VIDEO: PM Anthony announces election date

VIDEO: PM Anthony announces election date

Saint Lucians will be heading to the polls very soon as Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has announced a date for the next general election, several months ahead of the due date of the polls.

In an address to the nation on Thursday evening, Dr. Anthony outlined the reason for his decision and said the date for general election will be June 6, 2016. Nomination day will be May 27, 2016.

The Prime Minister said he has already made a request for the Governor General to dissolve Parliament. Once this is granted, it officially allows for the dissolution of Parliament.

Writs of Election for each constituency and the election timetable commences once Parliament is dissolved.


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  1. The carnival atmosphere that characterises elections in St Lucia is here again. The Prime Minister has called a snap election on June 6th. The election fever has started and will continue until the last vote in June. Politicians from every spectrum will be presenting themselves to us the electorate seeking our support. They will be visiting everyone who is registered to vote. From bedridden folks to people hardly seen in public. Everyone will be uprooted to express their franchise so the reign of power can continue. St Lucia is a democracy and one of the basic requirements of any functioning democracy is to allow the people the freedom to elect representatives to serve their interests. In this beautiful island of St Lucia, this is done every five years.

    Time has certainly flown. I remembered it was only yesterday that the people voted in this current regime after ousting the previous one. Time runs fast. In less than a month, the country will be turned upside down as politicians and their agents move from pillar to post seeking our votes. Every conceivable promise will be made to lure us commoners to the ballot box so we can put the "X" where it matters. Old people's homes will be raided, Hospitals will be visited frequently, even the poor cemetery will have it's walls invaded to ascertain who is gone and who is alive to vote. It's that quirky and freakish as every unconventional method will be put to the test for votes.

    I was in St Lucia for the 1979 election when Sir John Compton and his party was booted out of office. It was the year of St Lucia's independence from Britain and a year of much mayhem and discord with the civil servants strike among other unpleasant events unfolding in that fateful year. Sir John refused to remunerate the teachers which led to strikes. His words were"You could put a gun to my head I will not give you any more money". The St Lucia labour party under leader Sir Allan Louisy and his deputy leader George Odlum threw their weight behind the civil servants who came out in numbers to support Labour who went on to win the election. That euphoria did not last long as three years later labour was voted out of office after much bitter infighting among it's big beasts. George Odlum had previously challenged Allan Louisy for the leadership of the party and country but Sir Allan refused to cave into his demands and so he went on to form his own party. It was all about what the Oxford-educated George Odlum wanted and nothing else mattered. Louisy resigned only after a short while in office.Sir John was swept into power in a landslide victory.

    Things are a lot different these days compared to the era of 1979. Back then people voted along partisan lines. It was all about the party and not the individual. People wanted change. The UWP having been in power for many years and having achieved nothing but self-determination from Britain. There were mass unemployment and social unrest.Thousands of people fled the country for greener pastures like the US UK and Canada.

    The Labour administration was ready and willing to work for the betterment of the country. They had plans and had friends in high places willing to help them. But it was not to be as one man who harboured an ambition to be Prime Minister put those plans to flames. He destroyed the party with his peculiar and unpredictable behaviour. He was bombastic and supercilious. It was all about him and no one else. This man single-handedly destroyed the Labour party and they never recovered after this. Labour was in the wilderness for a very long time until the charismatic Dr Kenny Anthony came to it's rescue and as they say, the rest is history.Under Dr, Anthony Labour has become a political force to be reckoned with. They have become electable and popular with the masses.

    Dr Anthony is charismatic and has a magnetic personality. He oozes warmth with his striking good looks and charismatic personality. He has brought St Lucia in line with the 21st century. His regime has helped to cut down on unemployment, Cut down on interest rates, bring inflation under control, provide healthcare for every St Lucia. He has given the police special powers to help curtail crimes in this country. He built a modern prison to housed people convicted of crimes. The old jail was bursting at the seams and if you are going to rehabilitate prisoners you need something modern so they can do their time and to settle back into mainstream society. Prisoners have rights too. After paying their debt to society they need to be rehabilitated back into it.

