BREAKING NEWS: One person confirmed dead after shooting


A bloody shoe indicates where a female was shot and injured this evening.

Police have confirmed that one woman is now dead  and several others injured following a shooting at Auberge, Seraphine Yard this evening, Monday, April 1, 2013.

Police said the female succumbed to her injuries shortly after being shot and the other individuals are currently being treated at hospital.

The deceased’s identity has not been confirmed as yet.

St. Lucia News Online understands that about five people – three males and two females – were shot and injured in the shooting which occurred shortly after scores of people came from a boat ride in Castries.

Our news team broke the story minutes after the shooting. Reports are that the shooting appeared to be a drive-by as scores of people ran for cover when the shots rang out.

We will keep you posted.

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  1. whats next

  2. hmmm Sweet St.lucia indeed.

  3. R I p girl

  4. boy life so dread. whats happening to our beautiful island, what has it turned to???????

  5. wats poppin

  6. April fools boi... Allu kno dat long stretch a holiday is death dat runnin but allu nah takin hid


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