BREAKING NEWS: One dead, two wounded in early morning shooting at Pigeon Point

BREAKING NEWS: One dead, two wounded in early morning shooting at Pigeon Point
Matado Winter
Matado Winter
Matado Winter

One man was killed and two other people were injured early Sunday morning after an eruption of gunfire at Pigeon Point.

The incident occurred around 12:30.a.m. October 9, 2016.

The dead man has been identified as Matado Winter, 22, of Balata, who sustained a single gunshot wound to the chest and is believed to have died on the spot.

Winters was in the company of two other men who were all in a blue Nissan vehicle, when gunmen opened fire at the vehicle, hitting each one of them.

Eyewitnesses said the gunshots caused widespread panic, as the area was filled with people.

The shooters (numbers unknown) reportedly escaped in a boat.

Investigations are ongoing.


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  1. Well it's not so paradise again it seems? Likkle st.lucia leave that behaviour to them folks on America. Gangtas you what to be?


  2. I hope this is not a spate of senseless shootings? Initiation or orientation in some gang? This makes no sense. Absolutely none. Well dressed young men on a vehicle. A boat on the water. Shots fired and perpetrators escaped on the boat. I pray that this is not some random shooting. It makes no sense.


  3. I'm in shock!!!!!!
    Excaped on a boat.
    This is madness,this is happening in st.lucia ????

    This must have been a peid assasination or some sort of business gone wrong.

    Take to the drawing board RSLPF
    Leave no stones unturned .


  4. So how you alleging drug deal? Lets not be so quick to judge in the absence of any investigation. That's why we should resist the temptation to associate with things like drugs. Leave that for when we are dealing with poorer and individuals with less status.


  5. Sad. But I'm not surprised. Listen to your parents and teachers, for they have good and invaluable advice.


  6. @Calvin. Haïti of The Windies. Not yet, but quite soon. Enormous debt and very high prices for food in the supermarkets. Also banks have trouble in collecting loans. My wife and I sold everything in 2014 and left the island. Piles of homes for sale by expats who want to leave.


  7. I hope for those of you who shot the video and for those of you who participated in turning and treating him like an animal on the ground, that it never happens to you. Nobody called the ambulance first. It was shoot the video and take pictures then call the ambulance. I hope you all realise that he has family and that he was human by now. Every single one of you need to be arrested for tampering with evidence and for causing his death. You all heard me, yes I said causing his death secondary to gunshot wounds. St lucia has become a cruel, wicked and heartless society. It is all about us and getting that info out there quick. You all contributed to his death. Wait till it is you all turn then you know what it is like. There needs to be proper legislation, I hope all of you get arrested and charged. Then this will never happen again. Sleep well.


    • That's sad but it's a world wide thing now. People no longer run to help. Is run to take cell phone and record it. smh


  8. I'm sure the guests of Sandals next door really appreciated the excitement. Who doesnt enjoy a good shooting while on vacation.


  9. Is was just last week another past student of SALCC kost his life by drowning... Is this coinscidence???? Anyways dead men tell no tales. R.I.P to the young man


  10. My take on this i received this video of a dying young man who had gotten shot...and there they were the PIGS the DEMONS taking his watch off shifting his body like they were doctors or paramedics...he probably died due to the shifting by unknown persons!! What the hell!! Lucians yall are crazyyyyy!! Sick set of ppl to have acted so inhumane...can you imagine how the family of this young man felt knowing of this and or even having watched this video!!! smdh!! When are we gonna stop this non carish attitude people. People died in Haiti people are sick lost loved ones...and there we are ridiculing someon who's been shot..who's dying!! I am so disgusted...hatred!! Those persons who acted in this manner don't you have a conscious!! don't you have families...smh....May God have mercy on your souls!!


  11. you young fellas really stupid. losing your life for a few dollars and one or two gold chains. soon women in st lucia will have to fly out to find a decent young man because at the rate we going most of u fools will be dead with no added value to the nation except crime and more crime.


  12. Our island's race to the bottom continues with the lack og firm government action on the pathetic state of our justice system. Our OECS colleagues and the international community, reinforced by occurrences such as this and the shooting that just occurred this morning on Chaussee Road, as no longer "Helen of the Caribbean" and instead "Haiti of the Windies".

    It's interesting watching this story going viral across travel community web sites as the guests at Sanaals, woken by gunshots and apparently told to take shelter inside, are, as we speak, busy sending out posts and photos and video in colour-corrected hi-def on social media from Boston to Budapest.

    And we wonder why tourists no longer spend money coming here and the legitimate business investment community goes elsewhere.

    Take heart, however, the govrnment is on the ball and is working hard to ensure that we pour money into the Trini mis-managed Caribbean Airlines so that we can have "a national carrier".

    All Hail...

    The rich get richer while the rest of island goes to hell.

    Very unfortunate, and a comment on government greed.



    • The rich get richer while the rest of island goes to hell.
      did you wonder why? Because they work and do not keep them occupied with petty stuff, they work on long term goals and not short term stuff, like the bad elements in our community does. They work for their stuff. That should be a lesson for us and not a reason to resort to petty crime.


  13. I wonder if is a drug deal gone wrong.

    There was a set of guys who came to rob the chef of the local restaurant up the morne in which he had time injur one


      • Are you sure it has nothing to do with drugs? To escape on a boat means this thing was well planned and there is a reason behind it. unless the young guy happened to be in the wrong place with the wrong crowd.

        Whatever the reason, I hope those who did this will be brought to justice.


    • I would like to believe it is something of the sort since a boat used as getaway... could even be non nationals doing the shooting.


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