BREAKING NEWS: Nurse from Babonneau clinging to life after attempted suicide

By SNO Staff

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poison-img-630A female nurse is reportedly in critical condition after she allegedly tried to take her life, reliable sources say.

The victim, who is about 40 years old and a resident of Babonneau, reportedly ingested the weed killer, gramaxone, about 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, sources say.

The married mother of two was admitted at Victoria Hospital.

A medical source told St. Lucia News Online that her colleague is “clinging to life”.


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  1. Nobody knows what drives some of us that appear happy to that point of ending it. More people would do it if they were not such cowards. I know I am too much of a coward, but there has been many times in my life that I wanted to be dead. When life knocks you down time and again and you live a good clean life and bad just keeps happening, it gets to much. People that know me, would tell you that I will be the last to be suicidal, but they do not know the ghosts that keeps coming for me when I lay my head on the pillow at the end of the day. The heart ache of loneliness, the pain of words, the loss of dignity by the harsh judgement of others, the feeling of just never being good enough. The feeling that the ones you love will be better off when you are gone.
    People think you are selfish when you commit suicide, because they think of their feelings and not of yours.


    • It is more courageous to live through all the ailments that life has thrown us . I believe that it is cowardly to run away by taking your life . The courageous battle through life . I know this woman , she is a great person , she has always been . Sometimes things happen that cause us to not be ourselves , in her case this is what happened i believe . There I'd now at that a woman of her character would do this as herself , she had to have stepped out of herself after a tragic situation brought her this point .


      • We must not judge this woman especially because we do not know her story. What you view as cowardly may have been her only way of escape from her thoughts.


      • In your view it is courageous to live in the face of adversity but to those who are suffering it is cowardly to continue with their suffering. You may not think it, but to the sufferer it takes resolute to bring their suffering to an end. Impaired mental thinking is central in their decision making. To them the bleakness of everything makes death the best way out. To get a chink of light in that instant of despair is a breakthrough but most individuals are on their own with their defective thinking. Few have walked that tight rope and know that suicide to the sufferer is not cowardly or selfish and the resolve to die is not courageous.


  2. This was a nurse someone who cared for others. It is very clear that she was experiencing some
    difficult situation that she obviously could not deal with. And in todays society many families are
    fully aware of the depression or situations surrounding their love ones, but is to busy to take a
    moment to help them deal with it. Then, everyone pretends not to know why but deep within
    they are carrying the guilt. My brother could have committed suicide due to the wickedness of
    some family members. In the end he died of stress. Those bashing her shoes could be on your


  3. Unfortunately most people are not aware that even some medication have suicidal thoughts as side effects. I find it sad that so many comments are made in judgement of the woman without any knowledge of the situation. She could have been suffering from clinical depression. After you walk a mile in her shoes then you can try to judge her. We have a lot of people walking around us who need help, but the comments on this incident here shows why most don't seek help, the stigma, the judgement. It is truly a sad situation.


  4. wow, this ....been going on in st lucia for a while and nothing is being done about it. if that gramaxone is such a dangerous chemical why the poison control department not doing anything.... I wish it was in a different country, because that company would be sued for everything they have! they should have restrictions on selling that stuff to anyone and anybody since it's so deadly! again where is the government? who is over poison control on the island? shame on the'll getting paid do your damn jobs.


    • As soon as Gramoxone is banned people will start using something else. Nothing government can do to stop suicide. We just need to be each other's keeper.


      • Ever heard of suicide prevention? That exist! Mental Illness is the leading cause of suicide. People do not just wake up on a good day and decide: "you know what? I don't I just drink something just to make my children and family through grief. Here is an example of how Developed minds handles suicide: People got into a habit of using bridges to end it all. A caring Government moved and added cameras, barricades, and safety nets to bridges. Yes, they will use something else, but certainly not bridges.


        • Edited: Ever heard of suicide prevention? That exist! Mental Illness is the leading cause of suicide. People do not just wake up on a good day and decide: "you know what? Why I don't I just drink something just to have my children and family go through grief. Here is an example of how Developed minds handles suicide: People got into a habit of using bridges to end it all. A caring Government moved and added cameras, barricades, and safety nets to bridges. Yes, they will use something else, but certainly not bridges.


