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BREAKING NEWS: New golf course to open in Saint Lucia

By Terry Finisterre, St. Lucia News Online freelance sports writer

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A new golf course is expected to break ground in Saint Lucia within a matter of weeks, as one of the most recognised names in course development sets sights on the Helen of the West.

Cabot Links, Nova Scotia’s world-renowned golf resort, is expanding to the Caribbean. It’s creating Cabot Saint Lucia on the northern tip of the island. The resort is to have at least one golf course, Cabot Point, which is expected to open in 2021.

Canadian entrepreneur Ben Cowan-Dewar created the original Cabot Links on an abandoned coal mine in remote Inverness, overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Opened in 2011, it is one of Canada’s top-ranked courses, sits in the world’s top 50 of Golf Digest’s World 100 ranking, and is the cornerstone of a still-growing luxury resort that has turned Cape Breton into the country’s hottest golf destination and a global attraction.


Cowan-Dewar feels the same way about Point Hardy in Saint Lucia, a 375-acre site he first visited three years ago.

“It’s just a site that seemed like it had all of the things you’d hope for to build spectacular golf that would stand the test of time. It spoke to me immediately.

“Saint Lucia is such a physically beautiful island, relative to some of the flatter islands [in the Caribbean]. It’s renowned for its two Pitons, the two mountains that erupt out of the ocean. It’s got this really tropical allure, really dramatic coastline. When we walked Bill and Ben’s routing, it just seemed like it was one of those places where the coast did everything you hoped it would do for golf.”

The property sits on 375 acres, and Cowan-Dewar’s company announced on Friday morning that it would be starting work this summer. Cowan-Dewar is on island to meet with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, among other dignitaries.

Cabot Saint Lucia will feature an 18-hole golf course called Cabot Point. Resort amenities are expected to include a clubhouse, a 50-room boutique hotel, three restaurants, retail shops, a spa, and upscale homes ranging from US$760,000 to US$10-million.

The golf course will be designed by World Golf Hall of Fame member Ben Crenshaw and his design partner Bill Coore, whose U.S.A. firm has drafted some of the world’s top modern courses. Set to open in 2021, Cabot Point will be their first Caribbean track.

George Punoose, a 20-year veteran in developing and managing luxury properties, including golf resorts, is another principal of Cabot Saint Lucia. He lives in Austin, Texas. Cabot’s corporate operations will continue to be based in Nova Scotia.

Mount Hardy has long been associated with golfing. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus once designed a course for the same property but it never materialised because of the 2008 global financial collapse. The imminent Cabot Saint Lucia would become Saint Lucia’s third golf course, joining the 9-hole Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Club, which features 3,300 yards of narrow fairways and rolling hills, and the 18-hole Sandals Saint Lucia Golf & Country Club at Cap Estate, which features 6,744 yards of sprawling green slopes.


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  1. Economic growth fuels other growth developments. Many aspirations are externally influenced such as seeing other people and countries enjoy better health care, housing, education, employment and environmental health. St Lucia has few resources to exploit in order to generate income and economic growth. So, it is important to use scare resources well. We need ti be clear who are the benefiters, other than government- through taxes? How would development impact on the environment and the local community? Would it compete with other vital resources such as water and land? To build infra structures in order to secure the project, would it redirect resources at the expense of social, health, education and employment development? Will it generate skilled employment for the local communities? How will waste generated by this development be disposed?

    The argument that most St Lucians engage in is party affiliation and seems incapable of interrogation of government plans and initiatives. A democratic government has the educational role to inform and allow the citizen to decide and not merely to endorse a fait accompli which seems to be the case of many contentious, costly, white elephant projects that embroil St Lucia.

    So to avoid this intractable situation, government should present citizens with information to consider before a project is signed, sealed and is in the pipeline.


  2. Another pipe dream that ain't going anywhere. More hogwash served with DSHManure. Welcome to the lies.


  3. I wish that crucial questions were asked to the developer- that is why I believe that info on such water-thirsty investments must be shared with relevant agencies (not necessarily PM) from the onset to avoid any agreement breaches later on! A golf course in hot St. Lucia ( and super dry CAP) can easily consume 500k gallons of water per week---EASILY. Now I am not sure if wasco can supply this- if so not on regular basis. Hopefully this is an opportunity for wasco to make some $$.

    My point is this is whole article on fluff and not one mention of the challenges and how to overcome them! Do your golf course peeps- just don't put my island and home at a disadvantage.

    Guy F


  4. I would of rather read announcement about the Cannabis investor reaching a deal with farmers. Because it would put money directly in the hands of locals. While this might provide fifty or sixty jobs however a lot of those jobs will be underpaid and overworked. While all the top positions goes to foreigners. But it's good to finally see one of the thirteen hotels this govt has promised started.... allegedly


  5. St. Lucia must invest in it's people. At this time St. Lucia is on a path of self distracted. If I can see it , those is office can see it too but just do not care. DRIVE SAFELY.


  6. Cotton Bay 2.0


  7. The slavery mentally is being exhibited everyday. What can I say.


  8. Remember those slaves babies are confused in their tradition of awaiting to be rescued by SLP, invest quickly


  9. Oh man more things to make P.I.P and them go mad lol. That's why they want to call elections now and warning Lucians about projects coming in the 2yrs before elections cause they are totally afraid of what's to come. Suckers watch the Government work and help them if ya'll can or else stay out of the way of progress if all you can do is try and block, stop it and spread fear throughout the masses. Eat your heart out R.F.


  10. Great news.. as a golfer myself I have met many persons from all over the world looking foward to a golf course on our Island..

    More high end visitors.


  11. More and more stuff for foreigners and the rich! Margee!


    • Can you afford to build the golf course? What about the locals who will be employed during construction and after? Stop making St lucians look like idiots


    • what would you have preferred to hear, no jobs, crime, destruction, yaull hacks go away.


    • Exactly just pass thru this morning and at least twice per we Tuesdays and Fridays like Lucians high on golf the 2 we have right now how many St Lucians do you see playing on it pass there and you might see one and two so call upper class from Cape Estate or Bontaire with deep pockets playing but you will see plenty of us cutting grass been their caddy and butler that's all my cousin works at Sandals for seven years that's what he does.


      • So what? What if that is all your cousin can do which is to cut grass? When SLP saw that was what most Saint Lucians SHOULD DO, what did you do? What did you saY?

        Jobs., jobs, jobs. Blasted idiot.


    • The Crow.........You born a hack will die a hack blow head. We all know the color of the crow extra BLACK soucere.


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