BREAKING NEWS: One dead, three seriously injured in boating incident in St. Lucia waters

BREAKING NEWS: One dead, three seriously injured in boating incident in St. Lucia waters

A St. Lucian man is dead and three others injured following a boating incident in St. Lucian waters around midnight Friday, according to police.

Reports are that a canoe collided with a Marine police vessel as the lawmen tried to intercept the canoe which had four persons on board – two Venezuelans and two Saint Lucians.

One of the men, believed to be a St. Lucian who was the captain of the canoe, was pronounced dead at St. Jude Hospital.

The other men sustained serious injuries but are in stable condition.

Police sources say the marine unit thought the crew on the canoe were acting suspiciously prior to the incident.



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  1. According to his girlfriend he was going fishing to feed his 3 2 am with Venezuelans on board? Please lady...your boyfried should have obeyed the order to stop and not try to outrun the coast guard. Secondly, if he was not into anything suspicious, why run? Yes, he was a good boy, my girl....thats why he buss you up so much


  2. A canoe colliding with the police? That's impossible. The police rammed the canoe maybe in order to stop it.


    • Exactly a dam canoe. And what did they find ??? All now they can't say and someone lost their life just so case close


  3. The Coast Guard can ram a boat and kill a man.Nothing is found on the boat and some ppl will rejoice on this as if it's something good and upbuilding and these same men will go home to their families and eat drink and sleep. Cherishing their families while they destroy others. Remember the world is a cycle.
    Today u shall have your victory Mr Policeman but tomorrow is not yours. Always remember that. You don't take someone's life and think there are no consequences. All those who say job well done won't carry your heavy conscience with you


    • R you for real fishing in a small boat at that time in the night... emmm with the Venezuelans .. no wonder the place is in the state its in ...well they need folks like you to believe that they were fishing of course it would be interesting to see what else was found on board.


  4. Two Venezuelans in a canoe at midnight off the coast of St. Lucia. Can they be bringing in red roses? I think not.


  5. Ummm. Accidents can happen. But there must be a proper investigation. Then again does that happen here? Public still awaiting news on Cul de sac explosion. Or is it already a drawn mach?


  6. What is wrong with daytime canoeing, and with would-be tourists!??? That is suspicious enough. And you know is the "Law-boat" behind you, where are you trying to run to? I'd say it is both suspicious & dodgy. Sod it! Do your canoeing in the daytime with your "tourists" so that we could get some sleep at night.


  7. Acting suspiciously. Someone can act in a certain way and not involved in any wrong doing. I act suspiciously all them because I am thinking what next to do positively. Mr. Officer you have questions to answer. Was anything found, guns, drugs, money, bikes, fridge, stove, .... Just suspiciously was on board the canoe and resulting 1 man killed.


    • The officer has no question to answer because it seems the boat was trying to disobey order and was probably speeding away from law enforcement. You think these people were sunbathing at midnight?


        • Folks like you are part of the problem in the island... wait for it hopefully later you don't come to complain when crime reaches at your door step, these venezuelans are bad news... i go to school with a few right here and even the young lady tells me they have seen some terrible stuff and flee their country not sure why st lucians are trying to cozy up with them.... anyways its the way things run in the country take a look at how we have rapidly changed in the past few years and more and more its getting better..... right!


    • No gimmy. the police has no questions to answer. No one acts suspiciously to do something positive


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