  5. I have angels all around me looking to God for everything yet they are still under satan's power they are soul searching for God just like myself they are still under God's command and they hel just like God so God says praay for angels to come home to heaven so I am wanting to send God's angels not demons cause they are not demons they are battling the same battle we are only they can go to heaven eith the proper pray and guidance so I am asking you to pray for one of te fallen angels to come to save this nurse's life maybe they will find God and will go home to heaven that way only God knows what to do and so do his fallen angels cause they are following God's heaven's angels this may sound wier but look into the angels in the bible also armegaddon and see for yourself what I am talking about since you believe in God how far is your belief in the whole bible


  6. Why are you clinging if you wanted to die? I have no sympathy for someone that will put their husband and children through that kind of traumatic event.

    That's a selfish human being, even if you my aunty you not putting people through that shate. I tired of people crying at my home choops.


    • She must have been going through some really ark inner turmoil to choose this path.I know this lady she loves her sons and her husband and for her to choose this path means some thing dark inside her had to going on.Iam not going to judge her ,her sons i feel sorry for.Prayers goes out to your family.


      • yup life is difficult..some of us must be thankful when we don't have to face extreme hard times...many of us are battling with illnesses that cannot be seen from the naked eyes...these can cause one to go into deep depression especially when there is no cure...death can seem to be the only answer in this case..PRAY seek God ..


    • So is sad that so many of us are suffering from depression and not many people have a heart to show is not an easy sickness to go through and when people make negative remarks it just goes to show you how cold most people sad...


    • Please do not say that..i understand how u feel but.ppl choose to do it cause they are tired of hurting...killing themselves is the last resort....most times they reach out to ppl and the signs are always there..but guess what everyone is always to busy or heartless to notice them...its selfish but she is probably tired of will not understand until u put yourself in her shoes...


    • Its difficult but the person.who attempted suicide is a victim too.
      She needed help and was asking she gave signs but no one saw or noticed.

      Have mercy and forgive her


  7. I wonder how her husband feels knowing that he is supposed to be a man of Faith and his went that way. All that glitters is not gold


  8. I wonder how her husband feels knowing that he is supposed to be a man of Faith and his went that way. All that glitters is not gold


  9. I pray to God that she survive this tragedy and that this can later be a testimony to others that are thinking of this same thing.To her husband and sons may God give them the strengh to go through this tragedy.We must all keep in mind that the devil is real and he will attack us at our weakest times because there is something I always said,that for someone to attempt to end their life that person does not have any knowledge of who God is but, after hearing who this happened to I immediatly take this form of thinking right back.In life we face so many difficultties hence this is why we must always seek God in pray and leave absolutly no space for the devil to show his ugly face and people please I urge everyone of us to support each other instead of bashing.let us love a little more and surrender our lives to God and seek for a personel relational with our creator .


  10. Prayering hard for you my friend also for your boys and hubby.When u think you have it bad someone else has it worse.Take it to Jesus!!


  11. I have heard countless stories dating back to several years of people ingesting Gramazon as an end-of-life therapy. Why isn't this Gramazon a banned or at least a controlled substance?


  12. AA my nurse why you do yourself that?

    We expect our medical professionals to give us hope not despair. You does save life why now you trying to take yours? So tragic but this shows that we are all human regardless of our professional positions.

    Please fight to stay alive for everybody's sake my nurse. Woy, woy, I don't know what more to say my nurse. We will pray for the miracle.... the miracle of life.


  13. Shut your ass. Only in Babonneau that have suicide


  14. All of urll making ignorant comments urll don't know what she was going through. So just shut up. Urll getting me vex


  15. Married with kids and a career does not automatically equate to a happy life. I am a nurse and therefore I know nursing itself is a very stressful job. I do not know the intricate details of this situation so therefore it would be unfair to pass judgement. But we should trust the Lord to lift us out of the dark moments. It takes an immense amount of sadness and loss of hope to drive someone to end their life. My heart goes out to the nurse and her family. It is incredibly difficult with kids in the picture but the Lord is in control and can change the situation for them. Like any other illness, depression does not choose its victims.


  16. So sad. Jst yesterday that was the topic on De hot fm morning show were a mother of one child attempted the same ting couple time n today we hearing of one who did. Dam days really messed up


  17. Life is tough. Many times I've thought of taking my own life but I some how manage to keep cool


  18. My prayers are with the family. I pray for the sons and the husband. May God give them the strength to face this great ordeal.


  19. Rdx


  20. The suicidal thought has being through my mind so many times and something always stops me. Life is just not easy and worse yet I can confined in anyone because of fear. I'm 24 and evert morning I wake up thinking what's there to live for? Its tough out there,dont know what to do


    • I understand what you are going through. Has happened to me. If u would like to talk we will find a way.


      • Thank you but hard for me to open up to people about some of the problems I've gone through as a child. I think my past is affecting me now (child abuse by family members)


    • life wont remain the same just pra and god will guide you


    • So I hope you go and seek help.