    The Prime Minister is in total control of what is happening in his party and government. He has everyone towing the line unlike the Late Sir Allan Louisy, who allowed George Odlum to run rings around him and in the process showed him very little respect. Under his leadership Labour has gained considerable influence and admiration with the populace.
    The UWP is having a nervous breakdown under it's present leadership. This group of proud men and women have been given a raw deal by the captain of their ship. Since Sir John's passing there have not been anyone competent enough to take over the helm apart from Stephenson King. He is the only person who came close to emulating Sir John and who could provide strong and solid leadership for the Flambeau. Instead of supporting him they kicked him to the kerb along with Richard Frederick who strived to bring his party together amidst all the infighting that is going on. Richard possesses reservoirs of untapped potential and should have been allowed to remain in the party to help boost it's popularity among it's supporters and the masses alike.

    The current crop of candidates of the opposition is nothing but a bunch of seasonal workers with nothing to offer the country. These No-hoppers could not even run a bath never mind a country. I see men who have been weighed on the political scales and are found wanting. They lack pedigree and credibility. They have no substance and will be put to the sword by the Lucian electorate. These men lack scruples and will struggle to win votes.The leadership of the UWP has shown nothing but contempt for the electorate of this country and for this they deserve to be given a hammering. They have shown disdain and a lack of respect to the St Lucian electorate and for that, they deserve to be punished.

    The UWP candidates are nothing but a bunch of seasonal workers - They lack pedigree and credibility. They have no substance and are in this to see what they can do for themselves and not the country. How can these men stand up to men like Harold Dalson, Phillip Pierre, Alva Baptiste? Tell me. The latter has made names for themselves. They are liked by the people whom they represent. They have been voted in many times by their constituents. They are men of valour probity and substance. Dr Anthony and his men have done well and will no doubt continue to serve the interests of St Lucia once more if given the mandate.

    St Lucia has a fine leader and will continue to flourish under his leadership. Dr Anthony has been tried and tested and is willing to serve his people once more. I see nothing from the opposition or the LPM that inspires me. St Lucian needs a strong government and a strong opposition if democracy is going to work.We need politicians who will continue to serve the interests of the masses.

    The electorate should use their votes wisely and not throw nor waste it on budding politicians of no substance.

    Viva St Lucia The land Of My Beautiful Mother.
    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Jacmel - Haiti


    • Brilliant essay Malcolm. I have always enjoyed reading your writings in this forum. I look forward to reading your analysis. I noticed you don't write as much as before. Keep up with what you are doing. You are keeping us informed with developments. I applaud you my Haitian Brother.
      Nuff lurve and respect!!!! Keep it up!


      • Such an idiot this deefay deefay...I wish i can put a face to the name. This idiot, oh my GODD !! be continued.


  2. All you have to do is pray for St.Lucia. I go say my rosary all day long on that day. No devil will work on me that day . Pray Lucian's. Even when these SLP losers will drink the blood of the innocent there will be no chance for them.


  3. I'm I to think that some of you so called st Lucian will be in st.Lucia for the first time for a general election. For those who have not been around let me just inform you that from six to six everywhere is generally very tranquil so I don't understand how persons can say elections will disrupt CXC.people please let's make intelligent contributions when we speak. And with regards to the date oh my we attribute everything to vodoo now.


    • prior to elections communities will be BUZZZZIN with campaigning.... isnt that time students have to prepare for CXC?


  4. Its laughable that people still believe that elections will change anything in this country. Same old cycle every five years wash, rinse repeat


  5. Ull FLABOIANS dont no wat ull want..for weekss ull calling for the date..your wish was granted n is complain alone ull complaing..uhh oooo 666, cxc, too early, kenny break the law, papisshow....yes its unfortunate tht cxc candidates will b caught in the mix...but im betting my last dollar tht all ull flaboe goats will be one the votiing lines at 6 am...n will be jumping jouvet the day b4.....soo tell me Y COMPLAINNNNNNNN!!!!!!!


  6. Everything is NOT JUS OBEAH FOR US. THIS DATE 6.6.2016 IS DOCUMENTED... TAKE TIME OUT AND GOOGLE IT. It is the day of the ANTI CHRIST. Persons who practice witchcraft know what this date means to them. YALL MUST REMEMber where there is good there is evil. It has to balance out. This one is not far fetched. Im tired of this blood party and calling their elections 17 days before the date. Thats for the 17 lives lost in 2011 with that freak accident??

