National Security Minister receives death threat

National Security Minister receives death threat

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Minister Senator Honourable Hermingild Francis has been reacting to a recent death threat with a calm composure.

The death threat was conveyed to him via letter.

Minister Francis has described this action by the person or persons involved as very unfortunate.

The Minister, who is also a former Deputy Commissioner of Police of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, says he will continue to undertake his duties with renewed determination.

“I will not abandon my responsibilities as National Security Minister. I have always dedicated myself to the fight against crime. I did it as a police officer and now I am doing so in another capacity. We have a situation which is very serious and disturbing on our hands, and the Government is seeking to address it in a decisive manner. We cannot ignore it.”

He says that any pronouncements he makes where crime fighting is concerned, is also enshrined in the Constitution of the country.

“Whenever I take a position on an issue that deals with law enforcement, crime or public safety, it is related to what obtains in our laws. If I take a position on Capital Punishment for example, it is a position that is enshrined in or supported by the Constitution. I don’t simply subscribe to my personal opinions. So persons, who feel sufficiently uncomfortable about some of the things I have said, and feel they should engage in issuing threats, should take a look at the laws of the country.”

Minister Francis has been outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the number of homicides the island has recorded thus far.

The number of homicides recorded by Police to date, the Minister says, speaks to a sense of immediacy for crime fighting interventions to be implemented or strengthened on several fronts, along with the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

To this end, the Minister for National Security Honourable Hermingild Francis has announced that a one – day national consultation on crime is being organized under the aegis of his ministry.

This forum, he says will seek to harness the ideas of people who hold the country’s best interests at heart. He says the consultation will examine existing challenges and propose new solutions to address criminality as a nation.


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  1. Sad state of affairs when a ministers alleged death threat is questioned by the citizens of the nation.
    Do we hold our politicians in such low esteem, do we question their integrety. Moreover have we got reason to doubt the honesty of our ministeters.


    • Yes we hold them in lie esteem, they can't flaunt their wing doing in our faces, exposed their genitals to students, openly insult and malign the press. To help with these dead brain idiots


  2. I am a little dubious when members of the Francis clan claim to have received death threats.
    Was the letter thru the mail or hand delivered, was it to his home or office, is the police investigating such a serious issues as a death threat ag asinst a crown minister...forensic???
    Finaly can Francis take a lie detector test


  3. If this is not a hokes…well welcome to our world living in the ghettos, slums and the poor arears in our community. I ask you to not be scared or afraid, because this is how most St. Lucians live their lives going back and forth to their communities. It is knocking on y’all front and back door know, so tell me what are you going to do it. Most of you politicians believe you don’t live in St. Lucia, you are taking some type of rocket ship to the moon. Well welcome back to reality of what’s happening now. To be continue…


  4. The crime heat is on. Deflection necessary?

    Last time around it was Claudius and Minister of National Security La Corbs receiving death threats when deflection was needed. Interesting this time its brother hermangild and who is also Minister of National Security. Deflection?

    The more things change the more they .......................


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      "No, go back to your family, and tell them everything God has done for you." So he went all through the town proclaiming the great things Jesus had done for him.
      – Luke 8: 39


  5. Jus a cover up tactic to make us cast a blind eye on the homicides.. Pressure on u herman.. U arwnt doing your Job..


  6. Mr. Minister be very careful. Trust no one and take this threat seriously. These days people do anything. This is so sad and unfortunate. May the Lord bless protect and guide you always amen.


  7. To all those without a heart, this is the same minister wh would respond to your letter if you write informing him of a threat made against you.

    That letter exists but should not be a distractor. Do all that you have to Mr minister. Let the idiots get vex


  8. Signs of the times in Lucia. "Politicians are not immune to the struggles experienced by the common man." So why are so many of us surprised!


  9. Hmmmm. ..Just wondering. it coincidence his brother received death threats also ..hmmmm. ... brothers rivalry at best ...both in SLP....both left SLPto join UWP. ..both now have control of two law enforcement agency on the island both getting death threats ...hmmmm


  10. I am beginning to wonder whether this is a publicity stunt to bolster support for this minister of the state.
    Common now, who is going to threaten Mr. Francis? No one in their right mind will issue threats against a man of his caliber. We are talking about an ex-top footballer who was always on heat when he played the soccer. He was a bit temperamental and would fly off the handle at times. There was an instant where a footballer in Soufriere called Terry Moses took a flagpole to go after him during a football match and he was held back. Terry subsequently brought him to court and up to this present moment, nothing became of this case.
    HF spoke tough when he was in the force. He was feared by both lawmen and the public alike. This is a man who took no nonsense from anyone. He gave as good as he got. Personally, I don't think there is anyone at large in St Lucia who is capable of threatening Mr. Francis. He is a hellraiser and can take care of himself. This is nothing but a publicity stunt.He is seeking pity from the Lucian public.Hermeen is quote capable.


    • Dah Ent true, Mate just trying to make himself look important. Next thing he go be moving around with nuff boby guard. mate ent got no kind of power, nobody fraid mate enough to want to out his light.


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