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BREAKING NEWS: One dead, one critical in shooting in Gros Islet

By SNO Staff

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One man is dead and another is in critical condition following a shooting incident in Beasejour, Gros Islet Thursday evening.

Reports are that one man was confirmed dead on the scene and the other was rushed to hospital via ambulance.

This is the 38th homicide for 2017.

More details later


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  1. All what that is happening is very scary but on the brighter side st Lucia is still safe. Basically it is ghetto yutes and gangsters fighting one another. So basically the police home making a salary and have less work to do. All they do is take a report and go through the necessary channel. A few years ago they tried to stop crime and now their shit is to the end of their anus. They have family as well and now they have to go through such difficult time for trying to save the public. Well face reality. After all the killing with these thugs eventually there will be less crime because most of them will be dead. We just have to pray is not innocent people being killed.

  2. Drugs are killing SLU!

  3. Drugs are killing Saint Lucia

  4. We can blame the whole world but the fact remains the we Lucia s are too damn violent. Everywhere u go is the same shit about Lucian's. London, NY, Miami, Texas, Martinique the world over we have a few rouges and vagabonds bring curse and disrepute on the word Lucians. People we have to change, we are too VILE as a nation. Alway ready to fight, shoot or stab somebody for nonsense. The whole nation have to start talking about this cancer of ignorance before it's too late.

    • Yes this is so true....Violence is limited Lucians. The references to pyschos in other countries is just an illusion.


  5. The gov't is out of solution but I am sitting at home and I have plenty!! First and for most every person after an unlawful crime who is admitted in the hospital should be kept in the custody of the police y because they know what happened to them and why it did. second every ghetto in St. Lucia needs a search!! and if any legal weapons are found jail time!

  6. Ever since independence Niggers start killing, bring the "Brits" back

  7. Audi Driving Socialist

    Pay the Venezuelans their money!

  8. Hermangirl its seems all your answers for he crime problem before the election were wrong,

  9. Because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold.....St.lucia we need more love no Government can stop crime it's the people raise our kids the right way ghetto yutes take ur education seriously ...even if it's difficult to get a good job feed on positivity and whoever committed that cowardly act you have a date with a bitch called karma ...

  10. We have incompetents and possibly corruption in the Police Force. Hermingall appears to be utterly useless. As a regular citizen I could come up with a crime abatement plan in three weeks based on established practice.
    There are obvious problems faced relative to internal security. We are only 238 as miles with around 175,000 people. Of those people a small fraction are causing the crime and from specific areas. Solutions can be found but the authorities are incompetent.

  11. What nonsense some are here talking! Those people are employed. They are employed killing people for a living!
    You get employed that way? You die.
    That's a good thing. There is one other piece of roadkill less to worry about.
    Do the rest of us a big favour. Form a circle. Go at each other. We need you to die like dogs for the law-abiding citizens to get a freaking break. When you die, R.I.P., return if possible.

  12. 38 murders with 3 more months to go

  13. The young people again. Is it worth having children in St Lucia. We will have to adopt foreign babies instead. Beausejour is a quite place. Everybody knows everyone. We need cameras on every main road like overseas and the police could seat their office and watch what is going on. 😕😕

  14. waaaaaaaaaaah.this shit is really serious.

  15. Lucian people greetings;
    We having a meeting;
    Cause Lucians pretending, that crime nah rise,
    with all Chas lies the country suffering.
    Dem country sufferin'

  16. The figure is creeping slowly whilst the police hands are tied.38 murders and we have more than the red months left in the year!!!

  17. What is our little island becoming? Smh

  18. Kill them all an done (expect the good law abiding citizens of course)

  19. Again! this is getting out of control. Authorities please stop this.

  20. Sad news for St. Lucia - that area is always quiet and peaceful and these vagabonds who committed such heinous act will surrender himself in - such a bold cold blooded criminal

  21. And then urll want to condemn operation restore confidence. And miss human right will cum beat her @$$ and ask for justice for these criminals. Bring back operation restore confidence i say. This BS is spiraling way out of control.

  22. What is our beautiful island becoming? Smh

  23. Omg what's wrong with you people love one another please

  24. Sometimes all I can do in the moment of hearing these crime related stories is, shake my head, unbelievable. This is crazy.

  25. Make Saint Lucia Safe Again.......How many is that again? Where is the Business man again? On his usual joy ride.....checking for his own affairs.


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