BREAKING NEWS: Mutilated body found in Corinth

BREAKING NEWS: Mutilated body found in Corinth

Police sources have confirmed that a mutilated body of a man was discovered in Corinth this morning.

Reports are that the body has chop wounds to his upper torso including the head.

The body is unidentified.

St. Lucia News Online will bring you more information as it becomes available.



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  1. every one is make believe that the world is ending people open your eye the world isn't ending we are and the government is bleaming it on lack of sports, crime will never stop provide jobs for us young people in stend of letting us go from it. if you'll can't take care of us how can you'll take care of this country


  2. It will never stop the reason is because the judicial system back home is a failure. Where have you heard one who chop one like meat gets probation? One who kill stay on remand for ten twelve years before being charged? The criminals know that they usually get away with it, so they all running amok with no regards to ones life, it means nothing to them they do not give a damm.They go home after committing such heinous crime and sleep like a baby, they have no conscience at all. Understanding this is beyond my comprehension.


    • Well what to say. It has always been one crime after the other. Lucians problem is that they watch too much Walker Texus Ranger, too much LIFETIME. On those crazy A** currupted shows you see all this weird shit. Well then again, it seems we are just catching up to reality out there now. After all, the world is a small place now!


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