    Open yall eyes people. They spittin in yall eyes and calling it rain

    That date is an inconsiderate date as well. Its a CXC DATE and students will be needing a peaceful environment to write their exams. Even tho the number of students scheduled to write exams on those dates may not be excessive but they need to same respect non the less as those doing Biology and Chemistry. Kenny will see how he jus shot himself in the foot.


    • The freakiest might be you who actually dabble in it and hope that we look the other way. But we see you and know you.


  7. SNO Permit me to post this...

    This rhetoric about Voodoo/obeah makes us look stupid, backward and ignorant.
    And it is all being generated by the inferior mindset of the UWP representatives, Party and supporters.

    Sad to see how the Inferior UWP is holding on-to dear life on the mouth-jamming of Voodoo.Obeah.
    Sick bunch of Bastards!

    I guess after a good Thrashing at the Polls in 2-weeks time, will further "cast-In-Stone" your failed anti-social Beliefs.
    But the fact is You are JUST INFERIOR in every-way compared to us (The SLP.)




    • You are a sad excuse of a man- true dat. The very thing you criticise people about posting on obeah and all kind of tricks, you as part and parcel of the SLP are busy paying homage to it. St Lucians are not fools. If there was any doubt about the intentions and doings of the SLP this election lays out the truth bold faced and bare for all to see. And only deceiving people like u who think you brighter than the average Lucians, cannot see past your arrogance. Go on practicing the dark arts. It is and is continuing to be the SLP's unravelling. If we had any doubts about the PM and some around him, now we have no more doubts. The beasts have shown their faces. There is no more hiding. So Sad. So True.




  8. Are St. Lucians going to be tricked into another round of BETTER DAYS? I don't think so, the collective memory can't be that short. If I could encourage voters to become awakened and to vote with a mind that sees where we are now and where we are going or could go.


  9. This message needs to go out: The date should not scare any right thinking St. Lucians, believe that they have effectively handed UWP a victory. Please go out and VOTE OUT every single SLP party member. Let that be the mandate we fighting with. And it will be done.


  10. Good choice Kenny. You know we tired of your harsh policies. God is delivering us from you.


  11. I see the conspiracy theorist are out in full force re the election date. Funny thing is these were the people who were saying "call elections NOW". Now you get your wish why you whining and bitching? Just go cast your vote on the day and let the chips fall where they may.

    Am personally NOT impressed with either party, so its like choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea, a lose-lose situation. Why we cant come up with a one St.lucian policy, by engaging the best minds in national consultation is beyond me. That way whichever party wins, they will have to follow that policy.

    We have ZERO natural resources, we are a dot on the world map, for crying out loud sports franchises around the world have bigger budgets than our national. We simply cannot afford to use Helen as a political football anymore.

    The cynic in me would like to see an 8-8, with Janine winning as an independent. Both have been tried and tested and its six of one and half a dozen of the other. The rhetoric is the same every five years; jobs for the youth, reduce taxes, put money in your pocket blah blah blah. U.W.P. you haven't convinced me by your "plans" and "policies" why I shouldn't vote for the incumbent. Your "team" looks like a West Indies test squad, with Allan, Gayle and Dominic being "world class", the others are just bits and pieces really,no upside and skillset to take this country to the next level .


  12. SLP = frying pan, UWP = fire....tell me folks, which one is hotter? Vote for change, vote LPM and stop recycling these two losers, they've done enough damage over the past 50 yrs.


  13. Everything for you Lucians is Obeah. Its 6/6/2016. No wonder you all backwards. You all wanted a date you all got a date. Its nobody's fault that UWP spent the better part of it fighting amoungst themself now they're not ready. Divided workers party. Ti Croix uh chou Flambeau!!!!!


  14. Over the last few months there has been a wave of change in Caribbean politics and general elections. The Douglas administration in St Kitts and Nevis lost, PNP in Jamaica lost, Labour party in St Vincent won by one seat. What will St Lucia's fate be? A wave of change is coming.