    • There was a time in my life I wanted to commit suicide, I held a razor blade to my wrist and was about to cut my wrist, then I heard a voice clearly say to me, if you do it you will go to hell, it has been 14yrs now since that time. I found Jesus rather he found me and my life has been the same. Jesus is the only hope for this nation.


      • Trust in the lord with all thine heart N lean not to thine own understanding in all thy way acknowledge god ,N he will direct r path.


        • All things work out for good for those who love the Lord. I guess that sometimes there seem to be memories that we think that we cannot leave with and that make us feel shame We have to learn to forgive ourselves and others, no matter how bad the situation. Some times when the story surfaces, we realize that all the time we put ourselves in a mental prison for nothing. It will woks itself out.( lets be considerate of each other).


    • When I was your age I wanted to commit suicide, I held a razor blade to my wrist and was about to cut my wrist when I heard a clearly saying to me if you do it you will go to hell, it's now 14yrs later and i am still alive and I owe it all to Jesus, Jesus is our only hope.


    • My girl just pray pray pray


    • My girl just pray pray pray


    • There is always someone to talk to love....the devil uses fear to keep us quiet...i know to well how you feel...been down that road....just hold on to God and if u do need someone to listen to you let me know here...


    • There is an answer sweety. Ending your life will only make it worse. Trust me. I'm 24 too and I'm currently going through my share of hell on Earth and you'll never believe my story.




  22. Almighty God, PLEASE PLEASE put a hand for our nation. So heartbreakening!!


  23. One guy tied a rope to a branch over a river and tied it to his neck. When he jumped the branch broke but he couldn't swim. He struggled and struggled and finally grabbed a rock. He said thank God for that rock because he would drown that day. I'm sorry clinging to life after attempted suicide reminds me of that story. Let's all pray for her family.


  24. Depression and mental illness Respects no person. Lets pray for her and not question why.


  25. Sometimes it is the demon inside of them. Sometime last week someone brought their mother to the ER. A nurse was passing and she said " why did you bring her back to the hospital, she has two hours to live". Now people tell me did she had the right to say something like that. We all are human beings. I find that was rude and disrespectful. It was at Victoria hospital. I am not saying this nurse was the one and I feel sorry for her, but some of them are very nasty towards the patients.


    • It's not about you


    • Your point?


    • I understand what you're saying "Jack rabbit"..a relative of mine got messed up in the explosion at the quarry..he was messed up badlyyy..on arrival at VH he was told by a doctor to "go home" and come back within 2 weeks...he would have died..damages to his eyes ears back pieces of metal in his body!! Now tell me I'm suppose to praise VH on that day!! No way!! Smh at VH!! Worse's a dying center!!


      • U stupid well. She didn't even work at VH so what your comment have to do with the situation.


    • You never know their stresses. Although you can decry their actions don't condemn them like that. We NEED them. They are overworked.


  26. lord take full control


  27. married, with kids, decent career.... what could be sooo wrong?
    Husband maybe? maybe money issues?
    why do we never count our blessings and stress over whatever is going wrong. In the eyes of many im sure this lady seemed blessed... But i guess we are only on the outside looking in.
    to the family stay strong!


  28. That so sad the people u think that have the least problem that have the most .lord put a helping hand some time it so diffucult to talk to somebody.let swallow our pride and at least to to someone about our problems that can release a little stress.I hope u get better soon .


  29. So sad, I pray for her and her family....


  30. People God didn't give u all life for u all to take cz he died for who gave u that permission..
    When I hear news like this first thing that comes to my mind
    .Did he or she loved if u love yself you wouldn't hurt it.So sad. Keep praying family
    So sad..SMH


  31. Thats messed....things getting worst sigh!!


  32. Its not an easy road 🙁 who feels it knows.


  33. Such, such a tragic shame that someone feels that they have no other option left in the world. Her poor family must be beyond consolable.

    And to think that her job was to save lives.

    And oh, what a horrible, horrible way to suffer.

    Disturbingly, according to an article in the journal of the British Pharmacological Society, from 1986 to 1990, 63% of all suicide deaths in Trinidad and Tobago were due to this compound.

    God Bless her and her family and friends.

    And let's hope that the "Depression - Let's Talk" campaign can help prevent these tragedies.


    • I disagree with you a good job and money don't make people happy. people from all walks of life commit suicide, any one is quite capable. there is this much some people can handle, people handle their problems differently.


  34. Omg!


  35. Babonneau again !


  36. Wow that so sad


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