evidence of wrong doing until they find something.
      They may be doing their due diligence checks on a high risk industry such as offshore medical institutions.

      Let's hope they are more proactive in the future to prevent further cases of Lambirds.


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