    It is up to the people of St Lucia whether Labour stays or goes. Politicians must be made to understand by the electorate that power rest in the people and not a select few. Elections based on promises, as opposed to performance and results is like telling someone there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


  15. Good day to all st.lucians his is very critical times for us All persons who not voting dont stay home come out in protest clearly the pm have no respect for no st.lucian he is a dictator there are exams on that day we must come together and take our country from those communist please brother and sister fight for the future of the country


    • As far as I remember election day is a very quiet day that wont disturb CXC. And you all keep on saying he has no respect for CXC students. Do CXC students vote? And if they do the numbers are very few. You guys asked for a date you got a date. And I don't think the PM is scared its just a great strategy. Flambeau not ready!!!




  16. all we party hack are interested in is seeing our party make it to win the general elections. i think its time we think of our country first. i believe changing a government every term is a bit selfish, no government can accomplish much within five years. i may not support the current government in certain things, but the opposition speak for itself, (they are not ready to Lead).


  17. Now I want all my critics to prove me wrong on the following assertions that I made previously.

    A DPP will never be appointed before elections. (not by Kenny).

    The new Hospital will never be opened before elections. (the naming was just a charade to piss in the Europeans eyes).

    St. Jude would never be restored before elections. (gave the former administration maypwee for not completing it).

    The Castries to Gros Islet Highway will never start before elections. (Big billboards saying that it will).

    The Renovations at Hewannora will never start. (though we spent a lot of money just to revise plans just to give Reneau the contract).

    The North-South Highway will never commence.

    Juffali will never be removed as Ambassador.

    Neither will there ever be any Diabetic Research centre. (a man coming down to front like he will be in charge will haunt all diabetics for the rest of their lives).

    The forensic Laboratory will remain closed. (and will not even open although La Corbiniere say it will be open to test weed and cocaine, do you think it will?).

    Ok these are just some of the predictions I had made, prove me wrong. I have already betted my salary, which I am glad will be doubling at the end of the month.

    Oh yeah, IMPACS and the police. (Forget that too, was all a ploy to trick you).


  18. Slp to the bone while uwp were fighting among them selves they fail to put their house in order how will they put the country in order


  19. All my life I've voted UWP. I've done canvassing, worked with the youth group and assisted wherever needed. My entire family is die hard flambeau. However, I had to really think this election cause I have 2 burning questions:
    1) how can we have a leader who lost so significantly at the last election? In my eyes a leader is successful and he shares his knowledge with his team. What can Allen share except how to lose a seat.

    2) how did Allen end up contesting the Micoud seat? From soufriere to Micoud. Did he really pay off Arsene just to contest a safe seat. So are those qualities of a leader or a coward to run to where he feels safe. I feel all he cares about is satisfying his ego to become prime minister hence the reason for Micoud.

    I have no confidence in Allen running this country if he wins. I see a disaster waiting to happen even within his cabinet he will start kicking out his colleagues who disagree with him. I'm not a Kenny fan either but I feel that at least he already has the experience. So I'm stuck with not voting at all until there is representation that I believe in.


    • Please vote UWP. Chastanet will not win his seat and as such he will not be the Prime Minister. Sarah or Gale will be our next Prime Minister 🙂 🙂


  20. How can anyone say we have progressed under this administration when they had approximately 300 million in vat per annum, yet still borrowed 100's of millions and invested poorly, with nothing to show for it.


  21. The average Kenny supporter are brainless idiots,this guy uses demonical strategies to overcome his preys...last election those same demonic numbers were clearly observed in his quest for power.....this devilish mofo went to the extent of sacrificing the lives of 17 family members to ensure his reign of evilous powers....if I recall clearly the honerable richard Fredrick came on national TV and tried to explain the hoobah kabah Kenny used...I do not remember the exact reason for figures but what I remember is there were three 17s and three 11s associated with his quest for evil it doesn't take a rocket scientist to subtract three11s from three 17s then u have Kenny,s
    code:666...again he came with those belzibob jackasshole Kenny supporters if that mischievous man was doing such good for the country,why do he have to hypnotize you guys under demon spells to secure your,ll worthless votes.ELECTION TIME ALL RIGHTEOUS THAT WANTS TO SEE UWP WIN HIT THE LIKE BUTTON.....ALL THE EVILOUS MINDS THAT WANT TO SEE SLP WIN HIT THE DISLIKE......I hate that heartless man,he has a nation in term oil for his peronal Satan him out .


