BREAKING NEWS: Multiple injuries after bus overturns (see video)

BREAKING NEWS: Multiple injuries after bus overturns (see video)

The authorities have reported multiple injuries after a “staff bus” carrying casino workers overturned on the Vide Boutielle Highway in the wee hours of this morning, July 4, 2017.

According to officials, the minibus, registration #M1, was heading in the direction of Castries with casino workers when it overturned near the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School.

All the persons on the bus – about 10 – were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance.

The injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, according to eyewitnesses.

Emergency officials received the report at 1:47 a.m.




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  1. you all are too quick to judge. The driver was not speeding. Ask the persons who were on board. He was not on his cell phone neither was he asleep. He is one of the most cautious drives on the A1 route. Has anyone asked why there was a second accident in the same area that same morning? Don't blame the driver of M1. There may have been oil on the road which caused the bus to pick up a skid causing the accident.


  2. a safari bus on this small lanes near CCSS..seriously widen the roads...or make them a 1 way...there is a alot of land in various areas to widen them..


  3. Aa Driver fell asleep? Was he too fast? Ws he on his phone. Cause I pass there las night on the wet road and did not overturn. So I am guessing that the road did not hv any problem. SMH with those drivers.


    • Stfu.. Cause you were in the same situation same time same everything right?? Should've been your mother or father let me see your response


  4. Any man of god you are ask to bring this major prophet shepherd bushiri to remove that cult in this sweet island st.lucia i know you does read sno news or nancy charles /guy joseph /spider /gale ..reason y i call on you all is because you all ruling the country


    • What are you talking about? Calm down, take a deep breath and read what you just wrote? How am I supposed to digest that?


    • What do you expect the pm to do about accidents.. Things are suppose to happen what no man can control. What you think the pm can see things before it happens an prevent it from happening.


      • The PM and government should be implementing road safety awareness campaigns and regulation. The incidents of road accidents in St Lucia is disproportional to the population and way too high. The bus drivers and their vehicles need stricter regulation. Their driving is appalling and many buses are not road worthy. So yes, the PM can do something and should!


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