BREAKING NEWS: Nanthan, Charles to face challenge for Windwards cricket leadership

BREAKING NEWS: Nanthan, Charles to face challenge for Windwards cricket leadership

The Windward Islands Cricket Board of Control (WICBC) is scheduled to meet in Saint Lucia this coming weekend (May 25-26). Top of the agenda will be an election of officers. The two most keenly contested positions, from all reports, will be the presidency and vice-presidency.

Emmanuel Nanthan, who was earlier this year deposed as vice-president of Cricket West Indies (CWI), has led WICB since 2008. A native of the Commonwealth of Dominica, he served as vice-president of WICBC, and took over from veteran administrator Lennox John.

Nanthan serves alongside Julian Charles of Saint Lucia. Charles, a former Windward Islands cricketer, has been president of the Saint Lucia National Cricket Association (SLNCA) since 2009, and has been a vocal supporter of Nanthan.

The challengers are Dr. Kishore Shallow of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who is aiming to remove Nanthan from the presidency, and Dwain Gill of Grenada. Shallow was recently elected vice-president of CWI, and Gill is president of the Grenada Cricket Association.

With each of the four territorial boards entitled to send two electors to this weekend’s meeting, it would appear to be a 4-4 stalemate. But the winds of change may be blowing in the Windwards as well. The electors are usually the president and vice-president of the individual boards, but sources indicate that in the case of Saint Lucia at least, there are moves afoot to replace vice-president Sean Alcindor with long-time Charles ally, Patrick Felix, president of the local Umpires Association, and principal secretary of the SLNCA.

The big question, once again, is whether any sort of consensus has been sought from those who elected Nanthan, Charles, Shallow, and Gill. Multiple sources within the SLNCA claim that affiliates of the Association were never consulted with regard to the election.


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  1. no one in this country has destroyed our cricket more than julian charles.. this man is a disgrace to allllllllllllllllllll st lucians....


  2. Charles and calixte has brought shame to St Lucia cricket. Calixte continue on your merry way but there's a God above. Continue robbing people and think all is fine. Everybody knows about u even Roland holder, Rawle Lewis. Tan toe tan toe


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