  22. Brilliant date which could have only been chosen by this prime minister. I'm ready to vote SLP back in power simply because I've not seen any better set of individuals to run this country


  23. Allan must have some kinda money hide Somewhere to say no vat, health care reduce n all these things he say. Oh maybe he has some investors and investments to bring in. How he plans to run the country vwith no vat?


  24. WOW Just wow, why change the date. Regardless of the demonic symbolism that the date has. This is before the hurricane season, before we see a possible trump election and another global recession later in the year. Play us for fools.


  25. Well people, It's Official - That day has been marked and eventually will come, unless Jesus comes down ahead ! Your unfulfilled promises of:
    1. Better Days.
    2. $100 Million, immediate injection into our economy
    3. Jobs Jobs Jobs
    4. Juffali Deceit!
    5. Grynberg Silence
    6. Blaming the UWP for every negative phenomenon
    7. Disrespecting St. Lucians by not accounting for VAT income and other government deductions!
    8. Inflating contract prices in order to avoid the occurrences of cost overruns!

    Kenny, We Go Buss Yah #@&!!, with Tikwah! You dhead!


  26. Lucian wakeup, the banks don't give loans anymore because of what a fail economy.
    That means there will be progress for us and our kids.


  27. Stragitical move by a brilliant brain. A chess man a thinking individual .always twenty steps ahead.Richard n janin will split uwp votes.the new comers don't stand a chance. Jada has the beat youth engine in this county well oiled n grease down n gas up full tank.less than a month to get ready uwp. I DON'T THINK SO. POWER MOVE POWER PLAY.rick n bois can't do enough damage in that time frame but they will try n so they true colors will show.wish we could have replace this man Kenny but not with daddy's little puppet boy.


  28. MARK OF THE BEAST - 666

    KENNY's date for elections!
    When he finally tries to bring St Lucia to the devil and witches!


  29. Kenny catch lagigit when he hear Sarah running Central and could see the momentum building in the UWP camp.
    But even this dishonest date will not save his blubbery skin.
    Lucians were just looking for an alternative to his scamps and bunch of moochers.


  30. I don't understand, if St.Lucian don't get that, shame on them. After the past 4 years have been our worst ever. And this has happened under the SLP administration, and to tell me people still wants to vote these guy in power. Shame on us as a people. Lets not be blind folded we need a change. One thing to make you realize Slp have never spent five years in power always call elections before five years. Thats just to show you, that is not a party that is ready to govern.


  31. Kenny pull a fast one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very cunning move. Will it work? Let's wait and see. Fellow St. Lucians, I urge you, please vote wisely!


  32. For all those who have been saying lately that they will not be going out to vote it's your people. Show minister, teach the prime minister the lesson of a lifetime.

    The response is to vote him out for his total disrespect for the people of the country.


    • give unto ceasar what is ceasars' and to God what is Gods'.

      it doesn.t matter which political party wiins, same thing happening to the majority.... nothing!.
      the status of people at the bottom never changes. conditions remains the same, life is always the same.
      People should spend more time on God and his ways rather than on politicians. let the ceasarians do their thing, the system is designed for the unjust, not for those of God.


  33. June 6th!

    The prime minister's speech was interesting. He gave news of positive, albeit small, growth. He mentioned that the the deficit shrunk and that debt was on the decline. Very prudent fiscal management.

    This was in stark contrast to his jibe at Allen. The man who notoriously suggested that we reduce license fees and get rid of VAT while ramping up spending.

    I confess, I was curious concerning Allen and was very seriously considering taking a chance on him seeing how disenchanted I was with kenny. Kenny while exercising fiscal prudence fell short in other areas.

    After Allens statements concerning VAT I am seriously leery of this man. This may very well be Allen's biggest 'booboo' and the SLP sure capitalized on it. The election dynamic is shifted very suddenly.

    Pity the LPM never seeks to rise above cheerleader status we can sure use a breath of fresh air.


    • You kenny just spit in your eye and called it rain my question to you wasn't the country and all its people better off before the introduction of vat .


      • How in the world, do you suppose the country will run without tax? Are you a complete idiot? There is no way that Chastenant will be able to deliver on this promise. Give him the country and see if he does a better job.


    • Sa Feb... This year we cutting the HEAD of the beast. We not voting for but for against...KENNY ANTHONY! Be gone!


    uwp or slp?
    i sadly will vote for slp
    thats just me mainly cuz slp have better management skills when it comes to running a country
    ( and dont tell me uwp will do that job because all ive seen so far is a disorganized mess with
    infighting galore which is VERY BAD! for our country )

    but what i really want is the new party the green party to take a turn to run this country
    may not be this election but soon i really want a change not the lesser of two evils


  35. That man is so disgusting. absolutely no respect for the people of this country! Announcing an election date a mere weeks prior. Absolutely no respect for the electorate and a very tactical and underhanded move by the prime minister. I will also not pretend to not know that particular date in question is very important to those who practice WICCA.....we all know whose wife is an open practitioner of such dark arts.


    • I thought that's what UWP wanted. Call the election !!! they chanted. Now they complaining


  36. Good luck Doc.Lucians be aware and don,t be blinded by political Bs. Please vote responsibly. St. Lucia needs new guidance and leadership.


  37. Revelation 13:18

    "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."?666?


  38. This day has demonic significance. It has a waxing cresent moon, 6% on 6 6 16, the day of the anti Christ. Your crown spell for power will fail miserably. This is the time of the Messiah.


  39. Kenny Anthony you just don't know what you did. This election will never work in your interest. This was not an address to the nation this was delebrate and this will be your down fall.

    Saint Lucian will teach you a lesson never to forget.


  40. 6 6 6 what an interesting date.........................................................


  41. It was time.

    Lucians don't forget the past 4 years of low growth, hijgh unemployement and more over Kenny while in opposition saying that he would wriye to investors telling them not to come and do business in our country.

    Now that we know the date for the elections, we must never forget this wicked statement when we go out to vote.


  42. I am happy he did. But he has no regard for the students writing exams. Very insentive guy. If an act of fear.


    • If the students have been doing their work for the past five years, studying, doing their SBA's, practicing past papers, eating well, resting, exercising..........then NO ELECTION can prevent them from performing well.

      Years ago Carnival was in May and so was CXC, imagine children had to walk through J'ouvert to get to exams and through afternoon jump-up to get home, so .......sharpen those pencils, get those pens ready .......


    • Which students writing exams? Last I checked school students don't vote. Secondly, if you're attending tertiary institutions, organize your voting time around your exams! The whole day is for voting so stfu and just go out and vote. If it involved money you would have made time. Sick and tired of Lucians always making excuses for nothing. People will always make time for the things they want to.


  43. Kenny that date for general elections is the mark of the beast:06.06.2016........….666 why Kenny why??????


  44. That's just in a few weeks time. Usually before elections all the major roads are paved. They won't have time to do this. I seeing flags but no roads to go with it.
    This is sad and de track to my house. I guess it will stay like that.
    Will a hospital open by elections? At least open 1 please. After all we have been paying for this for the past 5 yrs.
    Please slp tell us wot we getting for elections besides a t shirts with paper.


  45. Haaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaaahahahaaaaaaaa
    I "Pass" out laughing my a++ out when Our Supreme Leader, Dr. Kenny D Anthony annouced the date of the General Elections-2016. Rotflmao.

    Just can't stop laughing at the Inferior Party-UWP. Lol

    I really FEEL sorry for the INFERIOR PARTY-UWP. NOT!


  46. Tonight I saw a prime minister who said the he has worked in the interest of St.lucians begging for another 5 years that says something PM you know you in trouble that's why you called it so soon but guess what all it takes is an X by UWP who feels it knows it no money in people's pockets two unfinished hospitals job for some and not all st.lucians it's time for a change vote UWP. KDA the people are ready . Remember the last 5 years under UWP No vat but growth the spending power was there. Yes Vat was brought up but by UWP but it was not implemented by them ( 52 businesses Closed in VF small contractors out of work sugar beach dropped 62 employees is that progress?


  47. Kenny know if he allow uwp to settle we will lose election, however ppl can read thru them.


    • Are you saying uwp hasn't settled? At this point? And they busy asking for elections to be called


  48. Hmm smh so why those this have to be on that particular date ? Kenny it seems u evoking the evil spirits again to win elections so you put it on the six day of the six month 2016. 6/6/2016 or in shorter form 666 every thing have a six in it


  49. Someone is trying to call elections as early as possible while the opposition is scrambling to reorganize...
    Will it work?
    Reply and let me know what you think.


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